Top 10 Best Football Shoulder Pads 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Nobody wants to go to the football field without proper protection and get injured. Being a contact sport, the football game needs additional protection to safeguard players from impacts. This is why football players need standard football accessories for the game.

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Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads - Perfect for Halloween Costume, Black (6604-5)
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Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads for Kids and Juniors - All Purpose Protective Gear
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Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad
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TAG ALT II 844 Youth Football Shoulder Pad. All Positions Football Shoulder Pad
Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads - Perfect for Halloween Costume, Black (6604-5)
Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads for Kids and Juniors - All Purpose Protective Gear
Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad
TAG ALT II 844 Youth Football Shoulder Pad. All Positions Football Shoulder Pad
Best Seller
Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads - Perfect for Halloween Costume, Black (6604-5)
Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads - Perfect for Halloween Costume, Black (6604-5)
Amazon's Choice
Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads for Kids and Juniors - All Purpose Protective Gear
Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads for Kids and Juniors - All Purpose Protective Gear
Good Pick
Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad
Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad
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TAG ALT II 844 Youth Football Shoulder Pad. All Positions Football Shoulder Pad
TAG ALT II 844 Youth Football Shoulder Pad. All Positions Football Shoulder Pad

Out of many football protection accessories, a football shoulder pad is an excellent option for protecting your shoulder and arm from injuries.

Best Youth Football Shoulder Pads Reviews For 2023

The best shoulder pads offer better arm movement while protecting the shoulder from high impacts. Without a football shoulder pad, the chance of shoulder injury is high, which can affect the daily activities of the player.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about football shoulder pads and can select the right product for you.

1. Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads

Youth Shoulder Pads Franklin Sports

These shoulder pads are light in weight and are ideal for children from 5 years to 7 years. They provide a higher level of comfort to athletes so that they can focus on the game without any difficulties. The franklin shoulder pads have foam and plastic pads to offer a perfect fit. These shoulder pads also provide high protection to the shoulders of athletes.

It comes with straps to let you adjust the fit as per your comfort. Moreover, these shoulder pads have elastic on them so that athletes can wear them without any difficulties. Since they are light in weight, children can wear them with ease.

  • It is made of foam and ABS plastic.
  • The shoulder pads are adjustable.
  • They offer better comfort to the user.
  • It is available in one size only.


2. Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder PadsFootball Shoulder Pads Xenith

The Xenith football shoulder pads come with Xflex shock technology to minimize the impact energy. This technology uses multiple stages of compression for better comfort and protection. The football shoulder pads are fit for all youth players and provide maximum protection by using the varsity protection technology.

They are lightweight and ideal for all football positions. Also, the low-profile design supports all types of motions to let athletes feel safe and play the game efficiently. These shoulder pads come with removable padding for simple care and maintenance.

  • It has a lace-less design and buckle straps for high durability.
  • The adjustable design makes these shoulder pads reliable.
  • It has high-impact foam padding.
  • No cons so far.

3. Champro Youth Scorpion Football Shoulder PadFootball Shoulder Pad Champro

The Champro football shoulder pad features a cantilever design to absorb maximum shock and impact. This shoulder pad is made of high-impact polyethylene material to offer maximum strength and durability. It comes with a one-inch elastic strap with an adjustable feature for a secure and comfortable fit.

Another unique thing about this pad is that it supports the chest of the athletes and offers them complete freedom to move. Also, players can breathe comfortably while wearing this shoulder pad. The shoulder pad also comes with pre-drilled holes so that users can attach other accessories to it with ease.

  • The shoulder pad is available in 7 sizes.
  • It is made of polyethylene for high durability.
  • The pad is easy to remove with its easy unhooking system.
  • None so far.


4. Riddell Pursuit Youth Football Shoulder PadFootball Shoulder Pad Riddell Pursuit

The Riddell shoulder pad has a comfortable design to let athletes wear it throughout the game with ease. The pad has a low-profile design to fit perfectly to the shoulders of athletes without causing any difficulty in movement. The shoulder pad is designed in such a way that it will not affect the head movement.

It comes with built-in deltoid pads to offer high comfort and protection. Apart from that, it is originally designed by the Riddell brand and offers high reliability and usability. The pad has high-strength nylon clips for easy adjustability and a secure fit.

  • The low-profile design offers better usability.
  • The Z-fit belting system provides a perfect fit.
  • It is lightweight and easy to wear.
  • High cost


5. Schutt Sports Y Flex 4.0 Youth Football Shoulder PadYouth Football Shoulder Pads Schutt Sports

The Schutt sports football shoulder pads have a stylish and all-purpose design to meet the needs of all youth players. The pad has an extended body length for improved protection. It comes with dual-density padding for a soft and unique feel. Also, it has breathable mesh and 7 mm ventilation holes for better airflow.

The football shoulder pad features an adjustable elastic belt for a perfect fit and improved protection. Apart from that, the shoulder pad is ideal for all football positions in the game. The ventilated design ensures that you feel comfortable in the pad no matter what the weather condition is.

  • The shoulder pad has an all-purpose design.
  • It is ideal for all positions in the field.
  • The dual-density padding offers high protection.
  • The size is not perfect.


