5 Stadiums Every Baseball Fan Should Visit At Least Once In His Life

There is something special about watching a match live in an actual stadium. The cheering of the crowd, the announcements, the live-action, and catching all the action in front of your eyes is a great feeling.

So irrespective of the sport that you love, if you are an ardent fan, it is a must that you watch a game in a stadium. So if you are a baseball fan, you can book your tickets for the next happening match at boxofficeticketsales.com.

Some Of The Best Baseball Stadiums Of The World That You Should Not Miss

1. The Dodgers Stadium

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The Dodger’s stadium is a baseball fans’ paradise. The scenic beauty around the ground is breathtaking. In the backdrop, you can see the beautiful Chavez Ravine. The stadium is huge and has a seating capacity of around fifty six thousand people. The stadium is quite old and began in the 1960s.

The stadium has seen many rounds of renovation, and so it is the third oldest ground that is still in use. The stadium in Los Angeles offers several features that make it a state-of-the-art facility. For instance, there are seats at the dugout level that are screened.

Apart from the wavy roofs covering the outfield pavilion and the top of the 10-story elevator are major attractions for visitors.

The stadium is huge, but that does not mean that you will not be able to get a good view if you do not have a premium seat. The seats are arranged in stacked concourses, which means that most of the spectators will not miss out on much of the action that happens on the field.

A feature of a great baseball ground is the quality of the grass. The Dodgers stadium, located in Los Angeles, has lush green grass for almost all seasons.

2. The Wrigley Field

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This baseball stadium in Chicago is well known for its traditional charm. It is an old stadium that was built in 1914. It has hosted several major league baseball tournaments ever since it was built.

The ivy-covered outfield wall of this stadium is quite famous. The ivy leaves follow a growth pattern where only the vines are visible at the beginning of the playing season. However, once the baseball season progresses forward, the ivy leaves grow thicker vines and start sprouting leaves.

They still use a hand-turned scoreboard which retains much of the old-world charm. The Wrigley Field stadium got its “historic landmark “status in 2020 after a long wait of around seven years.

The seating capacity at present stands at forty one thousand. It is located in a residential area, and hence there are no specific parking lots for people who come to watch a game.

Although the Wrigley Field retains much of its old-world charm, it has been renovated, and today it has great features. The restroom, the clubhouse, and the suites are all installed with modern infrastructure.

The outfield wall of the ground is covered by a long fence. The fence acts as a protective measure to protect against the fans falling into the playing area.

3. The PNC Park

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PNC Park is a relatively new stadium that opened in the year 2001 on the northern shores of Pittsburg. It has a capacity of thirty eight thousand people. The ballpark is almost perfect. A spectator can get a view of downtown Pittsburgh and the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

It is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and it has unique features in the basic structure of the stadium. For instance, it uses limestone in the facade, steel truss work, etc. The park also pays tributes to legends of the game, like Roberto Clemente.

The PNC Park has hosted several Major League Baseball games and also college level games between teams like the Pitt Panthers and Duquesne Dukes.

4. The Fenway Park

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Fenway park is another old baseball stadium that was opened in 1912. This stadium in Boston has a seating capacity of thirty seven thousand people. It is one of the smallest baseball grounds in terms of the number of spectators that it can accommodate. Ever since the stadium was opened, it has been home to the Boston Red Sox.

This stadium has several unique features, given its old structure and its location in a space-scrunched high, population-density area of Boston. Some of its unique features are the “pesky pole” and the “the triangle”. The “pesky pole” at around three hundred feet is the shortest outfield distance at a major baseball event.

5. The Oriole Park In Baltimore

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This park, with a seating capacity of forty five thousand people, was built in 1992. Apart from this, the stadium has about seventy two luxury suites, and of the forty five thousand odd seats, about four thousand are club seats.

Many other parks since then have tried to imitate the design of Oriole Park, but they have not been able to match up.

It is the home field for the Baltimore Orioles. Some seats on the ground give a good view of the Baltimore skyline, and some of the seats offer a view of the B and O warehouse.

The Oriole Park in Baltimore has been named the third-best ballpark in the United States by the leading travel agency Trip Advisor. They have also been recognized by the Institute Of Architects for the excellent design of the stadium.


The stadium and its ambiance have a huge role to play in the enjoyment of a game. The architectural features of a stadium, the landscape of the ground, and the history of a particular park make it worth visiting. There are several types of baseball grounds.

Some stadiums, like Fenway park, have a traditional charm and reflect what can be called the retro-traditional look. At the same time, there are other stadiums that bank on the latest infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities to allure the spectators. So if you are a baseball fan, the above-mentioned stadiums are absolutely worth visiting once.