Commonwealth Games of 2023 – What to Expect

The Commonwealth games of 2023 are almost upon us. Come July 28th the commonwealth games will go into full swing, but what exactly are the Commonwealth games and what should you expect from this season’s games!

What is the Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth of nations or in short and more popularly known as Commonwealth is a group of former British dependencies and independent nations that have chosen to remain on friendly ties and practical cooperation with the British Monarch.

What Are The Commonwealth Games?


Taking place every four years in Glasgow, the Commonwealth Games bring together the best athletes from all around the Commonwealth of Nations. The inaugural tournament was held in 1930, and since then it has been conducted every four years. The Commonwealth Games is the first international multi-sport event to accept athletes with disabilities as full members of their country teams.

Also, it is the initial multi-sport event in the world to have an equal number of medal events for men and women, it was recently launched at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

It’s for this reason that the World Economic Forum referred to it as inspirational and important.

What Sports Are Taking Place At The Commonwealth Games Of 2023


This year’s commonwealth will introduce 3×3 basketball and also include wheelchair basketball for the very first time, yet it’s still not known whether the top new UK betting sites, such as, will offer punters a chance to wager on the new games. The usual sports include Athletics, para-athletics, aquatics, badminton, beach volleyball, boxing, Cricket T20, various cycling events, gymnastics, hockey, Judo, Netball, Powerlifting and Para powerlifting, Rugby sevens, Squash, Table Tennis and Para table tennis, Wrestling and finally the triathlon and para-triathlon.

Where It’s Taking Place

The athletics stadium in Perry Barr will be hosting the athletics events. Perry barr is a suburb a couple and a half miles just North of Birmingham city centre and has recently gone through an extensive refurbishment. Events will be taking place across the West Midlands. These include the new art centre in Sandwell, the NEC, Sutton Park and Edgbaston.

There were many heated debates to host the games in Liverpool but after some consideration, it ultimately came down to Birmingham due to the many newly redeveloped areas in the city which had much of the 1960s architecture rebuilt.

Who Will Be Competing

The commonwealth games will be hosting 72 commonwealth countries and 76 when you separate the home nations England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All to meet and compete at Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Key Takeaways Of The Commonwealth Games


The commonwealth games have taken place every 4 years since first being held in 1930.

The only exception was during World War 2 when it failed to take place in 1942 and 1946 which makes this year’s games the official 22nd Commonwealth games to be held.

The First Ever Carbon Neutral Games

That’s right, the 2023 commonwealth games are offering free public transport to help reduce the carbon footprint of such events. It’s also going to be a zero waste tournament, meaning that no waste will be sent to a landfill.

To balance out the damage these games, unfortunately, produce, the association together with Severn Trent Water are to plant 2023 acres of forest and an additional 72 mini forests!

Women Take The Medals

For the first time ever in global sports history, this year’s games will host more women’s events than men’s with 136 medals to win for women and 134 for men. Women have clearly upped the hunger for more medals!

Marathon Goes The Historic Route

This year’s marathon is 26 miles long and will be taking place across Birmingham’s iconic history. Just like the history of rugby in Poland the marathon tour is full of pleasant Birmingham surprises.

It’s The Most Expensive Games For The UK

The British government are forking out an astonishing £594 million while Birmingham City Council covers a further £184 million. Together this makes up a total of £778 million for these games to be held, making the commonwealth games the most expensive event hosted in the UK since the 2012 Olympics that were hosted in London.

Why do Commonwealth games matter?


Commonwealth games are the most significant sports event in the world. You might already know the excitement that occurs whenever the Commonwealth games arrive.

People are always curious to watch these games as they are pretty interesting. But what makes the Commonwealth so unique? Well, there are many reasons behind the same. Here are some points that might help you understand the same-

• Commitment to democracy: The world has many countries and nations. It is crucial to maintain peace among all the countries. Commonwealth games are a way to celebrate the commitment to democracy. Sports players from different parts of the world come and participate. In this way, every nation and country is given the same and equal importance.

Only the players who perform better than others win. So, there is no bias in these games, which is necessary to maintain peace among different nations.

The players from every country show their skills and talent on behalf of their nation. Even the smallest countries are allowed to participate in this big event. Patriotism is another thing that people seek to achieve, and the Commonwealth games provide an opportunity for citizens to display their enthusiasm for winning. That is why these players practice for years and years to become better and enter the Commonwealth games.

Only a few nations concentrate on world peace. However, this event is famous globally.

Here sports people can achieve something they have always wished for.

• A significant event for para-athletes: Para-athletes don’t get many opportunities.

Commonwealth games provide them exposure. That is why it will matter in the future as well. They can show their talent to the world and also spread the message that there is nothing they can’t do. Therefore, the Commonwealth games are essential to keep the world aware of para-athletes who were not given much attention earlier.

Now, para-athletes are present in almost every sport. They also compete and make an excellent impression on other people. It is only possible because of this event and the media. So, the media should cover the same to show other people not to think about someone as weak. Instead, they are doing pretty well in sports.

• Inspiring event: Do you know why people call the Commonwealth games an inspiring event? The main objective of the Commonwealth games is to inspire people toward sports.

As you know, sports play a significant part in your lives; some events should be there that people can admire and learn from players. The number of players that participate in the

Commonwealth games is numerous. They all are treated equally in the event and no discrimination takes place. There is not any other sports event that inspires people such as the Commonwealth games.


Although the commonwealth games have a range of sports to enjoy it will skip out on the UK’s favourite sport…Football. That means that we will not be seeing any Nike soccer balls in the 2023 commonwealth.

Commonwealth games are famous for numerous reasons. It has provided everything why this event still matters to many people. We hope now you have understood most of the things about the difference.