Who is favored to win the MLB World Series 2023

If we take a look at the predictions at the beginning of the season, the placement of the teams would not be that different from how it now looks. Of course, there were some pleasant and unpleasant surprises, which brings us to the main topic of today, which is who will go all the way.

Check the odds

One of the most common questions is whether odds provide the best picture regarding some sporting event, and this is a legitimate question as most people instantly think how some team will certainly become champions just because of the odds they saw somewhere. Now, the odds will surely tell quite a story of what we, as MLB enthusiasts, can expect, but the main thing that makes sports so popular and widespread is exactly the uncertainty of the final outcome and what will happen next, regardless of whether we are talking about football, basketball, hockey, or quidditch.

Underdogs beating the favorites is nothing new, and people often use the expression David versus Goliath for such games, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to the sport because, as we all know, the much inferior David has actually defeated Goliath. Now, it all means that there is no proven way to determine the winner of any competition, especially such a competition that lasts for up to six months like MLB. There are just too many things that can happen over which teams and players have no control, but that can have a tremendous effect on the overall standings and playoff position.

So, before making any assumptions, and especially if you plan to place a bet on who will go all the way, make sure to do a bit of research, gather as much information as possible, and then find a reliable bookmaker with the best odd. That’s the best way to make large sums from betting on baseball, and all the info you might need regarding MLB you can find at https://flashpicks.com/mlb/picks.

Now, when we have settled on what to do before making any decision and before placing any bet, let’s focus on the top five contenders to win the world series, according to bookmakers.

Atlanta Braves

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Let’s start from the fifth favorite to win it all, according to most bookmakers, as they have a pretty impressive season so far. Namely, the reigning champions’ record this season is 59/41, with just the Mets and Dodgers having a better score in the National League and the fifth overall record, which rightfully places them in the firm fifth position to win the world series. Their home record is even more impressive, but unlike what their fans would expect until this point, they are still behind the Mets in their division. Of course, this might not mean anything when the big stage games start, as this is one of the most experienced rosters in the entire league, so they are well aware of the pressure and how to deal with it, unlike some other teams that we will mention. Overall, the odds for them winning the world series vary from +750 to +900, which is something that you, as the MLB fan, should definitely be aware of by now.

New York Mets

Source: sportsbookwire.usatoday.com

As already mentioned, the only team with a better score in the NL East is the Mets, but when we take a look at the entire league, their score still places them only as the fourth favorite to win. Now, don’t think how this is something surprising, especially if we go back to the beginning of the season. Namely, the Mets weren’t considered favorites to win the World Series, far from it, but their effort on the field and one of their best records surely make people believe that they are ready and prepared to go all the way. We have already mentioned that their home record is pretty exceptional, as it’s currently 31-17, which says a lot about what teams coming to New York can expect. The odds also favor the Mets as, depending on the bookmaker, it revolves around +700.

Houston Astros

Source: mlb.com

Okay, we cannot talk about this team and not talk about their impressive away record, the best in the league. It all started five years ago for the Astros, as they have been to the World Series on three occasions since then. Of course, they have won it only once, but this year might be the one that changes this team’s history, as they really seem ready to go all the way. Everything the team has to say, they do it in the field, and if their two main men keep playing this way, everything is possible, and the +500 odd is more than fair.

Los Angeles Dodgers

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If there was one team that we could say was the favorite from the very beginning, it’s the Dodgers, and the odds are there to prove this, as even at the beginning of the season were around +400. The thing that separates them from the rest of the pack is that they are surely in the no. 1 position in the NL West, and their much-talked-about home record resembles that as it’s the highest in the NL. Besides that, their on-the-road record is also something to keep an eye on, as it’s second best in the entire league, which surely grants pretty interesting and exciting playoffs.

New York Yankees

Just one win separates the Yankees and Dodgers, but it’s still enough for bookmakers to pick the first ones as the favorite to win it all. They have one of the best starts in the season and remain that form throughout the season, being the first team crossing that 60-win mark. Their current record is 66-33, which is quite impressive, but their home record is what truly amazes, as it’s 37-12. Another thing that makes the bookmakers favorite is their run differential, as most of the games they won were won by some margin, which is why even though they were not looked upon as a team that could go all the way at the beginning of the season, they are in the pole place to actually do so, with the odd of +375.