Premier League: Top-4 Contenders to be Champions in 2023-22

If you haven’t watched a Premier League game, you’re not only missing probably the best games in the world, but the best players too. Premier League is, by far, the most watched League all over the world, and even the games between what are considered as small teams still provide moments of incredible talent, composure, team play, and all the ingredients that make football the king of sports worldwide.

This is the league where a small team can make a giant topple with a 3-goal margin, and leave you in absolute awe about what you just saw: If there’s a league where you need the assist of football stats and trends that show how a game is running, which you can read about on this website, this league is the one.

As I’m pointing out the main contenders, you can outright disagree, or at least ponder about why exactly I would leave the Gunners or the Spurs out. The reason is that, along with squads that are not on point – Arsenal clearly has a problem in its midfield, and Spurs have a lack of second lines, and a huge dependency on Kane and Son (will Kane even stay until the end of the season?) – and I do think both of these teams need time to work on their issues.

Now, you will wisely say: Does United have with it takes? Well, it finally looks like they have solved their midfield problem, and, taking into account the huge budget they have, if they make the right bets on the market, they will be probably having all it takes to be a contender.

1. Manchester City: A Perpetual Blue Moon?


First and foremost, the champions in title. The team is just dazzling to see, and their top players are on their prime. If I was the coach of the other contenders, I would shiver just to think Man City can add up Grealish or Kane to their squad – or, God forbid, Haaland. With the money and managerial capacity to put up a fight and win it, they remain as one of the favorites.

2. Chelsea FC: First we take Europe, then we Take England


Ever since Thomas Tuchel arrived, everything seemed to start running smoothly with Chelsea. Werner, Havertz, Kanté, Pulisic, and the rest of the magicians started working together and it was enough to plunder the entire Europe and rescue the Champions Cup, exactly off of the hands of the last Premier League winner. The question remains: if one can win the Champions Cup, is the Premier League up for grabs? The run on the spots in Chelsea’s first team and even squad already began.

3. Liverpool FC


Liverpool’s season was a dry run. And now, Wijnaldum left, Salah and Mane are winking eyes with Real Madrid, Klopp’s squad seems to be up for a renewal. But everyone who saw Renato Sanches at the EURO may have noticed he can do everything Wijnaldum does, as he appears to be regen of Edgar Davids, only with strength to pair up with technical ability. And Klopp seems to love it. If Dijk can live up to his best form, and Klopp manages to fix the holes in his ship, they will be one of the great contesters for next year’s Premier League.

4. Manchester United


As we have discussed, Soljskaer somehow managed to find a formula for his team, despite pundits questioning his defense solidity and the maturity of his strikers – Greenwood and Rashford. It would be natural that Cavani stayed for another year, but we can’t guarantee it at this point. However, if United can keep Fernandes, Tominay, and other stepping stones of the squad, and furnish it with new top-notch players, that may very well be the surprise of the Premier League’s next season.

Often referred to as the English Premier League, this professional football match is one of the most popular worldwide. While there are a couple of contenders that are claimed to be the favorites of the entire league, the Premier League focuses on world-class players, and this makes the entire distribution of teams quite competitive. Regardless of the favorite teams and top players, no one knows the result of this match, which makes it even far more exciting for the audience.

It is the best of the best when it comes to football play and the league can be very competitive which makes the entire experience for fans and soccer enthusiasts even more exciting. Not only are the teams that play against each other the best ones in the league, but players from all over the globe come to England to themselves in this exciting competition. Even some of the global legends are constantly seen in these games, from Thomas Tuchel to Wijnaldum, among others.

The Premier League is without a doubt one of the most expected events worldwide, and for this same reason, even sport enthusiasts look forward to seeing on the field from the top players to even the young talent that is being produced in the clubs. While the League is meant to start in August, sport enthusiasts are already rooting for who they believe is going to win the next tournament. Not only are fanatics rooting for their favorite teams, but stakes are in place, and everyone is questioning if the top contenders have what it takes to make it to the finals.

While the championship is all about winning the ultimate title, there is a lot at stake for the top 4 contenders who are on the run to win the Premier League Championship of 2023-22. The best way for sport enthusiasts to inform themselves is through bookies predictions, this way everyone can have a status update on how the team has been doing in the past seasons, which players are going to be participating in this exciting championship event, and overall, who are the odds in favor of.

All in all, Manchester City continues to be one of the favorite contenders for the championship win, however, Chelsea is also meant to be considered a top runner-up during this competition. While the championship isn’t secured, the best way for sport enthusiasts to involve themselves in the game is by placing a bet on the team with the higher winning odds.