13 Best Elevation Training Mask 2023 – For Better Performance

In the realm of highly competitive sports, athletes are constantly looking for that product or exercise which will give them enough of an edge to beat their opponents like the best elevation training mask can do.

Best Elevation Training Mask For Better sport Performance

Even people who are not training to be top-of-the-field athletes often seek something that will either improve their personal best or provide an additional challenge.

Editor's Choice
Elevation Training Mask 2.0 - for Endurance - Increase Your Sports Performance, Endurance, Weight...
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VIKINGSTRENGTH New 24 Levels Workout Mask for Running Biking MMA Endurance with Adjustable...
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Sparthos Workout Mask High Altitude Mask - Face Mask for Gym Training, Work Out, Running, Cycling,...
Elevation Training Mask 2.0 - for Endurance - Increase Your Sports Performance, Endurance, Weight...
VIKINGSTRENGTH New 24 Levels Workout Mask for Running Biking MMA Endurance with Adjustable...
Sparthos Workout Mask High Altitude Mask - Face Mask for Gym Training, Work Out, Running, Cycling,...
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Editor's Choice
Elevation Training Mask 2.0 - for Endurance - Increase Your Sports Performance, Endurance, Weight...
Elevation Training Mask 2.0 - for Endurance - Increase Your Sports Performance, Endurance, Weight...
Amazon Prime
Good Pick
VIKINGSTRENGTH New 24 Levels Workout Mask for Running Biking MMA Endurance with Adjustable...
VIKINGSTRENGTH New 24 Levels Workout Mask for Running Biking MMA Endurance with Adjustable...
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Sparthos Workout Mask High Altitude Mask - Face Mask for Gym Training, Work Out, Running, Cycling,...
Sparthos Workout Mask High Altitude Mask - Face Mask for Gym Training, Work Out, Running, Cycling,...
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Best Elevation training masks can satisfy both groups and both goals. Originally derived from a defunct theory of emulating high altitude training, masks nevertheless can provide a solid workout for the muscles responsible for respiration. Still, with the rise of popularity, the market is now flush with masks.

Top Picks Elevation Training Mask

That is why we have to put together a list of top, highlighting what makes one better for a certain task than another. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the right mask that is best suited for you.

1. Training Mask 2.0 – Best Elevation Training Mask (Editor’s Choice)

Training Mask 2.0

Mask is the original brand that got the whole trend started in the first place. With their masks gracing the faces of professional athletes from such diverse backgrounds as football, marathon runners, or tour de France racers, this brand’s high profile can be found all over the place if you are looking for it and observant.

Like the original, the Mask 2.0 possibly has the most scientifically backed construction, but it also has the disadvantage of competitors being able to improve on its design.

In that case, Mask 2.0 does not provide the maximum benefit for any of the general categories, but it manages to provide exceptional quality for all of them, so it is ultimately the best performing training mask we reviewed.


This is one of a few elevation training masks that uses medical grade materials for both the mask and the sleeve. The mask is made from medical grade silicone, while the sleeve is made from neoprene.

Unlike the “upgraded” model of this brand which uses rubber, medical grade silicone is demonstrated to be hypoallergenic. Neoprene is used for medical grade soft braces and joint supports. Combined they provide a worry-free product that is safe for use by anyone.

The mask comes in three different sizes that are appropriate for both men and women. Unlike other masks, the Mask 2.0 does not size its masks in terms of your body weight but instead relies on a more precise measurement regarding the size of your nose and mouth.

This leads to a more precise fit and tight seal. While it does not offer the most variation in terms of resistance levels and does not provide the highest level of it, Mask 2.0 does perform admirably with six different resistance settings in total.

  • Made from medical grade materials
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • 6 different resistance settings
  • Somewhat difficult to adjust
  • More difficult to clean than others
  • One of the most expensive masks


2. Vikingstrength – Most Convenient Elevation Training Mask


About company

Vikingstrength is definitely a surprising brand to see on our list. This is primarily because the company broadly specializes in manufacturing accessories intended for electronics but focuses far more on accessories for smartphones and other smart devices.

When you consider that this is definitely a niche item in their general product lineup, it is even more surprising that Vikingstrength is also the only other product we reviewed that only uses medical-grade materials. Like the Mask 2.0, the Vikingstrength’s mask is made out of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone while the sleeve is made out of neoprene.

