2 Pros And 2 Cons Of Betting On Your Favorite Football Team

When betting on sports, there will eventually come a time where you will have to place a bet on your favorite football team. Any avid bettor will tell you that you’re making a huge mistake. Betting on your favorite football team is a disaster waiting to happen. The reason why is that sports bettors are superstitious people that learn from past experiences.

And we tend to lose the bet that we’ve placed on our favorite team. So what is the best way to overcome this issue? Well, the obvious way is to don’t do it. But no one knows that team more than you. So it’s only natural that you place a bet.

However, we’re here to give you our pros and cons of betting on your favorite football team. So make sure to stick around to know more about it.

Pro: You Are the Expert

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The thing with sports betting is that you’re constantly watching games and learning stuff about each team. But since you’re religiously following your favorite team, you are best equipped with the knowledge of how your team plays. That makes it easier to place a winning bet.

That’s why most beginners start by placing bets on the teams they generally follow. These might be a few teams or it could be just one. Regardless, the more you watch a team play, the more you know how they play. Maybe your favorite team isn’t the best, but their games are entertaining and involve plenty of goals. So your first inclination will be to place a bet on the over/under 2.5 margin.

Since you’re the expert on your football team, you know what the most likely outcome will be. And while this is a good thing, there are tons of bad things as well.

Con: You Are Bias

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The thing with sports is that we all want our team to win. Regardless of what the odds are on the next game, you go with the hope of your team emerging victorious. That sort of blind hope is exactly why you shouldn’t bet on your favorite team.

Since you want them to win, you will be encouraged to place a bet on the game. If you do want your team to win, then chances are you’ll place a bet that means they’ll win. But the odds are massively in the favor of the opponent. That means your chances of winning are significantly lower.

This is one of the cons of betting on your favorite football team. Football is a funny game, and if we would predict every game, chances are we’d predict our team to win each game.
But that is far from the case. The bias everyone has around their favorite team is a big reason why you shouldn’t do it.

Pro: You Can Bet On Your Favorite Team and Still Win

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We’d like to call this one “the art of betting against your football team.” Betting on your team doesn’t have to mean placing a winning bet. It could mean placing a losing bet. If you manage to lose the bias emotions, then you’re well equipped to land a serious amount of bets. But how and why would you do that?

Well, betting against your football team means having the courage to trust that your team will lose. While no one wants that, you’re putting yourself in a very interesting position. By betting that your team will lose, what you’re doing is one of two things. You’re either losing the bet and your team actually wins or draws, or you’ll win the wager.

That isn’t as bad as wagering your team will win and they actually lose. If you know that your team is a massive underdog, then there is no shame in going with the odds.

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Con: You’ll Ruin Your Weekend

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Regardless of how much you enjoy watching football, there is nothing worse than watching your team lose. Not only does it ruin your weekend, but it also ruins your mood.

So if you’re thinking of going all-in on your favorite football team, then think of the consequences if the bet doesn’t come out on top. It is a recipe for disaster. If your team isn’t the best, then the chance of that happening just doubled if not tripled.

If the odds make your team an underdog, then you’re not only losing but also ruining your weakened by doing so. This is exactly why so many sports bettors stay away from it altogether. It’s better to not be miserable than to feel more joy.

Should You Do It?

Ultimately, it depends on each person. If you’re the sort of person that doesn’t get too emotionally invested in the game, then it isn’t that big of an issue. But for the passionate fan that loves winning and simply cannot stand losing, then you’re making a huge mistake. If you’re also a beginner, you’re in for a world of hurt. It’s always bad to be betrayed by our favorite teams, but these sort of things happen nonetheless.

So as a general rule of thumb, do what you think is best for you. If you can handle a loss, then go ahead and do it. But if you hate losing, stay away from betting on your favorite team altogether.


That concludes our list of two pros and two cons regarding betting on your favorite team. We hope that this short guide explaines the good and the bad of this fairly common situation. And we hope that this article has helped you determine whether or not you should do it. Give it a try and see how it goes.