Top 10 Best Wide Football Cleats for Lineman – Reviews and Buying Guide

Everybody to play football no matter the age. The most important part of football apart from its training accessories are the football cleats. The cleats play an important role in enhancing the speed and taking your game to the next level. The cleats are also known as football boots or soccer boots which are accompanied by studs. The best cleats are those cleats that not only provide comfort but also give stability during the game.

Best Wide Football Cleats for Lineman Reviews For 2021

 So, the market is full of different types of cleats, and choosing which type of cleats will work the best is a very difficult task for anyone, especially for people who have wide feet. So here we have listed the top 10 football cleats for people with extra wide feet and made it easy for you to choose the best one. Below we have listed football cleats based on brands, features, availability, and colors.

#1. Under Armor Men’s Hammer D Football CleatsFootball Cleat Under Armor

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Under Armor men’s Hammer is made with Textile and Synthetic fiber. It is designed to provide enhanced comfort and support to the player. It comes with a synthetic sole. It comes with a blend of cast PU & performance textile upper for supportive protection & breathability. The ankle lock system provides higher protection without interfering in the movement and quick cuts. 

The midsole is full-length cushioned for better underfoot comfort. The super foam technology installed in the insole provides higher shock absorption and comfort. The studs are of detachable types and deliver aggressive traction on any surface. 


  • The football shoes can be replaced when worn down.
  • These shoes fit true to their size.
  • It is equipped with a ventilation feature.


  • The quality of the stud could be improved.

#2. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Shark Football CleatsFootball Cleat Nike

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The Nike men’s football cleat is designed in style and is very easy to match with respective team colors. It is made with synthetic fibers. It is equipped with Fast Flex technology that creates flexibility in the outsole. It is installed with an abrasion-resistant feature that provides durability to the shoes for a long time. The cleats are very easy to clean. It comes with breathable features that keep players’ feet completely moisture-free. 

They are suitable to wear in wet conditions and prevent skidding during the game. The shoes provide excellent traction on natural surfaces. Its aggressive rubber treads allow making quick movements during a game. It provides the right amount of heel and ankle support.


  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • The shoes are very durable.
  • These shoes come with lace-up closure.


  • The shoes are stiff.

#3. DREAM PAIRS Men’s Fashion Cleats Football Soccer ShoesFootball Soccer Shoe DREAM PAIRS

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Dream pairs football cleats are made of Synthetic material. The shoes are made for the player who doesn’t want to compromise with their speed. The shoes are light weighted. The outsole is made with conical studs. It is designed to provide comfort with the feeling of softness. 

It is equipped with an adjustable lace-up closure. The sock-like ankle provides full ankle support. The upper is made of a premium DP combination to offer maximum durability. The cleats are made with molded rubber to provide rotational traction on any type of surface. 


  • They come with cushioned insole.
  • The shoes are light weighted.
  • They are available in different colors.


  • It is not suitable for narrow feet.

#4. Adidas Men’s Freak Mid 20 Football ShoeFootball Shoe Adidas

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The Adidas men’s football shoes are designed with 100% Synthetic material. The sole is made of a synthetic sole. The insole is installed with a cushioned pad that prevents pain in the ankle and provides stability during the game. It comes with a breathable feature that allows the foot to remain moisture-free. 

The EVA foam insole and QUICKFRAME outsole offer comfort and stability. The measurement between shaft and arch is 6-12 inches. The platform measurement is 0-3 inches. The Adidas shoes are equipped with a lace-up closure. They are available in different colors.


  • There are very comfortable to wear.
  • The shoes are highly durable and breathable.
  • The shoes are made with 100% synthetic materials.


  • It is pretty expensive.

#5. DREAM PAIRS Men’s Fashion Cleats Football Soccer ShoesFootball Soccer Shoe DREAM PAIRS

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These shoes allow the player to make quick cuts and enhance their acceleration. The shoes are designed to be light-weighted. The shoes come with a comfortable and stylish design. The shoes are very soft as it comes with a cushioned pad that provides additional satisfaction. The insoles are padded that provide additional comfort. 

The outsole is equipped with conical studs that provide a tight grip and prevents skidding during wet weather conditions. The upper is made with a premium DP combination that offers maximum durability. The cleats are made with molded rubber that allows rotational traction configuration.


  • The insole of these shoes is cushioned.
  • The shoes are designed to be light-weighted.
  • They are very soft.


  • The size is a bit big.

#6. Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro Football CleatFootball Cleat Nike

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Nike men’s Vapor football shoes are designed with mesh and synthetic fibers. The shoes are lightweight and are very durable. The shoes were lightweight, along with a flexible upper shell. The Flywire technology allows cables that create a lock in the foot for total support and stability. 

The sock-like feature is very soft and completely wraps the ankle. The cleat comes with a carbon fiber plate that provides traction on any surface. These cleats come with a knit collar that is more elastic. The outsole is made with carbon fiber. It is made of recycled material. The shoes are true to their size.


  • The shoes feature a breathable design.
  • The Nike football shoes are comfortable to wear.
  • The sock-like feature supports the ankle.


