What Does LeBron James Use for Muscle Recovery?

LeBron James is without a doubt one of the greatest basketball players of all time. These lists differ all depending on who you ask. But, even if you’re a fan of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, or any other recent or old superstar you can’t deny King James one thing – his longevity. This could be one of the things that set him apart from the competition. Yes, he has flaws, some lost finals that should’ve been won, and some moments he would rather forget. But, what about his scoring prowess? He’s so close to passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the eternal list.

None of this wouldn’t be possible without development in medicine and technology. Yes, James is a natural specimen there’s no arguing it, but he’s also put up with the work. Not only does LeBron have excellent training, diet, and basketball regimens, but he’s also more than dedicated to recovery. This is no longer a secret. This man has reached these heights thanks to taking so great care of his body. If you’ve been following him closely you know this. But if you’re an innocent bystander you must see him as some sort of deity.

What makes this one special kid from Akron, Ohio so great are not his genes, work ethic, superb talent, or athleticism. No, it’s his dedication to working not only on his talents but on his body too. He’s a dedicated athlete to the core. But, what could be his secret? What does LeBron James use for muscle recovery? The NBA season is one of the longest in professional sports, and this especially goes for James who played in the postseason almost every year throughout his career. This is why James is so great. He understood early on that to compete on the highest level for years and years he needs additional help. He took things to another level. Let’s see how.

What’s LeBron’s Secret?

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While haters of this all-time great would love to point to many things, secrets, some of which might be deemed dark, they need to reconcile that he’s simply great. As we said, this is past any argument. We are talking about the best players in the NBA in the last two decades. He’s not even paralleled by any of his contemporaries. No one comes close. So, what is this big secret of his? As we said. Many things can be tied to his genes, his great build, talent, and natural things of that sort. But, in essence, it all comes down to how he workouts, how he trains his basketball skills, and most of all how he handles the rest sessions. When an NBA season starts you don’t have too much time to waste. Every second matters. Due to a lot of travel that NBA basketball requires, and staying around in hotels, good sleep matters most of all.

This is where LeBron James found what can help him the most. After most games, when they play at home, and during the preparation for the season this NBA superstar sleeps in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This is proven to be a great way to recover your body after a hard training session or a long game. This method can be used by anyone, not only basketball or NFL superstars. The reason why sleeping in this chamber helps is due to the extra oxygen your blood will receive. If you didn’t know, LeBron has one installed in his home. Of course, he’s an athlete who has millions tied to his name, so can afford one in every home he has across the USA from Ohio to California. If you’re not an NBA-level athlete you shouldn’t worry too much, as oxyhelp.com might offer you what you need to rest your body the same way LeBron does. One thing is sure, you might not be a superstar athlete like James, but after reading this article you sure are without excuses to work on your body to the maximum. But, this is not everything tied to James and his recovery routine. The man takes things to the extreme and here’s what more he does.

Ice Baths

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While hyperbaric oxygen chambers are a new and technologically improved way to recover, here’s an old one. In essence, the Los Angeles Lakers star is a traditional male. What’s more traditional than taking an ice bath right after a match? This is what James does. Every single night. This method of recovery has been around for ages, and it was even known to the old Romans. It is another thing most of us mere mortals can’t do on a daily basis but now and then it’s possible. It should be on everyone’s bucket list considering that LeBron is doing it. Even if you can’t afford or organize a bath in real ice cubes, you can use only cold water instead. It will do the trick to an extent. While this is a great method it’s one of the simplest, this athlete is using. Let’s see what else the former Cleveland cavalier has up his sleeve.

Cryotherapy Chamber

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As we said, ice baths are good, but they belong to the past when you see what else professional athletes have at their disposal. This chamber is an ice bath in its essence but if you turn up the volume up a hundred notches. For James, this is a walk in the park. Another day at the office. Visiting a Cryotherapy Chamber is not a matter that should be taken lightly. Instead, it requires utmost care, and to be in the hands of professionals. This is what the LA Laker is doing as it’s only allowed to be in this chamber for a few minutes. Otherwise, you’d freeze to death or succumb to serious skin and tissue damage rivaled to fire burns. If you can recall one Antonio Brown, a former NFL superstar burned his feet and was unable to train for the Oakland Raiders at the time. Unlike James who’s still going strong Brown’s career was derailed from that point on.