Minnesota Vikings: A look at U.S. Bank Stadium

Football season is almost here and fans everywhere are excited for the NFL to take over our Sunday’s. The Minnesota Vikings are itching for the start of the season. With their star running back Adrian Peterson eligible to play, the Vikings are eager to get on the field. Not only are the Vikings a new team, with fans finally getting to see a Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson duo, their new stadium is also underway and ready to go in 2016.

This past Saturday the Vikings defeated the Cowboys 28-14 at AT&T Stadium. After the victory, the Vikings executive vice president of public relations Lester Bagley said that, “This is the most incredible stadium in the world, until the Vikings stadium.” At first glance, the unique shape of the stadium leaves fans breathless. In addition to the shape, sixty percent of the stadium will be covered in ETFE. ETFE is a type of plastic that lets in light like glass would, creating a one of a kind stadium. Lets take a closer look at what else U.S. Bank Stadium will have to offer.

Engineers working on the stadium have stated that it is more acoustically reflective than the Metrodome. The loudness of a stadium is a huge part of the game. At the Metrodome Jared Allen always had a way to get fans on their feet and screaming at the top of their lungs. The Vikings may not have Jared Allen anymore, but the new stadium can seat up to 72,000. With over 8,000 more fans at U.S. Bank, Vikings will not have to worry about a loud crowd.

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The new stadium will have to accommodate for the thousands of more fans attending the games. U.S. Bank Stadium will have over 1,900 more parking places than the Metrodome had. More on site parking makes it more convenient for fans so they don’t have to park all over Minneapolis. The new stadium will also include eight more elevators, 34 more escalators and an interior pedestrian ramp that the Metrodome did not have. The new stadium will allow fans to travel from one destination quicker and easier creating an all around better game experience.

We live in a world surrounded by technology and the Vikings new stadium will have numerous tech upgrades. The Metrodome only provided 280 TVs, but now there will be 800 hi-definition TVs. Not only will more TVs make the fans experience more exciting U.S. Bank Stadium will have wireless Internet that was not provided at the Metrodome. Wireless Internet will create a much more interactive social media experience that is more engaging for fans both inside and outside the stadium

Vikings fans will have a unique experience over the next two seasons. This season the Vikings will experience all the Minnesota elements with outdoor football at TCF Bank stadium, home of the Minnesota Gophers. Next season a sensational new stadium awaits. A two-year juxtaposition few fans will be able to say they experienced.

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