5 Hardest Football Leagues for Online Betting in 2023

Although it may not seem that way to people in the USA, soccer, known as football outside the USA, is the most popular sport in the world. But whether you go to Europe, South America or Africa, you will see that millions of people live for this sport. The level of cheering for your favorite club is very close to fanaticism and there are even clashes of fan groups, which is again unthinkable for lets say fans in the NFL. Some of the world’s most famous derbies cause the alertness of the army and police as if it were a war and not a game.

Precisely because of so much popularity, it is also the sport on which the most bets of all are placed. While there may not be a single match that attracts as much attention as the SuperBowl, when it all comes together, the most bets are on football. The reason for this is that almost every country has several professional leagues that last most of the year and then there are always matches to bet on. If you are just becoming a football fan and you want to start betting, today we will tell you which are the hardest football leagues for online betting, so that you know to avoid them or learn about it as much as possible.

1.English Premier League

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The English Premier League is one of the members of “The Big Five”, which are the five best professional football leagues in The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), which makes them the best professional football leagues in the world. It is very popular and watched worldwide, where some teams, like Manchester United have a bigger fan base outside of England than in Manchester itself. It is very difficult to bet on and usually only experts decide to invest money in it. Although there are several teams that are always contenders for the title, all 20 teams that are members of the Premier League are very good and that is why it often happens that an outsider wins. That is why it is very difficult to predict the final outcome, because it is not uncommon for the bottom five team to beat the top five team. Also in the last 10 years we have had 5 different champions, and during those 10 years only one team has been a back to back champion, Manchester City. So it is very difficult to predict the season long bets. If you have already opted for the Premier League, perhaps the safest option is to try to guess the number of goals scored, as it often happens that three or more goals are scored. According to the data provided by bookmakers from UFA, total goals is certainly one of the most common games when betting on football, so try to score total goals in PL matches.

2. Sky Bet Championship

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We stay in England because the second on our list is the English Football League Championship which is also known as Sky Bet which is the main sponsor. It is the second tier of English football and the league has as many as 24 members. What makes this league the most famous is that so-called most expensive match in the world in football is played as part of this league. It is the playoff final of which is worth around 250 million euros because it brings a place in the Premier League. It is very difficult to predict at the beginning of the season which teams will win the promotion, because it is very often the case that those teams that nearly missed the promotion in the previous season, will be very bad in the following season. And this year it’s also the case with Nottingham Forest F.C. who is a former European champion. The reason is that many players leave the club after not winning the promotion. You also never know who will win the match, because the favorites very often do not meet expectations. Same as we told you for PL, it is safest to bet on the number of goals scored.

3. Serie B

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Football fans won’t be surprised to see Serie B on our list. It is the second tier of Italian football and this league is often accompanied by many controversies. Although it has never been proven that match-fixing took place, as was the case in Serie A during the famous Calciopoli scandal, the results of many matches raise doubts. It often happens that one team leads at half time, and in the end the other wins, which brings the biggest gain because it is the biggest odds. Until a few years ago, it was safest to bet that both teams would score a goal in a match, but that is no longer the case, so we advise you to skip Serie B.

4. Eredivisie

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Next on our list is The Eredivisie, which is the highest level of professional football in the Netherlands. That is a league where the undisputed champion and most popular club is Ajax. Ajax is a club that is believed to have modernized football during the 1970s by introducing something called total football. At that time, they were European champions several times. However, Ajax and Dutch football in general have not been at the level they used to be for many years. Along with Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV Eindhoven are the most frequent champions. The league is very interesting to watch, but it is practically impossible to successfully bet on it. Unexpected results happen constantly, and the best example is the match between VVV-Venlo and Ajax, which was played in October. Then Ajax won as much as 13-0, so those who do not watch Eredivisie would probably think that VVV-Venlo is an amateur club. And they were in the middle of the table at the time.

5. Primeira Liga

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Primeira Liga is also known as Liga NOSis the top tier division of Portuguese football. All those who like to bet mostly avoid it. Although the champion is much more certain than in other leagues on our list, as Porto and Benefica have won all but two titles in this millennium, individual matches are very unpredictable.