  • It is a little pricey.

#7. ZYJ Men’s Athletic Soccer Football CleatsFootball Cleat ZYJ Men's

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The ZYJ football shoes are designed with fly-knit mesh that wraps around your ankle. The sock-like feature wraps around the collar that provides maximum support.  The shoes’ upper are constructed with synthetic material. The outsole of the shoes is constructed with molded rubber. The shoes are specially designed to provide the player with stability during the game. 

The shoes are very comfortable as the insole is fully cushioned. The transparent stud arrangements support extra acceleration and allow the player to make high-speed turns. The outsole provides stability and control on any ground. The shoes can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments.


  • The shoes are suitable for wet weather conditions.
  • The shoes are very comfortable.
  • The rubber sole allows tight grip and prevents skidding.


  • They are not available in many colors.

#8. Under Armor Men’s Highlight Rm Football ShoeFootball Shoe Under Armor

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The Under Armor football shoes are made of synthetic material to provide strength to the player. The upper is made with synthetic material combined with collar textile that provides lightweight fit and durable support. The shoes come with ventilation features that provide foot breathability and keeps them moisture-free. 

The sock liner is made with EVA foam that provides extra comfort and durability. The sock line locks the ankle and allows the player to make quick turns. The cleats are designed with molded rubber that provides a tight grip on firm grounds. 


  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • The cleats provide traction on any surface.
  • They are available at affordable prices.


  • They are less durable.

#9. Adidas Freak X Kevlar Cleat Men’s FootballCleat Men's Football Adidas

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The Adidas football cleats come with the LOCK WEB feature that means that the lacing system is built to allow the players to customize their look of the shoes. The ankle support provides stability to the foot along with increased support and protection. The shoes are made for the player who needs speed in their games. 

The shoes have the feature of breathability that means the foot will be moisture-free. The shoes are designed with U.S flag graphic print and military-inspired colors. The insole is made with EVA foam that provides cushioned padding, which gives comfort to your foot. 


  • The lock web lacing system offers better support and protection.
  • The Adidas shoes are suitable in wet weather conditions.
  • The padded insole provides comfort.


  • It is a little pricey as compared to other cleats.

#10. PUMA Powercat 1 FG Men’s Leather Football ShoesFootball Shoe PUMA Powercat

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The Puma shoes are made of 100% Leather material, while the sole is of synthetic material. The shoes are soccer boots and are suitable for firm grounds. The cleats are made of molded rubber. The football boots are made lightweight so the player can run as fast as he can. 

The shoes are equipped with PUMA PowerLast technology, and its asymmetrical lacing system allows the wearer a comfortable fit. The shoes are installed with TPU technology that protects against major outer forces. The cleat is designed in a way to provide maximum grip during the game. These shoes are proven to be perfect when used on firm ground.


  • The padded insole provides comfort.
  • The shoes provide stability while making quick turns.
  • The shoes are available at an affordable price.


  • No cons so far.

How To Choose The Best Wide Football Cleats for Lineman

As we know, cleats play an integral part in football, and thus every player should have the best pair of cleats. The process of buying football cleats involves research, considering the surface you play on, the feet size. So here we will discuss how to choose the extra wide football cleats for the lineman.

Playing surface 

Football requires a lot of running around the pitch.  Surfaces are of many kinds like firm ground, hard ground, artificial grass ground, etc. So, the cleats which you buy should have studs that are suitable for the type of surface where you play. This way, you can experience the best results while playing a football game.  


Those cleats that are considered the best, which are not only made durable but also equipped with cushioned insole. The midsole and outsole should have installed with cushioned padding to prevent the player from major impact and provide a soft tough to the feet.


The right cleats are those that do not bite your feet. The cleats should not be very tight. You should choose those cleats that fit you perfectly and should not become loose during quick- cuts. The shoes come as wider fitted and narrow fitted. You should choose according to your feet size, those who have wide feet should go with wider cleats, and narrow feet people should purchase the narrow front cleats.

Playing Area

The cleats that are suitable to wear on both indoor and outdoor places are perfect as you don’t have to buy two different cleats for outdoor and indoor places separately. The cleats that are suitable for both areas are considered to be the most durable and provide strength to the player.


The material of the football boots is important to consider. The football cleats usually are made of synthetic and leather materials. The leather-made football cleats provide comfortability to the player, while synthetic material football cleats are famous for their durability. The leather-made cleats are expensive than synthetic-made cleats. It depends on your choice whether synthetic football shoes are good for you or leather-made football shoes.


The cleats are also available in two types, and those are molded cleats and detachable cleats.

The molded cleats are permanently attached to the shoes and provide traction on the ground, while detachable cleats can be removed and replaced according to the field and are expensive than molded cleats.


Football cleats are very important for every player to play the game efficiently. Although choosing cleats is a difficult task, but it can be super fun if you learn how to select the best cleats. We have discussed all the best types of cleats and also debated about the buying guide you require in choosing the best cleats. The decision of choosing cleats is entirely on our readers, although we have only made your choosing task a little bit easy.