Portable Grandstand Features And Benefits

As the name suggests in the portable system, the aim of this system is to have the maximum capacity per unit area and to create a structure with minimum weight. This system, which has been installed in many places in Turkey, provides the opportunity to be installed and reinstalled in other places, as the installation and installation times are short.

It is a system that can be assembled and disassembled very quickly indoors and outdoors.

Integralgrandstand is building different types of tribunes for different purposes especially for sport fields located in Istanbul Turkey. Stage, podium, etc. of portable platforms. can be used as. Amphitheater platforms and tribunes are among the productions of the company. It is possible to mount all kinds of portable seats on these platforms, to put a portable chair or to use them as a bench. The locations of portable grandstands can be used for various purposes when necessary. It is very easy to carry and use. For example, a tribune with 100 people is set up and prepared in as little as 30 minutes.

While fixed stands can generally meet people’s work quite effectively, their inability to be portable is generally a disadvantage. This situation can be solved with the portable grandstand. These turbines are products that can be easily installed in desired areas and can be easily replaced when their current location is not liked. Being portable is a very important advantage. These tribunes, which can be mounted as portable and can be disassembled at any time, are extremely useful products. It will be much more advantageous and beneficial for you to choose these products for your tribune needs. This will increase as an extra when you prefer a company that provides quality and good service in this regard.

Portable grandstand is among the products that have been very popular in recent years among the tribune types. The lack of fixation in one place is effective in the preference of the product. You can have many advantages when you supply a portable grandstand.

• The products are moved to the desired areas and do not occupy a certain place. You do not need to allocate a special place and allocate a place to the tribune.

• Products are at least as strong and durable as fixed stands. There is no general problem that would endanger people’s safety.

• Price, which is one of the most frequently asked questions about the products, is that it is more economical than fixed stands. Portable grandstands are also extra convenient because they are generally rented.

• Portable grandstands are products that can increase from 24 people to 24 thousand people.


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Portable grandstand prices are naturally one of the most curious subjects in this regard. We would like to give you detailed information on this subject. We can get an idea of the grandstand cost after talking to the sales representative of a grandstand manufacturer.

Even after that, we may only have one clue. Because there are many different factors that affect the cost.


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Our system has a portable feature and absolutely no jointing has been done by the welding method at any connection point. It can be disassembled from its existing place and mounted in another place if desired. There is no welded joint during assembly.

We do it with the mounting method. Disassembled and re-installable tribunes are designed to be installed and dismantled very quickly, and no welding method has been used. During the assembly of the system, welding, rivets, bolts, bolts, etc. Consumables that can be lost are not used. The whole system is connected to each other by the interlocking method.

Only bolts, nuts, and washers will be used in the system assembly of the front, side, and rear railings and the grandstand exit stair railings.

In the system, carrier trusses, dioecious connecting rods, connection apparatus, and riser elements are used. Vertical pendulum feet are used to raise the portable grandstand system backward. Materials such as concrete mosaic and heavy steel that make the system heavier are definitely not used. The materials to be used are light and portable due to the dismountable feature of the system. The carcass of the system is made of square and rectangular hot drawn profiles and welded industrial pipes. These materials used are structural steel in accordance with St.37 and DIN 2394 (TS EN 10305-3:2004) and DIN 2395 (EN 10219-2-1997) standards. The parts will be manufactured by gas metal arc welding and CO2 is used as the shielding gas. The gas metal arc welding method is in the standards of TS 5618 EN 440 -DIN 8559 – AWS 5, 18, BS EN 288 part 3 1988 REPLACED TS 5618 EN 440.


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There is no need for any special floor covering during the installation of the system.
It can be installed on any leveled floor. It can be easily adapted to lands with different sloped ground structures.

In addition, the adjustment screws used to eliminate the ground irregularities and prevent the feet of the tribune from sinking into the unstable ground.


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Seating height, pier height, and width vary according to the project. The seating height is 45 cm. Different alternatives are offered for the seats to be used in the system, depending on the project.


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The wood to be used as the flooring material on the platform is 12 mm thick water-contrast and has high bearing strength, resistance to moisture, dirt, acid, humidity, fresh and salty water. (Different alternatives can be offered at the request of our customers.)

The bonding of the wooden material to be used is resistant to water and all kinds of weather conditions. The bonding is selected in accordance with the EN 3142 norm. The approximate density of the wood material to be used will be 710 kg/m3 and products suitable for ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 production are selected. Walkway wood width and length dimensions vary depending on the project. Walkway sub-construction consists of at least 3 box profiles. Walkways are fixed by the method of passing into the system and welding method is not used.


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It will be secured with the railing system surrounding the parts of the tribune that are higher than the ground.


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The whole steel construction system is covered with the hot-dip galvanizing method. The steel construction coated with this method increases the life against corrosion by a minimum of 15 years. The hot galvanized dipping process will comply with TS 914 EN ISO 1461 (E), DIN EN 1461 Standards.


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While the steel construction parts that make up the tribune, which can be disassembled and rebuilt, are assembled, the system continues to be assembled in one direction that locks each other, and when it comes to the end of the tribune, a locking system is applied in such a way that the whole system does not allow any part to be removed. It eliminates the possibility of theft and sabotage. This locking system makes the personal load, static load, and dynamic loads of the tribune safe and durable to ensure the safety of the spectators on it.


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Tribune productions are exposed to a significant static and dynamic load since they will carry many people on them at the same time. Design, manufacture and assembly must be very careful.


The static calculations of the projects must have static reports approved by a technical university that has the competence. The system to be preferred has been used in an international organization before, the safety of the system has been tested, and the system should be ergonomic, functional, long-lasting and economical as a result of checking it in place. It is important that the contractor company that will manufacture and assemble the project is a manufacturer specialized in its field. The contractor company must have a portable grandstand, telescopic tribune and mobile tribune manufacturer certificate from the chamber of industry and commerce. The contractor company that will manufacture and assemble the project must have a capacity report and an industrial registration certificate issued on behalf of the contractor by the chamber of industry and commerce of which it is a member. The contractor must have an equivalent work completion certificate (from official institutions). The contractor must have ISO and CE certificates.