But that is generally where the comparisons end. For one, the Vikingstrength training mask has issues all over the place with how it fits. Second, the strap is designed as a one-size-fits-all. The only problem is that it often becomes more of a one-size-fits-few. Only because the bottom strap is adjustable, do many people find that the top strap does not fit snugly atop their head.


While this might otherwise only be a minor annoyance, it becomes a genuine issue with the mask. The mask has been known to not provide as tight a seal as other masks. A deeper look shows that the mask often displays more problems with this issue around the nose.

Reverse engineering these aspects, it is not hard to see that when the top strap does not sit tight on the wearer’s head, the corresponding part of the mask is prone to leaning forward a bit.


Thankfully, the mask has a few other issues with it and provides a number of conveniences that make it an ideal choice for wearers who are looking for a no-hassle design. First, a single lever and the bottom easily change the mask’s settings, which are unfortunately few.

This allows quick switching while in the middle of a workout. The mask is also more easily disassembled than others which makes cleaning it a breeze.

  • Easy to change the resistance settings
  • One of the most durable masks we reviewed
  • Relatively easy to take apart and clean
  • Only comes in a single size
  • Do not keep as tight a seal as others
  • Only offers four levels of resistance


3. WHPH – Premium Mask Fits Almost Any Sports Activity Which You May Like

WHPH Little is known about the WHPH brand, though this is in a large part due to its relatively recent appearance. Unlike some of the other brands on our list, WHPH has not been manufacturing masks for that long. Another difference is that the WHPH brand only makes a single product: this mask.

With what might otherwise be seen as a flaw, WHPH has turned its slightly humble origins into a strength. For one, without other products to compete with for their research and development, WHPH is free to focus exclusively on manufacturing the best product they can.

Since they waited a bit longer to get in the market, WHPH was able to identify areas in which they might separate themselves from the competition and provide one or two features that are different or superior to other masks on the market.


In this regard, WHPH recognized a general standard in the maximum resistance setting for most masks on the market and sought to provide a more challenging setting for those who may have otherwise reached their peak.

This is the only mask we reviewed and potentially the only mask on the market with a maximum resistance equivalent to 20,000 feet altitude. This is 2,000 feet higher than its next closest competitor.


Unfortunately, WHPH is not going to be for everyone. This is predominantly because the sleeve comes in only a single size. To make matters worse, the size features one of the largest minimum weight categories we have seen.

At 145 pounds as a minimum weight category, the WHPH is ultimately too large for many women to wear. In addition, because the strap is made out of nylon, it will not be quite as water resistant as other products.

  • Easy to change the resistance settings
  • 8 different settings
  • Has the highest maximum resistance setting
  • The strap is not as water resistant as others
  • Only comes in a single size
  • Do not fit smaller people


4. SPARTHOS – for Gym, Cardio, Fitness, Running, Endurance, and HIIT Training

SPARTHOS SPARTHOS is a brand that focuses primarily on the rehabilitation process for both athletes and general exercise enthusiasts alike. While they do not manufacture a wide range of products, these products are almost exclusively geared toward the rehab market.

In fact, the SPARTHOS workout mask is the only product that breaks from this trend though, you could conceivably use this product as a way to increase the lung capacity of an individual who suffered from a diminishment of such. So, it makes sense that the SPARTHOS workout mask would provide the maximum number of potential resistance settings.

By offering a wider range of settings, the SPARTHOS workout mask is better suited for those people looking to rehabilitate their diaphragm strength. This is because the path to rehabilitation is made from a series of small steps, not large leaps. Whereas people with stronger breathing can afford to skip resistance stages by 4,000 feet or more, those recovering might need to increase their resistance by 2,000 or so.


To accommodate this subset, the SPARTHOS workout mask features sixteen different resistance settings that begin at 2,000 feet of elevation and gradually increase to 16,000 feet of elevation.

The mask is also easy to operate using the dual lever system that is commonly found on training masks with eight or more levels of resistance. Combine this with a strap that is noted for keeping a tight fit even during high-intensity workouts, and the SPARTHOS seems ideal.


Except, the strap is not perfect. It does not truly come in a size designed for smaller people. Still, the biggest question mark about SPARTHOS is its materials. The brand does not disclose the materials used for the workout mask, which may leave consumers with fabric or latex allergies looking elsewhere just to be on the safe side.

