Sports Betting 101: How to Bet From Florida

In the state of Florida, sports betting is currently prohibited. A federal lawsuit filed on December 21 aimed at overturning the latest Seminole Tribe-State agreement puts a halt to all sports betting activity until further notice.

Legal sports gambling is a hot topic in Florida right now, but citizens have access to a number of popular offshore apps that are available in other states. It’s always a good idea to educate yourself on any subject whether it’s about exercise recovery or finding a good betting site by consulting reliable resources like our in-depth guide on the legality of making bets electronically in Florida as well as the best ways to do it.

Current State of Betting in Florida


Florida’s online betting market ended in November 2023, barely one month after it opened. Judge Dabney deemed this decision to allow the Florida Tribe & bookies to offer mobile sports betting unlawful on November 22.

Non-tribal persons cannot participate in wide-scale cellphone betting under the Indian Gaming Management Act. According to Dan Wallach, a sports gambling attorney, that decision was a cinch.

According to Wallach, if the structure of society of the case didn’t distract them, any law school student would classify what was done illegally 100 times out of 100. Florida as well as the Seminole Tribe in Florida announced a historic deal on November 1, 2023, allowing residents of the state to gamble on sports both online and in person.

In November, the state’s sportsbooks began offering online betting through mobile apps. The usage of a sportsbook app by bettors is limited to one month. An appeals court rejected the Seminole Tribe’s request to resume wagering in early December. There have been no successes thus far (Source:

When sports gambling was legalized, there were no in-person registers in Florida. As of right now, gamblers are unable to utilize a sports gambling app from the community that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Payouts For Winnings In Florida By Online Sportsbooks

It’s an important question, which is why we’re asking it. Everyone dislikes a bookie who delays paying out winnings. The finest online sportsbooks in Florida respond rapidly to withdrawal requests and are among the fastest-paying sportsbooks in the industry, despite a variety of circumstances.

Effectiveness of a Bookies Banking


A sportsbook’s capacity to process transactions securely, swiftly, and reliably is a prerequisite for participation. We don’t see the point in discussing a bookie that enables Florida citizens to play but doesn’t pay out their winnings quickly.

Payment Method

The fastest and safest means of obtaining winnings is through the use of Cryptocurrencies. If the blockchain is busy, it may take a while for your withdrawals from Bitcoin ATMs to see up back in your wallet.

Bookmakers are now offering certificates that may be claimed in as little as a couple of minutes. The only choices for same-day payouts are vouchers and crypto, although the sector is expanding every day.

Withdrawal Amount


Withdrawals are restricted on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis at any Florida sports betting website. As a result of these limits, it may be necessary to receive installments over a number of weeks, depending on the size of the transaction.

Since this is a typical procedure, there’s nothing wrong with it. Before processing any significant payments, bookmakers, both online and off, follow a standard protocol that involves an approval process.

Personal Documents

When you make your first withdrawal, you’ll be required to go through an identity verification process to verify that your money is safe and secure. In order to accomplish it, you don’t need a lot of time or effort. To confirm your identity, you’ll have to fill out papers and present proof of your identity. It’s thus imperative that you enter the correct information when registering for an event.

How To Place a Bet


Anyone in Florida who owns a cell phone can now legally place their first sports bets. If you’d like to open an account, you’ll need to complete these steps:

  • Picking your sportsbook; Having multiple accounts at different sportsbooks might help you get the best odds on your bets.
  • Registering and verifying your account; As part of the application process for new bettors in the state, applicants must disclose all of their personal information, including their name, birth date, and email address. There is a possibility that a license to carry or a NIN will be requested to authenticate your identity. Bookmakers ask you these kinds of inquiries to protect your private information.
  • Depositing; Once you’ve input your personal information, the payment screen will display. Click the “Deposit” button after you’ve selected your payment method. Using a bank account to make a direct deposit is the preferred technique for speed. Rather than being billed back to your credit card after some days, the cash you withdraw would be accessible in your bank account right away.
  • Place your wager; How to place your first wager as a newbie – It is necessary to confirm your Florida residency using geolocation prior to making a wager. Then choose the sport you want to wager on and take a look at your betting slip. Select the desired gambling type along with inputting how much you want to bet. Request and begin.


Sports betting in Florida although briefly had its moment in the legal spotlight was quickly derailed from its operations. In the meantime, while governors and the Seminole Tribe discuss legal matters, punters are left with no real legal option to wager online and are practically forced to use offshore betting sites if they wish to partake in legal sports betting.

Unfortunately for the state of Florida, it means losing out yet again to millions of dollars that are currently being generated in other states that have already finalized and legalized sports betting. Will Florida rush to the occasion once more or take the long route is still unknown, for now, it looks to be a long process in the making with rumors for legalization to come no earlier than 2024.