Top 10 Best Football Facemasks/Faceguard – Reviews and Buying Guide

Nobody knows when a player can get injured in a football game. It is a very tricky and tough game, so players need maximum strength and force to win the game. This is why it is important to use football protective accessories for every player to stay safe from impacts. Out of many football accessories, a football facemask is an essential piece of equipment because it protects the facial bones and teeth of the player.

Best Football Facemasks/ Faceguard Reviews For 2021

 The best thing about facemasks is that they provide better protection without affecting the vision of the player. So, it is worth using the right football facemask with your helmet to protect your face. Here are the best football facemasks available in the market that you can buy for your use.    

#1. Schutt Sports Varsity Vropo Football FaceguardFootball Faceguard Schutt Sports

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The Schutt brand is popular for making high-quality football accessories to meet the needs of different athletes. The football facemask of this brand features an extended brow design for better visual impact absorption. With a 17-bar design, the Schutt football facemask reduces the grab points for the defense. Also, this facemask looks stylish and suit players of different ages. 

It is made of carbon steel material to offer maximum protection to the player. The Schutt varsity facemask is ideal for the linebacker, offensive line, defensive line, and fullback positions in the game. It is super light in weight and can be used with a Schutt vengeance football helmet. 


  • The football facemask has a stylish design. 
  • It comes with a 17-bar configuration for safety. 
  • It is made of carbon steel, so durable. 


  • No cons so far.

#2. Mylec Sr. Helmet with Wire Face GuardFace Guard  Mylec Sr.

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The Mylec Sr. Helmet with Wire face Guard is a unisex sports helmet weighing 2.65 pounds that could be used to protect the head of the player in case the ball or any other thing hits it from the front, back, or the sides. It comes with a wire faceguard to protect the head from the front. 

The helmet could be worn to wear for games like biking, ice skating, white water rafting, roller skating, football, hockey, and ice hockey too. The chin protector comes with a strap that is molded to the wireframe to fit around your chin and does not budges when something or someone hits you.


  • The use of plastic makes it light in weight.
  • The faceguard is made of wire for durability. 
  • It is ideal for multiple sports. 


  • Quality issues.

#3. Rawlings Youth EG FacemaskEG Facemask Rawlings

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The Rawlings Youth football faceguard is a headgear to protect the quarterbacks or the wide receivers when they perform during a game or at practice. This facemask is made of carbonized steel which makes it light in weight but still making it pretty tough. The facemask comes in a double wire design that provides added eye and nose protection. 

Due to the use of carbonized steel, it weighs around 1.19 pounds. The Rawlings youth facemask is ideal for multiple positions in the game. The faceguard also comes with an extra thick coating for durability. 


  • It comes with screws to make it fit better no matter what size you wear.
  • The faceguard is available in many vibrant colors. 
  • It has a double wire design for extra protection.


  • The color of the helmet may scrap off when something hits it.

#4. Under Armor Batting Helmet FaceguardFaceguard Under Armor

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The Under Armor Batting helmet faceguard features a low-profile and lightweight design. The faceguard makes use of I-BAR VISION’s high vigor steel with the best sightlines. It meets NOCSAE safety standards, so it is ideal for football players. The Under Armor Batting faceguard is the best fit for the Under Armor Batting Helmets.

You can simply slide the brackets over the screen and screw the including hardware in the mounting points on the helmet. It is perfectly manufactured to reduce nicks and cuts while installing. It comes with the required hardware for easy usability. 


  • It meets the safety standards of all sports associations.
  • The build is very strong and endures a lot of wear and tear.
  • It is very light in weight and feels weightless.


  • The faceguard is available in a single size and color.

#5. Schutt Vengeance Carbon Steel FacemaskFacemask Schutt Vengeance

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The Schutt Vengeance carbon steel facemask is a piece of equipment that is used in many games ranging from baseball to football. It was built for the defensive line, offensive line, full back, and line back. Years of research and technological advancement have led to the creation of this equipment for better protection. The tapered faceguard was devised to boost the range of movement and reduces the region of probable shock. 

They all proffer definitive protection while sustaining maximum vision. The elevated eyebrows enhance presentation as well as presents a new meaner look. This facemask is great for high protection and better visibility. 


  • It is almost weightless because it weighs only 1.14 pounds.
  • The carbonized steel construction makes it robust.
  • The faceguard fits the head of the player perfectly.


  • It is available only in black color.

#6. Schutt DNA ROPO Youth FaceguardFaceguard Schutt DNA

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The Schutt DNA ROPO youth faceguard is used in many sports events ranging from baseball to football. It is made for better appearance and protection. Many years of investigation and scientific progress have led to the formation of this gear. The narrowed faceguard is formulated to enhance the range of movements and diminishes the section of plausible shock. 

They all extend state-of-the-art protection while supporting the highest amount of vision. The faceguard is designed to fit youth helmets and offer maximum flexibility. Also, it is very easy to attach and detach to your helmet. Since the faceguard comes with the required hardware, it is very easy to use. 


  • The faceguard is true to its size.
  • It is available in many colors.
  • It comes with the attachment hardware. 


