5 Best Wireless Intercom for Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle accessories mean a lot, and very few people are familiar with the motorcycle communication system. Hands free motorcycle helmet intercom systems are an important part of this system. All avid riders who love good trails and a challenge will enjoy the benefits this equipment offers. The main reason is better focus on the track, because you will eliminate all distractions. So you will be safe because you will be able to communicate with the rest of the group all the time and receive a warning message.

This will make your activities much more fun as you can connect with over 10 people at the same time. Another advantage is that you can listen to your favorite music all the time or listen to the navigation if you don’t know the map. If you want to improve your driving experience, you must get the best devices. See below some of our suggestions.

1. Moman H1 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom

With these super quality headphones + you will enjoy your favorite music, as well as all other functions. They are lightweight, portable, easy to use and affordable. The sound quality is excellent and you don’t have to worry about it falling out or causing discomfort during long-term use. They isolate sounds from the environment quite well, but background sounds can also be heard. Superior signal transmission, extremely low energy consumption, support almost all Bluetooth devices. It supports auto answer function, no need to answer the call manually when calling, which is safe and convenient. It supports automatic callback and other functions, simple operation and easy to use.

Some of the other features are call rejection, disconnection, music streaming, etc. The range is great which means you’ll stay in touch with your colleagues at long range. Therefore, this model is an excellent option for serious athletes, because you will feel free and safe all the time. Even while driving at high speeds, you can safely answer the phone or use another function. The battery is very durable, and the device is waterproof and withstands all weather conditions. This means that you can drive even in storms, rain or cold temperatures. Thanks to good design of Moman wireless helmet intercom, it adapts to different helmet models.

2. Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

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Here’s another feature-rich model that’s available at a reasonable price. It is a thinner design. Thanks to such a design, you will not hear wind noise. It also has a connector that gives it extra security to keep it in place at all times. The Sena 10S has an impressive range, but you can connect with less than 5 drivers. Do not give up on this model so quickly, because the stereo sound is very high quality. This is precisely the main reason for the popularity of this model. We have to mention that the Sena 10S is compatible with most non-Sena devices, as there is a universal connector.

In addition to the connector, you can also use apps that will give you access to configuration and settings. If you have a camera, you can pair this device with it and get a great video. Although it is adapted for most helmets, you need to check that you have installed the device correctly. The self-adhesive parts are quite strong so be careful when installing, The battery is separate and is placed on the back of the helmet. And it can be removed for reloading purposes.

3. Cardo Packtalk Slim JBL Bluetooth Intercom

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Wireless helmet microphone contains dual technology and is intended for a large group of drivers. The network is very flexible, and the communication between the drivers is flawless. For example, the sound quality will not change even after certain members leave the ride or new ones join. Intercom connections with other manufacturers are also enabled. You don’t have to worry about going out of range, as automatic transfer will be engaged. In addition, you can take advantage of speed dial, closed chat, shortcuts and many other features.

4. Lexin G16 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Multi-Rider

If you have a smaller budget or simply don’t want to spend too much money on this device, then the Lexin G16 is the right choice for you. Using them, you can communicate with up to 16 drivers within a 2km range. The main reason is Bluetooth 5.0, which is quite fast and provides a greater range. You will easily connect with other brands and share music with them. Streaming is great, and you also get a built-in FM radio. The device has HD speakers, which enables crystal clear sound, as well as reduced noise. It is resistant to water and dust, and with it you also get an LED light. It is very useful during night driving, but it consumes a lot of battery.

5. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth TCOMVB Communication System

It is another device with an affordable price. However, rest assured that it will meet all your needs if you are driving with a small group of drivers. In this case, you will have access to all functions and an excellent range. You will also enjoy advanced software with excellent sound quality. The stereo FM radio function is clear even during fast driving. We have to mention that there is a minor problem with this model and it is related to the connection with other brands. You will probably have minor connection problems.


If you love motorcycles, you love freedom and adventure. However, you will only have a good time if you are completely safe. So make sure you get all the gear you need to get the most out of your favorite activity. Although it is not easy to decide on the right motorbike wireless intercom for motorcycle helmets system because you have a large number of options, consider their features and choose the model that best suits your needs. Do not forget to pay attention to important items such as battery life, noise, charging time, range, etc. Tastes vary – what works for everyone doesn’t mean it will work for you. Let your ears decide what they want.