6. All-Star Football Injury Youth Shoulder PadAll-Star Football Injury Youth Shoulder Pad All-Star

This shoulder pad comes with a stylish cum unique design to fit youth and adult athletes. This shoulder pad comes with a lightweight design to offer high comfort and protection to the users. By using this shoulder pad, you can keep yourself safe from injuries. It offers a better cushion and ensures that the user is free to move.

The All-Star football shoulder pad comes with adjustable straps to offer a custom fit. Further, the unique white color design offers a better look. The all-star shoulder pad comes in adult and youth sizes.

  • It has durable construction for maximum protection.
  • The shoulder pad comes with better cushioning.
  • It is suitable for adult and youth athletes.
  • It is available in only one color.


7. Sports Unlimited Prospect Youth Football Shoulder PadFootball Shoulder Pad Sports

The sports unlimited shoulder pads come with new generation technology to provide maximum protection to youth athletes. It has a special extended protection design for wide coverage and improves the protection for youth athletes. The sports unlimited shoulder pad comes with a flat pad design to offer better movement while playing in the field.

It has double-layer foam to provide comfort and protect athletes from impacts. The extended design provides more protection compared to normal pads. It has breathable internal channels to increase airflow and reduce sweating. It has a lightweight design to improve your performance and let you move freely in the field.

  • It comes with ventilated panels.
  • The shoulder pad comes with double-layer foam.
  • The universal design makes it ideal for multiple positions.
  • No cons so far.

8. Tag Alt III 944 Youth Football Pad

Football Pad Tag Alt III 944

The tag alt youth football pad is made for youth football payers to offer high protection and comfort while not affecting mobility. The shoulder pad comes with high-density foam, which is extremely light in weight and offers maximum comfort. It absorbs all the impact and hits properly to offer maximum comfort.

It is a low-profile shoulder pad with unique features for high performance. It comes with anti-microbial mesh to improve airflow and keep athletes free from bacteria. The pad includes stainless hardware to stay free from rust and last for a long time. It comes with a 1-inch belt and buckle, clavicle build-up pads, and an underarm strap for a perfect fit.

  • This shoulder pad is available in a wide range of sizes.
  • It offers extended coverage for better comfort.
  • It is lightweight and highly comfortable.
  • It is available in only one-color design.

9. Sports Star Youth Football Shoulder PadFootball Shoulder Pad Sports Star

This shoulder pad provides a low-profile fit with a contoured design for better comfort and mobility. The pad spreads the impact and hits in a larger area for the comfort and protection of the user. With an airflow design ventilation system, the shoulder pad improves the flow of fresh air to remove body heat and absorb sweat.

This shoulder pad is breathable to keep you cool and dry while playing for improved comfortability. The pad is specially designed to offer more strength and protection. The pad has an extra layer of protection in the center layer for better usability. Furthermore, the sports star shoulder pad is washable which makes the cleaning process easier.

  • The shoulder pad has a unique ventilation system.
  • It has a sternum pad for better protection.
  • It is made of lightweight fabric and offers better comfort.
  • None so far.

10. Adams USA Jr200 Youth Football Shoulder PadFootball Shoulder Pad Adams USA

With an improved design and stylish look, the Adams youth football shoulder pad is an all-purpose pad. The pad is ideal for most positions in the football game. The shoulder pad has a dual-density padding system with a layer of EVA impact foam to maximize protection and comfort.

This football shoulder pad has a cantilever design to spread the impact and enhance comfort. It comes with 7mm vent holes to enhance airflow and keep you cool and dry. To attach other accessories, the shoulder pad comes with predrilled holes.

  • The cantilever design offers better protection.
  • The ventilated design improves airflow.
  • This shoulder pad is ideal for most positions in the field.
  • It is available in only one design.

How To Choose The Best Youth Football Shoulder Pads

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When playing football, buying a good shoulder pad is very crucial. But during the selection process, you will need to consider many factors. Here we have compiled all the important points that you need to consider when buying a football shoulder pad.


Purchasing the right size shoulder pad is necessary to ensure the most protection and comfort. This is the first thing that you should look for when selecting the best football shoulder pad.

To determine the right size, you can take a measuring tape and ask your friend or parent to help you in measuring yourself. Start measuring from your chest and measure the who circumstance of your upper torso. Then measure your shoulder width to determine the right size shoulder pad you need.

Some football shoulder pads are also designed according to the weight class of athletes. So, you can also weigh yourself to get the right size shoulder pad from the market.

Understand the Parts of the Shoulder Pad

To get the best football shoulder pad, you should understand all technical and non-technical terms related to these pads. Generally, a shoulder pad has different parts, and the function of different parts is different.

The important parts of a shoulder pad include the neck, rivet, cup, belt, epaulet, auxiliary, and main cushion. You should know about these parts and their functions before buying a shoulder pad to ensure better usability.

Types of Shoulder Pad

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Depending on the position of players in the game, football shoulder pads are categorized into four types. Those four types of football shoulder pads are a wide receiver or quarterback, defensive back or running back, linebacker or full back, and lineman.