  • Features 16 different settings
  • Fit stays tight even with sweat
  • Easy to change the resistance settings
  • Materials are not disclosed
  • Does not come in a true small size
  • Regularly is not in stock


5. Perpetual Air – Multi-Level Resistance Flux Valve Technology Makes Warrior Face Mask Ideal for All Types of Athletes

Perpetual Air Unlike the other brands on our list, Perpetual Air does not specialize in training masks or workout equipment at all. In fact, the company seems to be more focused on manufacturing whatever product happens to be trending now.

While this definitively serves the company in providing the most desired products to their consumers, it means that there is less stress on making sure that each product is of the best quality.


This is not to suggest that the Perpetual Air is a poor mask, but it definitely does not compete at the same level as the other masks we reviewed. In fact, the one area where Perpetual Air is superior to the other options we looked at is price.

This is the least expensive mask on our list. There are a few glaring issues with this mask, so if you are looking to get a decent mask at a lower cost, this is definitely a product to check out.


That being said, this mask has one major problem: the sleeve. Usually, the sleeve is the one area of a mask you expect to be automatic. Considering the difficult elements of engineering a mask lie in the filter, the sleeve is seen more as an afterthought.

Actually, Perpetual Air let that thought linger a little too long since the mask is not ideally suited to stay on when it gets wet. This is likely due to the strap material, which brings us to its next problem. The strap is made out of a polyester and spandex blend.

While the first part of that equation is exceedingly common and generally not an issue, the spandex is not so benign. Keep in mind, that the material itself is not allergenic, but the chemicals used when making spandex are known to cause an allergic reaction in some people.

  • Easy to change resistance settings
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Mask is made of medical grade silicone
  • The top head strap does not fit tightly and the mask itself can slip off when sweaty
  • Offers only four different settings
  • The spandex in the strap can cause allergic reactions


Buyer’s Guide on the Best Training Mask

Buyer’s Guide on the Best Training Mask

A mask is a device used in the course of workouts to restrict air intake to increase the workload your body must do. The mask is placed over the nose and mouth where filters limit the amount and regularity of airflow. The mask itself is held in place with a strap that goes behind your head and occasionally uses a secondary strap to go over the top of your head for additional stability.

Training masks will generally make use of a two-way filtration system. First, the mask will use multiple valve caps, each with different sized openings to provide resistance to your airflow. Second, these caps are reinforced with flux valves which are the components actually responsible for restricting airflow.

How does a Training Mask work?

In the course of restricting air flow intake, the mask force your lungs to pull harder to get the same amount of air that is used during normal workout circumstances. While the effects are not the same as high altitude training, low altitude air restriction does still provide an observable effect.

Primarily, the mask engages in RMT, and respiratory muscle training. This is where the resistance of the mask forces the diaphragm and intercostal muscles to exert themselves more to pull air through the filter. Like working out with weights or other strength training exercises, a mask will ultimately increase the strength of your diaphragm and intercostal muscles.

When engaging in your activity of choice without the mask, you will notice that it is easier to breathe and you can take larger, quicker breaths due to the diaphragm and intercostals being stronger. While the blood concentration remains unchanged providing no metabolic advantage, you will notice an increase in your endurance due to the breathing muscles adapting to higher resistance.

Elevation Training Mask

Another benefit of the mask is that it helps retrain you on how to breathe properly. This may seem like an odd concept considering you have gotten this far in life breathing without any training. Like with most physical activity, breathing has a proper “form” it should take for optimal results. Of course, without specialized training, there is no environmental impetus that inherently trains us to breathe properly.

This lack of training shows itself most prominently when our bodies are placed under stress like during peak physical activity. In this case, we fall to the default breathing rhythm where we take shorter, shallower breaths. This improper form reduces the amount of time our lungs can absorb oxygen and perspire carbon dioxide, decreasing the oxygen concentration in our blood throughout our body.

Instead, when using a mask, you must inherently take slower, deeper breaths because of the filters’ resistance. Likewise, the decreased rate of inhalation also encourages you to breathe in through your nose, rather than your mouth. Assuming you have no issues with your septum or other points of sinus breathing pathways, this is actually the ideal form for breathing while engaging in strenuous physical activity.

What is a Training Mask For?

What is a Training Mask For

It is important to understand that the benefits of a mask are not designed for every type of strenuous physical activity. Just because you end up sweaty and out of breath at the end of the workout does not necessarily mean that a mask will improve your performance in the future.

Besides, using a mask in the wrong situation can actually have negative consequences. Masks are designed to be used with endurance. This means that you are engaging in a low exertion activity for an extended period of time. Running, biking and other cardio workouts fit into this category. With these workouts, your oxygen requirements increase at a regular, consistent rate throughout the workout.

