Arsenal’s Best Scorers – Top 10 All-Time Players

As many of you know, Arsenal is a great professional football club founded in London in October 1886. The club has a huge number of fans around the world. The greatness of the club is unambiguously proved by its achievements. Take, for example, the 13-time English Championship, as well as 13-time victory in the fight for the FA Cup. It really does sound very impressive! Arsenal football club spent most of its existence in the English Premier Division. The club has been playing in the English Premier League since 1919. Today, a club in the English Premier Division club Arsenal have played the most consecutive seasons. Let’s talk about the main characters of the club – Arsenal’s top scorers of all time!

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1. Thierry Henry


The first place is taken by the famous football player Thierry Henry. Thierry himself is from France and plays at Arsenal in midfield and attack positions. Just imagine, during his career at Arsenal, the football player participated in 337 games and scored 228 goals. This is just phenomenal and definitely deserves your applause!

2. Ian Wright


Second place goes to Ian Wright. Ian Wright is a famous English striker. Ian devoted most of his career to two English clubs: Crystal Palace and Arsenal. Among the best scorers of the club “Crystal Palace” takes 3rd place. In our list, as already mentioned, the second. Playing for Arsenal, he helped the club win the FA Championship, two FA Cups, the Football League Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup, the UEFA Cup, the UEFA Super Cup and the FA Super Cup.

Ian participated in 288 matches and scored 185 goals! Impressive?

3. Cliff Bastin


Football player who was in Arsenal from 1929 to 1947. Cliff is an Englishman who took the position of striker. During his career, he participated in 396 matches and scored 178 goals. Cliff is included in the top 100 legendary football players compiled by the Football League in 1998.

4. John Redford


John Redford was an Arsenal football player from 1962 to 1976. As a striker, John participated in 481 matches and scored 149 goals. His personal record is 21 goals in 1 season. Not bad statistics for a career of 14 years!

5. Ted Drake


Ted was an English football player who loved to play not only football, but also cricket! He devoted almost his entire career to Arsenal. Closes the top five Arsenal players with a cool statistic – 184 games and 139 goals.

6. Tony Adams


The footballer, nicknamed “Mr. Arsenal” spent his entire career at the London club. Adams went from a Gunners pupil to a long-term Arsenal leader. Together with the Londoners, the defender played more than 500 matches in the English Championship, in which he became champion 4 times. Tony Adams’ personal achievements include the award of the best young player of the season (1987), three-time inclusion in the symbolic national team of the Premier League. Also, “Mr. Arsenal” became a member of the Order of the British Empire.

7. Patrick Vieira


French midfielder, who played almost more than 400 matches for the club in all competitions. Coach Arsene Wenger persuaded the Gunners’ management to acquire Vieira after an unsuccessful stretch in Milan. Patrick became one of the creators of the unforgettable 2003/04 season, when Arsenal did not suffer a single defeat in the Premier League.

8. Dennis Bergkamp


The Dutch striker was nicknamed “the flightless Dutchman” because of his fear of flying, but this did not affect his brilliant career at Arsenal in any way. Bergkamp spent 11 years in England, scoring 87 goals in 312 matches for the Gunners in the Premier League. In the role of a delayed striker, the Dutchman was considered one of the most dangerous forwards on the planet.

9. Francesc Fabregas


The Spanish midfielder joined Arsenal from the Barcelona academy at the age of 16 and immediately began to get a place in the main squad from Wenger. The future European and world champion became one of the youngest captains in the history of the Gunners. Fabregas was recognized three times as the best footballer of the season at Arsenal.

10. Robin Van Persie


Unlike his compatriot Bergkamp, the Feyenoord graduate was nicknamed the “flying Dutchman” for his phenomenal head game. Van Persie spent 8 years at the London club, during which he managed to score more than 100 goals. Despite a large number of injuries, Robin twice became the top scorer of the season in the Premier League, and was also the first to reach the mark of 50 goals in the Netherlands national team.

Such amazing stories of 10 football heroes of the Arsenal club! No wonder the football club is so popular and has such a huge fan base around the world, because the players, as we have already seen, are really very talented, infinitely purposeful and determined. We wish the team to continue to discover talents, grow and develop professionally, and also stay at the peak of popularity for as long as possible. Well, we will be watching the team and worrying about the players. Go ahead, Arsenal!