They have different designs and offer different levels of comfort. Therefore, you should consider your position in the game and then purchase the right pad as per your need.

Despite the players’ position, football shoulder pads are available in two types according to their style; and those are Cantilevered Soccer Shoulder Pads and Non-Cantilevered Soccer Shoulder Pads.

Cantilevered soccer shoulder pads absorb the external forces on the pad and don’t transfer it to the shoulder of the player. This is why these types of shoulder pads are ideal for tacking and blocking purposes. This type of football shoulder pad is larger compared to other styles.

Non cantilevered soccer shoulder pads are specially designed to ensure better movement of your shoulders. Therefore, most football players like to use such types of football shoulder pads.


The protection level and comfort of the shoulder pad depend on its padding. If the shoulder pad has appropriate foam padding, then it can offer extra protection to your shoulder and improve your performance.


Selecting the best football youth shoulder pad can be a tough task without proper guidance. So, we have included the top ten best youth football shoulder pads and a buying guide in this article. We hope this will help you in the selection process of shoulder pads.

Check out some other picks from Amazon also:

Xenith Element Hybrid Varsity Football Shoulder Pads for Adults - All Purpose Protective Gear...
  • ALL-PURPOSE COVERAGE: Hybrid is a balance of movement and coverage for the modern position-less player. If you're a defensive end, but often drop into coverage or an H-back tasked with blocking down on d-lineman and catching a wheel route down the sideline Element Hybrid was designed for you.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTION: Xenith shoulder pads are designed for the committed athlete; lightweight and low profile allowing for a full range of motion without sacrificing protection.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Removable padding makes cleaning and maintenance simple.
  • DURABILITY: Laceless design and buckle straps provide durable and dependable wear every season.
  • RELIABILITY: Belt and buckle size adjustments system eliminates unnecessary bungees and straps and ensures a lock-down fit, every time.
ADAMS USA 29 Fabric Covered Shoulder Injury Pad Black/Neon Green, Adult Large
  • Spacer mesh fabric on bottom that's moisture-wicking for well ventilated moisture management
  • Lightweight for easier movement
  • 1/2 inch thick EVA foam; reinforced leather lace Tabs
  • Clips for faster and easier attachment of elastic straps
  • Permits full Use of arms
Adams YT-250 All-Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads, Black, X-Small
  • Cushions covered in heavy-duty, black, water-resistant material
  • Tough, durable plastic caps, arches, and epaulets
  • Dual Density foam cushions
  • Cantilever design helps disperse impact; T-hook connections for easy on/off
  • Classic black finish with red logo
RAZOR RZ7 (Skill) Shoulder Pads (EA)
  • Injection-molded components hold up to heavy use throughout football practices and games
  • SAS-TEC impact zone protection and a dynamic R.O.M. arch hinge help keep players safe throughout numerous tackles and dives
  • PAD-LOC buckle/strap system delivers a snug fit and easy adjustability
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics with a compressed HEX foam liner for cool, dry comfort
  • Sternum/spine protective pads give additional coverage for all-around safety
CHAMPRO 7-Series Football Shoulder Pad, Black, Blue, xx-Small (FSP7040)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Made with lightweight, impact-reducing EVA foam to allow for quick, natural movement.
  • SHOULDER CAPS: Perforated shoulder caps provide a level of upper arm protection while allowing a wide range of motion.
  • BREATHABLE: The mesh inner lining allows air to flow and help keep athletes cooler.
  • COMFORTABLE: Premium neck collar comforts with a smooth fabric.
  • SECURE FIT: Side and arm straps keep the pads locked for a secure but comfortable fit..SIZE OPTIONS: Available in sizes XXS to 3XL to fit players of every size, age, and position.
DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer: Shoulder Pad Attachment (SPA) Brace
  • Intended for individuals with glenohumeral ligament (GHL) instabilities during contact sports where shoulder pads are worn
  • Effective for posterior instability by restricting the shoulder Range of Motion (ROM), which can be customized with strap adjustments
  • Arm cuff and straps attach directly to the breast plate of your shoulder pads
  • Specifically designed to eliminate the use of a chest vest, making it comfortable and cool to wear even in the hot summer months
  • Universal fit allows the DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer Shoulder Pad Attachment (SPA) Brace to be worn on either the left or the right shoulder
STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Senior Shoulder Pad, Small
  • Precision fit: anatomical fit with a sleeker profile to minimize weight and bulk.
  • M2 torso construction: the upper torso and rib protection are independently designed and connected with stretch gussets allowing for better mobility without creating gaps in protection.
  • HD2 foam: high definition foam located throughout the pad creates a hydrophobic barrier that repels sweat and water resulting in a pad that stays dry all game long.
  • Package Dimension : 15.0 inches L x 18.0 inches W x 15.0 inches H
Brine Youth Uprising II Lacrosse Shoulder Pad, Black, Small
  • Dual-density protection increases impact absorption and comfort
  • Revamped and resized bib structure features multiple breaks for both fit and function
  • Item Code (sizes): LSPUPR2 (M/L, YL, YM, YS)