In this way, the mask can also provide a consistent, regular resistance to your breathing. Besides, strength training and other types of workouts that rely on bursts of high resistance activity follow this model. These types of workouts see your needs for oxygen levels fluctuate from great to less with each burst.

Because these bursts require more oxygen than normal, the mask could potentially leave you in a position where you do not have enough oxygen to competently perform the task. As such, you are at a greater risk of getting light headed or even passing out when wearing a mask while strength training. Due to the potential involvement of weight and other pieces of equipment, this can actually be dangerous and is not advised.

What a Mask does not do?

What a Mask does not do

A training mask does not actually simulate the experience and effects of training at higher altitudes. When you train at a higher altitude, you do simply not have to work harder to breathe though that is one of the results. Training at a higher altitude forces your body to adapt at the metabolic and molecular level. This is because air at higher altitudes is less dense and has a lower oxygen content.

But, this does not mean that you are breathing in less air or that it is more difficult to take a breath, like when breathing against isometric resistance. Instead, you breathe just as much air as you otherwise would; it simply is not as rich in oxygen. At higher altitudes, this forces your body to respond in a couple of ways.

For one, your body often develop higher concentrations of red blood cells so that it can better deliver the oxygen it receive. Also, the hemoglobin content of the blood cells will increase, allowing each blood cell to carry more oxygen than it otherwise would. Eventually, this ends up translating to more oxygen-rich blood stream when an athlete who trained at a higher altitude returns to sea level or there thereabouts.

This process is not replicated by masks. Masks neither alter the barometric pressure nor do they change the density and concentration of oxygen in the air that you breathe. When purchasing and using a mask, it is important to understand that you will not receive the metabolic and molecular benefits of training at a higher elevation this is something which has been demonstrated in controlled laboratory studies.

Still, this does not mean that there is no benefit to training with a mask, but be wary of any brand that markets itself as providing the benefits of high altitude training. Either the brand does not understand the science involved which would highlight a lack of expertise or they do and are simply engaging in misleading advertising.


Training Mask

The mask is arguably the most important part of the mask due to the requirements necessary to restrict the flow of oxygen. The primary concerns with the mask relate to how well it fits over your nose and mouth and what material it is made out of. The first helps determine the mask’s effectiveness, while the latter will carry with it durability and allergenic factors.

First, the fit must place the mask over your nose and mouth while providing a quality seal. Because people are not identical, that is why there is a good chance that the mask may not provide a complete seal for all users. This factor is further complicated for men with facial hair. If a mask brand has multiple sizes, it is important to observe what size category your mask fits into to ensure that you get the best seal and thus the best results. The material used for the mask generally covers three types, each with its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

The three most common types of material used with the mask component are silicone, rubber, and latex. Keep in mind, that all of these materials carry with them qualities that can provide an excellent seal, but they can affect different people in a variety of ways. For example, many people are allergic to latex. While this is material is not often used in totality with the mask, it may be added in small concentrations to provide additional durability and flexibility to the mask.

If you have a latex allergy and find the mask causes your face to itch, makes breathing more difficult even when unrested, or leaves long lasting red hives even hours after working out with the mask, you should likely seek an alternative mask. Medical grade silicone is the best mask to use if you have allergies to either latex or rubber.

Of course, while medical grade silicone may provide relief for allergy sufferers, it is not without its faults. Specifically, medical-grade silicone is not as durable as rubber or latex. While it is not suffering from physical distortion or tearing, it is more likely to suffer from damp or otherwise wet conditions over the long term. If your mask is medical-grade silicone, always dry it is as soon as you wash it.


Masks are here to stay, and while they may not provide the same benefits as high altitude training, also they have their merits. Still, available brands seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors in subtle ways. This ultimately provides a basis for one consumer to identify a mask that appeals to them better than the others.

In terms of overall functioning and the broadest appeal, the Mask 2.0 by the eponymous TrainingMask brand is the best on our list. Made with medical grade materials for both the sleeve and mask, this hypoallergenic mask provides a robust challenge without risk some other masks carry.

Of course, if you seek the absolute toughest challenge available, then the relatively new WHPH is liable to be right up your alley. With eight different resistance settings that go all the way to a simulated 20,000 feet of altitude, this mask is also easy to adjust from one difficulty setting to the next.

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