Sports: How To Enjoy And Boost Performance Without Sport Anxiety?

Every person wants to be healthy, have a strong and beautiful body and like themselves, but not everyone is doing something to achieve this goal. Some people try to start exercising in the gym, but soon give up this activity. Let’s try to find out why even people with a strong desire to practise sports do not always succeed in it?

The first and most common reason why fitness does not stay in your life for a long time is a simple ignorance of how to approach it and to add healthy nutrition. Most often, something as follows happens: a person is motivated by a certain factor (for example, a photo of people with a sporty body or an advertisement for a new gym), he feels an enormous passion for training and a desire to achieve results as soon as possible.

Further, the newly-minted athlete begins to train too intensively and often (perhaps even on inappropriate fitness equipment), excessively restricts nutrition. And at this stage, an exhaustion of an unprepared organism occurs, an aversion to sports in general may appear. Moreover, there is a high risk of gaining a couple of kilograms, due to this stressful experience.

  • The first way to start doing sports with joy is to find something to your liking. Sport is not only running, exercise equipment, boxing, etc. This includes dancing, swimming, yoga, and pilates. In general, there are plenty of activities to choose from. And it is not at all necessary to put an “equal” sign between sports and self-torture. It certainly didn’t do anyone any good.
  • The second advice is to choose the right coach. It’s like with the first teacher – it depends on him how much the child will love the school. If the coach is too strict, unemotional, tough, then the classes will be a punishment, and the result will be a bad grade in the life diary. To a good trainer it will be very useful to add a convenient place for training. A person always feels more comfortable when he is surrounded by comfort and beauty. If your favourite gym or swimming pool is not very close to home, this is not a problem – you can take a walk or rent a car. It is also like self-rewarding for a good workout – you may rent a fast car and get home in comfort and quiet (moreover, car rental is now very simple and convenient). It is comparable to work and vacation. If you are interested in non-petrol and green cars, then it is highly recommended to rent a Tesla here
  • Nice music. It is always better to train while your favourite music is playing. With rhythmic music every kind of sport became easier and enjoyable. You may use the music app you prefer. Just turn on your favourite track and enjoy your fitness activity.
  • Method number three is to go to a trial lesson first if you have chosen classes in a group, it is better. Of course, it is impossible to notice everything at once, but the first impression will be made and they say it’s the most correct. Comfort in the group is very important to enjoy the sport!
  • Buing not only beautiful, but high quality clothes for classes is also very important, as well as comfortable sneakers. Sometimes, after several months of regular training, instead of a toned body, people find themselves with stretch marks and sagging skin. This is the result of improperly selected clothing and sports underwear. The fact is that during sports, mainly muscles are trained. Adipose tissue and glands are usually left without proper attention.
  • Another useful advice is as follows: when training has begun, you do not need to demand much from yourself. It has been proven that if you overdo it in the first lesson, then you will curse the sport completely. The load should increase gradually. Even the ugly duckling took a whole summer to turn into a beautiful swan!
  • Don’t forget to reward yourself for every accomplishment. Learned to pump the press, and not wallow like a sausage? Well done! Reason to go for a massage. At the same time, give rest to the pumped muscles – they will hurt less.
  • Method eight – bring your friends! Fill your friendly space. Achieving your goals together is much more fun. After all, sport is not only about losing weight or building muscle. This is an opportunity to feel better. One possibility is that you could play together with your friends, colleagues or mates. There are a number of team plays like football, volleyball or tennis. Try to make team playing as a weekly tradition. Is it hard to bring all your friends together? No problem! Just take your sweetheart or best friend and go to play squash. Kind reminder, dancing is also a sport and it is very exciting. Moreover there are so many dance styles.
  • Try to join various communities of healthy lifestyle lovers. In your city or on the Internet, it doesn’t matter. Getting into such a space and feeling like a part of it, you will receive moral satisfaction from communicating with like-minded people, from the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.
  • Have enough rest after the training and do not force yourself. This piece of advice is close to rewarding yourself. But actually it means that if sometimes you are too tired for some reason and have no energy to do sports, please do not beat yourself up. You are still good, just have some walk or even take a nap. Tomorrow will be another day and you will certainly feel better.
  • And last, but not least is to love yourself and be careful and gentle. The way you are. And what will you become. And you will definitely only get better after regular classes.

These simple ways may help you to cheer up, find new friends, build weight and just love sports! Just try at least a few of them and you will enjoy the process itself, and not chasing cubes on your press. Remember, iif sport turns into pleasure, then the results will not go anywhere. Wish you to have strong health and to experience only positive emotions from sports activities.