How 9 Famous Footballers Spend Their Free Time – 2023 Guide

When you’ve spent years practicing your football skills, you need to take some time out to play with a little less pressure. We found out how 9 of the world’s most famous footballers a spend their Sundays. These athletes are always in the spotlight and under constant pressure, so it’s important for them to have a break now and then. And they don’t just loosen up – these guys are experts at having fun! Some prefer relaxing outdoors, like Cristiano Ronaldo who likes “to wake up early on Sunday morning, open the window, listen to music and smell the fresh air.” Others love spending time with their family or friends.

1. Lionel Messi


The Argentinean star enjoys spending his free time in Barcelona’s San Lázaro Park, which is the city’s largest public park. He loves watching kids play there and sometimes leaves some money on a bench for the children. Playing with them is one of his favourite things to do here in Barcelona. To Messi, Barça is everything and he remains fiercely loyal to the club, despite his new transfer to PSG. Messi grew up playing football on the streets of Rosario with his friends and even against other kids from the neighbourhood. “One day we were kicking a ball about in the street and we saw Messi… we played a bit with him,” Messi’s friend said. In their group, they called him ‘the golden one’.

2. Zlatan Ibrahimović


The Swedish star loves spending time at his home with his wife Helena Seger, who is also a professional footballer. He speaks five languages, including French and English, which help them to communicate better at home in Paris, where Zlatan lives with his parents. Zlatan relaxes by playing video games, cooking and watching movies. He’s also a really good dancer!

3. Cristiano Ronaldo


As one of the best footballers in the world, he’s constantly under pressure to always perform his best. Ronaldo has a few favourite things to do in his free time: listen to music, read or hang out with his friends. Sometimes he goes fishing or walks down San Gabriel street with his wife and son. He also loves spending time outdoors, for example by doing some gardening at home or going for a walk along the beach with the family dog! His quality time off allows him to keep his mind clear and focused on football. To the Portuguese superstar, staying at home is a way of recharging his batteries for the upcoming week’s challenges. This is when he feels closest to his kids.

4. Neymar


The Brazilian ace stays at home in Barcelona a lot. It’s important for him to have a quieter environment where he can relax and focus on himself. His favourite thing to do is listen to music (especially reggaeton and sertanejo, which is typical of the countryside in Brazil). Neymar also plays computer games with his friends and family, as well as table tennis and pool. He says that relaxing is the key to performance for him: “I don’t want to be stressed out or nervous when I play!” The footballer says that being at home helps him relax after playing matches all over the world. He hangs out with his family members, watches movies or plays video games with his brothers or friends who live abroad.

Ironically he enjoys playing games of chances like the bingo you’ll find at Bingoblitz as they’re mindless and help him relax and unwind.

5. Robert Lewandowski


The Polish striker loves spending time out in nature. If it’s hot, he goes to one of the many lakes nearby to swim, play some football or relax and have lunch with his family. He says that you can’t compare life in Poland with one in the city. His weekends are very important for him as he spends them with his wife and kids. Despite his love of outdoor sports, he doesn’t really like to travel much. He finds travelling stressful because of the constant attention he gets from fans and journalists.

6. Sergio Ramos


The Spanish footballer stays in Madrid most weekends. He enjoys spending time with his family, going shopping for furniture or attending football matches. The defender is a big fan of Formula 1, so he often goes to the Circuit de Catalunya to watch races and spend time off from football. Ramos loves hanging out with his wife and children. He also likes attending concerts, mostly rock or rap music, as well as going out for dinner or for drinks at a friend’s place with friends or family members. Sometimes he also plays cycling: he likes riding around parks and neighbourhoods in Madrid on his racing bike! Racing is his hobby, so Ramos likes participating in competitions, usually with friends.

7. Kylian Mbappé


The French star loves eating at his favourite Chinese restaurant. He also likes going to the cinema with his friends, as well as playing video games. His favourite spot is the Arcadium in Paris, which is a great recreation and entertainment complex. Mbappé says that he always feels like a kid there and enjoys walking through the mall full of shops and restaurants.

His fans are always waiting for him outside the Arcadia, which is where he spends his weekends. Here he can relax, have some Chinese food and have fun with his friends.

8. Kevin De Bruyne


Going out to nightclubs or bars is one of the things the Belgian footballer enjoys most when he’s in Paris. When he does go out, De Bruyne likes to dance and have fun with his mates. He also loves going for a drink or two with friends or family members. He doesn’t like playing video games, but he loves travelling and spending as much time as possible with his girlfriend and their pet dog, which is a little bit of a monkey!

9. Sadio Mané


The Senegalese footballer loves spending time at home with his family. He spends a lot of time playing with his PlayStation 4 to relax and forget about football for a little while. Mané mostly likes shooting games, such as Call of Duty, but he also plays football video games. Mané says that he doesn’t have much free time, so when he’s not working or doing an activity related to football, he loves relaxing at home with his family and chilling out on his PlayStation.