Who are the Favorites to Win the NFL Title in 2023? Checking out the Latest Odds

The new NFL season is within touching distance and the excitement is most definitely brewing to a fever pitch. Last time around, we had all-star Tom Brady winning the battle of the star quarterbacks as his Milwaukee Bucks edged out Kansas City and arguably the most talented player in the league, Patrick Mahomes. Taking place at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was an unusual season in many respects but it was also an exciting, constantly surprising season of football that only promised even greater things this year.

We are now just a matter of days from the big kick-off and there’s been a great deal of movement and organizational changes across the league and this has of course played its part in affecting the betting odds. This includes a host of changes to NFL rules, including eliminating overtime in pre-season games and limits to the amount of players on the field during kickoffs. As usual, there was also a substantial amount of trade offs and retirements to see in the season.

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Let’s take a look at those at the business end of the Super Bowl 2023 Odds.

The Big Favorites

Unsurprisingly the Kansas City Chiefs sit top of the pile (with rock solid odds of +500) and Andy Reid has seen his roster continue to improve ahead of the new season.

Source: arrowheadpride.com

Patrick Mahomes may be NFL’s biggest star but he is certainly not a one-man-army and as such the arrivals of players like Kyle Long, Orlando Brown and Joe Thuney will give the Arrowhead Stadium side a great shot at reaching a third-straight Super Bowl. They’re still the odds-on favourite to take home the trophy even with some very promising up and comers biting on their heels.

Head of the pack of the Chiefs’ competition, you have the Brady helmed Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who’s offseason strategy was more a case of retaining than acquiring talents, and that puts them a little way behind the Chiefs at (+700). Considering how well they did last year, this is no real surprise.

Clearly Tom Brady IS the main man at Tampa and pretty much everything rests on the veteran digging in once again and putting in another shift and one wonders if he can once again lead the Raymond James Stadium side to glory. The big question is whether the team will over rely on Brady rather than building up the other players but that’s a question that we should know the answer to within their first few games of the new season.

Source: azdesertswarm.com

As far as the major sportsbooks are concerned, the next four sides sit in more or less the same status. The Buffalo Bills (+1300), Baltimore Ravens (+1400), Los Angeles Rams (+1400) and the Green Bay Packers (+1400). The Bills may have a slightly higher chance of coming out tops but in the face of unforseen accidents and off games, that lead doesn’t actually amount to anything at all.

And of these four it’s not the Bill but the Packers that are of course getting the most coverage, chiefly due to the unseemly saga over whether Aaron Rodgers will remain at Lambeau Field. The Packers have always been a fan favourite and even if last year’s performance wasn’t their best, it’s hard not to peg perhaps unreasonable hopes on the old gang.

As it turns out, last season’s NFL MVP will indeed stick around with the Packers for at least one more season and he alone makes their odds very tempting indeed. It’s true that the 37-year-old is still not entirely happy about the situation but the nine-time Pro Bowl pick will always give his all, hence the interest in backing the Packers for the 2023 Super Bowl.

Source: nfl.com

If you wish to look beyond these top six teams then we’d suggest you consider a wager on the season’s big underdog team, the New England Patriots, of course. Yes, last season was an absolute disaster, but that’s to be expected. What else was to happen when you lose a player of Tom Brady’s god-like abilities? And yet, no team is about just its star player, even if the fact that Bill Belichick’s side can be backed at (+3600) is hard to ignore!

What is true, though, and what makes the teams of the National Football League such a joy to follow through their many ups and downs is that you never, ever really know what’s going to happen. This is also what makes betting on the NFL so exciting. It’s crucial to know the odds going in but odds only go so far when a single injury can radically change the fate of not just a team but the entire season.

Still, for all that the unknown plays a part in sports betting, it’s a much safer thing to bet on than dumping your money down a slot machine. And loads more fun too. Fans of the NFL know the teams, they know the players and they know, more than anything the game. With this kind of knowledge at your finger tips, it becomes a sport in and of itself just to try and figure out what will happen and what your favorite team will get up to over those thrilling few weeks.

The fun is only just beginning and it’s as good a time as any to get into the action yourself by placing a few well-placed bets when your team looks set to come up tops!