The Rise of eSports Betting & Gambling on CSGO Game

With the expansion of online gambling platforms and a huge rise in the popularity of eSports in recent years, it is not a surprise that many people interested in video games would love to bet on big tournaments. The video game industry became so popular that we will have tournaments in eSport in the next Olympic games. When it comes to gambling on these tournaments, we can notice a big increase during 2023, when most standard sports leagues were or a break due to coronavirus pandemic. Almost every well-known bookmaker now has eSports on their offer. Among many popular video games today, titles like Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, and CS GO are especially popular for bettors.

Even people who are not so familiar with these games or the current best teams and individuals often choose to try their luck by placing a bet on some match. However, like with standard sports, you will also need proper research and luck to win your bet. The popularity started to increase in recent years because there are different models of betting available, and people who watch streams find it quite interesting since they could make a profit from their entertainment. On the other hand, there is a wide selection of events since eSports tournaments are widespread, and there are many leagues and levels related to different titles.

One of the most popular titles for a long time is Counter-Strike, and people can win millions of dollars on main tournaments. Also, there are many streamers and low-level tournaments which means that there is always a chance to place a bet on some of them. If you are interested in some of the best websites where you can gamble on this game, visit Furthermore, we are going to introduce you to some of the most interesting features and things that you should know about betting on the CS GO game.

Popular Methods of Betting


The great thing about betting is that you can find all sorts of categories in each sport. Therefore, you can bet on the outcome of the game, amount of points, which player will score the goal, handicap betting, and much more. The same is with eSports. You don’t need to choose only the favorite team when you can bet on many other categories as well.

For example, you can choose your favorite gamer, and follow his performances on various tournaments to try to predict his achievement. For instance, number of frags per match.
Furthermore, fantasy betting is also becoming more people in both standard sports and video game betting. When it comes to ordinary leagues, the most popular fantasy leagues are for English Premier League and NBA. There are similar leagues available for Counter-Strike as well, and you can select players from different leagues to compete with others. You can bet on performances in each tournament and for the whole season. Furthermore, we have to mention the head-to-head challenges, which are very popular as well, especially among players who are interested in betting on themselves.

Skin Betting


The most unique feature of betting is related to skins that you can buy in this game. You can buy various weapons, suits, and other mostly cosmetic things that could make your character appear more attractive, without the ability to improve your skills in any way. Still, people love this feature, and it was very popular at one moment to gamble on various pieces of skins that you could win during the game. An even better feature is that you can sell your items in the store for even higher value over time. Professionals love this feature since they could select graphics for their weapons that can become their trademark. People avoid this category today, but you can still earn money from selling skins.

Standard Model of Gambling


Even though skin betting was a thing for some time, some issues negatively affected this form, which can be rarely found today. Also, the fantasy and h2h methods are not as popular as a standard method where you can simply select the team and place a bet on it. This model is the same as betting on sports matches, along with the main rules. The main advantage is related to the fact that there are still many betting houses that are not able to determine the right odds for a certain match, and people who are familiar with the most popular teams and tournaments could take that in their favor. For example, the wager on a favorite team that is most likely to win the match can be much higher than it should be, which is a great way to earn a profit.

What Can We Expect in Future?


Since the younger generations are more interested in this model of betting, we can expect even higher popularity in the future, especially because there is plenty of space for improving this industry and eSports as well. The big tournaments in popular games like CS GO and Dota 2 have prize pools of over $30 million, and there are millions of people who enjoy watching these events. That is very important for the gambling industry who see that as a huge potential. The Counter-Strike is a legendary game that holds its popularity for 20 years, and the main difference is that even younger generations often choose to play this FPS. There are even TV channels where you can watch people while playing at tournaments all the time, along with streams on Twitch and YouTube.

Therefore, we can expect even higher popularity of betting on video games and a better selection of odds and categories. Online multiplayer tournaments can be as exciting as popular sports since only one mistake made by an individual could affect the whole game. In that matter, proper analyses and statistics are crucial for better efficiency in gambling, just as it is for typical sports betting. Furthermore, other factors are also important, such as money management, patience, proper strategy, and more.