What are the Most Popular Betting Sports Online?

Since the earliest days of humanity, our culture has been competing in various sporting competitions. Many historians believe that certain combat sports, like wrestling and boxing, have been around since before the rise of the oldest civilizations.

In Ancient civilizations, like Egypt, Greece, and China, various sports were played and sporting events were held. Today, we still have a remnant of those events in the form of the Olympics, which as we know, first were played in Ancient Greece, and involved various sports competitions.

For as long as sports have existed, people have enjoyed the practice of betting on their outcome. We’ve discovered evidence to suggest that the Ancient Romans placed bets on the outcome of quite a number of sporting events, including chariot races, foot races, and even gladiatorial matches. The practice of betting on sports evolved further as our civilization developed, and today, it has reached its apex in the form of online sports betting.

What are Online Betting Sites?

Since the late 20th century, and the early 21st century, a new venue for betting came to existence. Online sports betting sites first began to hit the scene in 1999, and soon started multiplying. Today, sports betting is largely done online, with these betting sites having replaced land-based bookies. But why are online betting sites so popular? Well there are quite a few reasons.

For one, accessibility. It is much easier to log onto an online betting site than it is to travel to the local sportsbook. On top of that, online betting sites can be accessed, not just through PC, but through most electronic devices, including a tablet or smartphone. This means that punters always have the opportunity to bet at the tip of their fingers.

Another reason for the popularity of online betting sites, is the variety. Namely, not only do online betting sites, usually, cover a wider arrange of sports, but they also tend to cover eSports, as well as feature various casino games on their websites.

Poker and slots tend to be the most popular, and the best thing about it is that many online websites offer bonus codes to their users, making it easier to get a win. If you are looking to get your hands on one of these bonus codes, for more details, check BonusCodePoker, and have fun playing everyone’s favorite card game.

So, since now we know what online betting is, the only question left to answer is, “What are the most popular sports to place bets on in 2023?” Let us take a look.

1. Horse Racing

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Among the most popular sports to place bets on is horse racing. In fact, for a long time, horse racing held the rank as the number one, most popular betting sport in the world. It makes sense when we consider the fact that the sport has been around since the ancient era.

Today, horse racing’s popularity has been overtaken by the sport we will discuss next, however, it is still among the most popular betting sports, ranking second in the world. It is most popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, France, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

The main advantage of this sport in betting is simplicity. Also, you can be more flexible by playing various systems where you don’t always have to predict a winner. For example, total score of one course throughout the competition, or trying to predict that the jockey will be in first five or three places.

2. Football

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By far the most popular sport in the world right now, football (or soccer in the United States) has close to 4 billion fans the world over. With such a huge following (unprecedented in the sport world), it is no surprise that football is also the most popular sport on the betting scene. The origins of football are often times disputed. Many believe that, like horse racing, it originates in the Ancient era, as there were many kickball games, the rules of which resemble soccer.

However, it is widely accepted today, that the game of football as we understand it has its origins in the early 1800s, when the first rules were drafted up, and the first official teams began to be formed. Today, over 100 years later, the game is the most popular sport to watch, practice and bet on, and attracts a huge following worldwide.

It is not a surprise that this sport is the most popular for sports betting when there is such a wide range of games and so many available competitions. Each country has the main league followed by several lower ranks. Therefore, you can always combine several events to play a ticket.

This provides bettors with high flexibility as well, and an improved chance to win more often. The key is to look for clear favorites. Even though the odds for such events will be low, making a combination of several games will provide you with a decent odd. This approach is perfect for those interested in investing more money.

On the other side, you can play on standard games, similar opponents, try to predict number of goals, or tip on some interesting combinations that will help you to increase the potential winnings. For example, when you want to bet on a clear favorite, you can add that this team will also score at least two or three goals, which will increase the odd.

3. Cricket

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Many are surprised to learn that cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, boasting 2.5 billion fans the world over. Unlike football, cricket’s origins are largely accepted to be from England in the 1500s. The sport was originally a children’s game, however, it soon became popular among adults. As early as the 1700s, local cricket teams competed in their parishes, and local lords placed bets on their town’s team.

Today, the sport is hugely popular in England (where it is a national sport), Australia, South Africa, and most of South Asia (India especially has one of the most accomplished national cricket teams). When it comes to betting sites, cricket is one of the most popular sports, seeing a huge amount of traffic and wagers placed.

4. Tennis

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This game is one of the easiest and most profitable in betting. However, it will require a good research. The odds on favorites might be lower when compared to some other sports, but the chances for surprises are much lower as well. The reason for that is that two individuals are playing against each other, and there are not that many factors that could affect the final result, which is the case in other sports.

Still, it is very important to read more about some things that could affect the game. For example, a player might not be that good on a certain surface. We can notice that even the best players are showing different performances on different courts where Federer is the best while playing on grass, Djokovic is known for his abilities on the hard surface, while Nadal is famous for being King of the Clay.

5. Basketball

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The interesting thing about basketball is that many people these days often choose to bet on players instead on the game. For example, you can start paying more attention to motivation of players, and their scores against certain teams. You should also consider how good team is in attack and defense so you can make a better selection of odds related to scoring margins.

Also, basketball is great for handicapping, especially the NBA. We all know how important the home ground is. Therefore, even if the team is at the first place, playing against lower ranked team can be very challenging. If you think that it will be a tight game, handicapping might be the right solution. For example, you can play on the favorite where it must win with a determined advance in points, or on the underdog where this club shouldn’t lose with a certain difference in points.

Last Words

The selection of sports for betting should be related to your preferences. Proper analysis and statistics can be crucial for making the right predictions. Also, be sure to choose the right approach and strategy that will help you increase your chances to win and avoid excessive losses.