  • No cons due to being relatable new on the market.

#7. Grid-D-Flect Football FacemaskFacemask Grid-D-Flect

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The Grid-D-Flect Performance Mask created for football and lacrosse players featuring mouth and nose coverage while allowing max airflow and breathability. The 2 plies, 4-way elongated textiles are intended for high performance. The performance masks include 5 changeable Velcro connection points permitting for a general fit on any helmet make and model. 

The front Velcro attachment can be attuned to move the mask closer or farther from the face area. This allows the player to correct it depending on their face shape and comfort level. It also fits lacrosse helmets. It provides great coverage for football helmets with a pre-existing visor.


  • It feels weightless on the face during the games.
  • The facemask fits the helmet perfectly.
  • It stays stable and does not slide over during the game. 


  • The Velcro pieces come off occasionally.

#8. Schutt Youth FaceguardFaceguard Schutt

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The Schutt youth faceguard is used in many gaming events ranging from softball to hockey. It was made for facade and safety purposes.  The lessened shapes of faceguard prepared to boost the choice of engagements and protect from the section of plausible shock. They all broadened the modern defense while sustaining the peak amount of apparition. 

The elevated eyebrows enhance the visibility of the field and give you an excellent look. The Schutt faceguard comes with the attachment hardware to let the user install it with ease. It fits many football helmets of the Schutt brand. Also, it offers better flexibility when using. 


  • The faceguard fits everyone appropriately. 
  • This football facemask is available in a lot of vibrant colors.
  • It is lightweight so easy to use. 


  • The paint may come off after heavy wear and tear.

#9. CHAMPRO Defensive Fielder FacemaskFacemask CHAMPRO

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The CHAMPRO Defensive fielder Mask is a perfect mask for softball, tee-ball, baseball, hockey, and ice hockey. It features a broad eye cavity for softball. The mask has low-profile flat beam structures which make the best use of sightlines, defend, and diminishes mass. It also has a detachable liner structure and an amendable harness with a ponytail gap. 

The steel wire edifice of the grill casing holds up the collision and grants reliable fortification. It is capable of lasting straight blows without being breached or smashed to smithereens. The facemask also comes with an adjustable chin cup for better comfort ad safety. 


  • The wide opening design lets the player see the whole ground.
  • This facemask weighs only 13 ounces allows swift and easy actions.
  • It has comfortable padding and an adjustable chin cup.


  • Quite tight around the forehead.

#10. Schutt Sports Titanium Softball Fielders GuardGuard Schutt Sports

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This faceguard is designed to provide the utmost protection to the player in the game. It ensures that the face and dental area of the player are safe from impacts. The best thing about the Schutt titanium faceguard is that it is 26% lighter than steel faceguards. So, you can use it for your games without any difficulties. 

It comes with adjustable straps to let you achieve a comfortable and secure fit. The faceguard comes with a chin cup to ensure proper fitting. Apart from that, there is a forehead pad to enhance the fitting and offer you a better experience. The forehead pad is suitable for machine washing and air dry. 


  • The football faceguard is great for dental ad face protection. 
  • It features a unique design. 
  • The titanium faceguard is lighter than steel faceguards. 


  • The chin cup may not fit long chins.

How To Choose The Best Football Facemasks/ Faceguard

Football facemasks are available in many types and from many brands. So, it is not going to be easy for a person to pick the right faceguard from the market without proper research. So here are the important points that you need to consider when buying a football facemask. 


Considering the material of the football facemask is an essential point to ensure durability. Generally, facemasks are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium.  

Carbon Steel

It is one of the most common materials used for making football facemasks because of its very reasonable pricing. This material is tough and durable but comes at the cost of heavyweight. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel provides durable safety to the head with being light in weight. But it is expensive than the carbon steel facemasks. 


Titanium material is more popular among professionals because it offers more sturdiness and weighs lesser than the other two materials. They are quite expensive compared to other materials. 

Types of Football Facemasks

Football facemasks are usually available in two types, and those are as follows: 

Closed-cage Face Mask

The lineman and the fullback usually use a closed-cage face mask that protects the nose and eyes with a perpendicular bar that runs up in the center of the face mask. There are a few parallel bars to avoid any kind of harm to the face and eyes. These facemasks usually have many horizontal bars at the bottom half of the mask for protection. If the number of bars is more, then the facemask can offer better protection and durability. 

Open-cage Face Mask

The open-cage face masks have more visibility than a closed cage with the absence of a perpendicular bar that goes on top of the nose. Those facemasks have some perpendicular and parallel bars underneath the nose and are used by skill-position players who need more visibility on the field. A skill-position facemask that is used by kickers, quarterbacks, and receivers may also have masks that sit farther away from the players’ chin exposed for easier mobility of their head. Open cage facemasks are great for experiencing the balance between vision and protection.


The best football facemask is what every player needs to safeguard the face portion. This has high importance in the life of a football player. Therefore, you should look for different options available in the market and buy a durable and efficient facemask for your use. The facemask should fulfill all your needs and enhance the protection of your face.