Michigan State Football: Receiving Corps will Surprise People

The Michigan State football program has had some great receivers such as B.J. Cunningham, Andre Rison, Charles Rogers, and Plaxico Burress. The team will lose two more good receivers in Aaron Burbridge and Macgarrett Kings. Burbridge and Kings were the two leading receivers for the Spartans last season and it will be tough to replace that kind of production, but the team has the players to do it.

Guys like R.J. Shelton, Josiah Price, Donnie Corley, and Felton Davis will help this group rebound from the losses of Kings and Burbridge. Shelton had 43 receptions, 503 yards, and four touchdowns last season. Price had 23 receptions, 267 yards, and six touchdowns last season. Davis was a true freshman last season and ended the season with just two catches for 50 yards, but he got valuable game experience. Donnie Corley will play as a true freshman this season and he should be the Spartans’ deep threat as he has blistering speed, good hands, and good height.

The receiving group for MSU will shock people this season. It might take them a little bit of time to get adjusted to a new starting quarterback, but they will play a big role for the Spartans this season. The group is pretty young, but has some veteran leaders that can help the young guys get adjusted. It’s easy to forget about the returning players when the team is bringing in so much young talent, but the Spartans have some great veteran receivers.

A lot of talk has been about Corley and for good reason, but the Spartans have some guys that are flying under the radar at receiver. Shelton is a senior this season and he made some huge plays for MSU last season. Think back to the huge catch at Rutgers that in hindsight probably won them that game. Without that catch the Spartans are probably punting the football and would’ve most likely lost the game. Price is also another guy that doesn’t get talked about a lot, because he is a tight end. He is a big target for the Spartans and he has made some huge catches in his career. He has the most touchdown catches in Spartan history for tight ends and he should have a big senior year.

One receiver flying way under the radar is Monty Madaris. He has had some trouble with injuries in his career and that is why he hasn’t really seen much playing time. He is heading into his senior season and he should see some playing time. The coaches like Madaris and believe that he can help the receiving corps out this season. Madaris finished last season with two catches for 47 yards. Staying healthy is the key for Madaris, because if he is healthy, then he can show everyone what he is capable of.

The Spartans will need the receivers to step up this season as the team will break in a new quarterback. As of right now it seems that Tyler O’Connor is the starter and he should have pretty good chemistry with most of the receivers, because he has been around for awhile. The Spartans are very deep at receiver and have a great mix of youth and veterans at the position. The depth and mix of players should help the group find success this season.

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