How to Burn More Calories While You Work from Home

Are you finding that a sedentary lifestyle is not treating your physique well? Over the past couple of years, working from home has become commonplace, and for a lot of people, it’s here to stay. The key to staying in great shape while working from home is to optimize your office space.

Nowadays, there are a ton of options available to get you burning more calories while you work. Additionally, you want to avoid allowing your posture to suffer. Do you hunch over while you work on your computer? This is a big no-no.

In this article, you’ll not only pick up tips to help you burn more calories while you work, but you’ll also learn how to keep your posture in pristine shape.

Get Acquainted With Office Workout Equipment


Firstly, you’ll want to get acquainted with what’s available to you. The main categories for office workout equipment are standing desk equipment and under-desk workout equipment. Both categories will help you to burn more calories without sacrificing focus on your work.

Standing desks are nothing new, and you can easily convert your current desk into a standing desk by investing in a standing desk converter. To use the converter, simply choose one that will accommodate your office equipment and fit on top of your current desk.

The advantage here is that you’re able to use your current desk as a standing desk or lower/remove the converter to use your desk as you would normally. Once you place the converter on your desk, you’ll instantly improve your posture by standing and viewing your computer at eye level. Plus, you’ll be ready to choose an under-desk treadmill.

When choosing an under-desk treadmill, be sure there’s enough clearance below your desk and that the treadmill suits your fitness goals. Click here for a complete list of under-desk treadmills that are suitable for use with a standing desk.

After you pair an under-desk treadmill with your standing desk setup, you’ll start to be able to burn calories while you work without losing your focus on your work. For people who typically sit at their desks at all day, this combination is a true lifesaver.

Under-Desk Exercise Equipment


If you prefer to remain seated while you work rather than relying on a standing desk, then it’s time to get to know your available options. Currently, there are mini under-desk cycles, ellipticals, and pedal exercisers.

When choosing between the models, you’ll want to consider the price, size of the unit, required clearance to avoid banging your knees, and whether the machine offers a companion app. For fans of fitness tracking, there’s under-desk workout equipment that features apps to track your calories and/or onboard tracking.

Comparatively, under-desk workout equipment makes it even easier to remain focused on your work than using a standing desk converter with an under-desk treadmill. Additionally, you might find that creating separate working stations with a mixture of standing desk and under-desk workout equipment is your best option if you have enough room for it.

Optimize Your Workspace



Once you have an idea of what office workout equipment will suit your home office space the best, it’s time to optimize your workspace. This means, you’ll want to clear out anything that’s serving as clutter to make fresh room for your new equipment.

Additionally, you’ll want to position your existing home office equipment in a way that will make it easy to use your new workout equipment.

One tip you’ll want to consider is to invest in a non-skid mat if you decide that an under-desk elliptical or pedal exerciser is best for you. A mat will protect your floor and ensure that your new under-desk workout machine doesn’t slide around while you use it.

Set Fitness Goals


After you’ve received your workout equipment and optimized your workspace, then it’s time to set your fitness goals. Setting fitness goals gives you a clear path to burning more calories each day and a way to track your progress.

To make your goals come to life, write them down and post them in a spot that you must look at each day when you begin work. Taking this step, turns your goals into concrete goals and seeing your goals physically written down will serve as a daily motivator.

Plus, you’ll want to ensure that your new workout equipment is adjusted to accurately track your fitness stats, including calories burned. This way, you know for sure how many calories you burn each day to stay on track with your fitness goals.

If you find it hard to get started, then set aside just five to ten minutes each day to start. Once you get into a routine of doing these small workouts at the same time each day, you’ll easily be able to work your way up the ladder to doing thirty-minute workouts or longer.

The key is to start small and work your way up rather than trying to hit the finish line on the first day. Because if you push yourself too hard at first, you might find that you’re less motivated to hit your daily fitness goals.


There are plenty of ways to stay mobile and burn more calories while you work from home. Two of the easiest ways are to invest in a standing desk converter and/or invest in a reliable piece of under-desk exercise equipment.

If you already know that you like to use a treadmill, then investing in an under-desk treadmill is a wise move. Under-desk treadmills are built to be quiet, allow you to move at your own pace, and provide enough comfort to keep you walking for miles each day.

Plus, they’re built to help you stay focused on your work while you exercise. In the end, you’ll burn more calories and improve your posture by keeping your work at eye level. All in all, there’s no reason to allow yourself to sit at your desk all day with all of these wonderful options available to you.