Buying Boxing Gloves- Complete Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

Are you a boxer, and finding “how to buy boxing gloves” and you don’t want to waste money on experiments! If yes then you are at the right place. We are here for boxing gloves guide and especially beginners who recently came in boxing. Being a professional boxer we will provide you a comprehensive guide on “what kind of boxing gloves should I buy”, we will try to answers the all questions that you have related to the boxing gloves guide. Boxing gloves are available in multiple colors, sizes, and styles like Hayabusa, Fairtex, and everlast. After reading this buying guide you will be able to select which size, style, and color suitable for you.

First of all, you should know the history of boxing gloves;


As we all know, boxing is one of the biggest supports all over the world. Boxing lovers are playing matches throughout the whole year, Boxing is the most widely practiced martial art in boxing organizations. Fighter’s practiced boxing worldwide. In the old era, when there is no information and awareness to play games people like to play without gears.

So, in ancient Greece fighters’ were wrapped in rawhide, boxing gloves style you would know today was introduced in the 18th century in England so you can say that England is a country that allows fighting with hands without fear of injury. England gives popularity and recognition to the boxing sport gloves and use it for training. It was not the late 18th century when boxers feel the need of how to make boxing gloves.

Queensbury Rules established in 1867 are the sport boxing rules. The basis sport boxing rules is the same today. Queensbury rules promoted boxing’s first steps into being the worldwide accepted sport nowadays, but there are not multiple boxing gloves designs and rules that today are available.

The International Boxing Association (IBA) approved new cool boxing gloves according to the rules on weight and amount of leather padding and wrist support. Nowadays, boxing gloves are used in many varieties that is pretty good for boxers depending upon the nature of sport or match. Some gloves are similar but less padded (MMA) but some are slightly different like Muay Thai boxing gloves. We will tell you the types of boxing gloves so you know which gloves type is used for which type of boxers.

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Types of Boxing Gloves

Training gloves

boxing training gloves are built for training purposes, sparring and punching bag training. That boxing gloves with weights have the features of wrist support, foam padding, and also have a thumb lock to protect any kind of injury during training sessions. Furthermore, if you want to perform multi-tasking with a single pair of gloves like training, fighting, or making fun, training gloves boxing are your best option because of equilibrium between protection and speed.

However, boxing gloves for training have been designed to work a lot on heavy bags, But also for pad work and aerobic work.  Before using these boxing gloves you should consult your coach or instructor, because some boxing gloves may also be suitable for sparring depending upon their cushioning.

Bag Gloves

Best bag boxing gloves are specially made for long sessions, with these gloves you can do full day workout without feeling tired due to their less padding features. Additionally, with their accurate support, these gloves can provide excellent training without any injury, you don’t have any fear of damage to your hand and also your partner’s face by housing these gloves.

Likewise, best bag gloves for boxing are similar to all-purpose training gloves, though bag gloves don’t have heavy layers of foam. If you want to reduce the power of punches, then these gloves are a good choice especially if you’re doubtful about either your partner or yourself.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring boxing gloves are also called middle ground gloves because these gloves come after training gloves and before real competition gloves. They create a balance between training gloves and competition gloves. As well, with enough padding features and wrist support to adjust lengthy session’s workout but not too much that these gloves become heavy then competition gloves.

Moreover, boxing sparring gloves are heavy gloves, but competition gloves are lightweight so that fighters can quickly throw punches and bring up guards. So, if you are confused about which boxing gloves you should buy, we are recommended you purchase the sparring gloves boxing, because most people like competition gloves to spar.

However, this can be precarious as beginners have no idea of using professional boxers and wind up damaging each other during training. In short, it’s good to use heavy bag gloves for training and lightweight gloves for fights and competitions.

Competition Gloves

As its name suggests, competition gloves are specially designed for competition or fighting purposes. These gloves are also known as professional boxer’s gloves. As well as, you can easily identify these gloves due to their light padding or less foaming design. These boxing gloves professional gear are best for short matches between fighters in competition.

Moreover, competition gloves are not good boxing gloves for beginners, and fresh trainers due to its less padding, your hands can be damaged, and your partner can also get injured. Competition boxing gloves weight either 8 ounces or 10 ounces depending upon the height and weight of fighters. They are not used for non-competition. However, boxing gloves pro say gloves build with firmer padding and also have a lace-up design, with their less padding quality fighter’s hands easily moveable.

Due to its lace-up quality prevent the gloves to lose during the fighting, and fine padding gives protection against damage. Don’t use these gloves outside the competition for the safety of your hand and your training partner. After knowing the types of boxing gloves you should also know the size, closure system, wrist support, ventilation, the material used, padding, and thumb lock of the boxing gloves;

Boxing Gloves Sizing

Boxing glove sizing depends on many factors like fighter’s height, weight, hand circumference, gloves type, fighting organization, and the type of fighting played. Your boxing glove size is according to your height the taller you are the heavier the gloves. You should know your body weight before deciding which type of glove is suitable for you, an 18ib player would go with a weight of 16oz or more.

However, a player of having 120Ib or less would go to 10oz or 12 oz. training boxing gloves. These boxing glove sizes depend on gloves type, competition, and selecting criteria.  Sparring gloves size is 2 oz. heavier than training boxing gloves, so 120Ib freighter weight use 12-14 training gloves and 14-16 oz. sparring gloves.

Likewise, 150Ib freighter weight would go with 14-16 oz. training gloves and 16-18 oz. sparring gloves, and so on, (see the complete table below)

Extra padding gloves save you and your partner while training. Competition gloves are lighter than training gloves. Sometimes size matters in your competition gloves qualify, so, you should complete research before buying a pair and don’t waste your bunch of money.

Fighter weight             Training gloves size          Sparring gloves size
120Ib                            10 oz.                                 12-14 oz.
120Ib-150Ib                  12-14 oz.                            14-16 oz.
150Ib-180Ib                   14-16 oz.                            16-18 oz.      
180Ib or more               16-18 oz.                            18-20 oz.   

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Other Factors Of Boxing Gloves Guide

Closure System

Another important thing, which you should know the gloves closure system, without closure you cannot play comfortably, during competition. So, you should buy gloves that have a quality closure system as its matters a lot. Most gloves have a good Velcro closure system.

Some boxing gloves have a lace-up system that is also good for gloves tie purposes, but it is not good as the Velcro system. Therefore, we suggest you buy Velcro system gloves because it is easy to adjust in terms of size and have cozy to use. You must buy the Velcro pad gloves due to their large and good quality.

Wrist Support

Wrist stability is another important point to note before buying gloves. Just imagine you are on the playing field and you have gloves that have no wrist support and you have no option to change your gloves before the match. What is your feeling in that circumstances? You felt upset even if you are a good boxer and come in playing field after a lot of training.

So, boxing gloves with wrist support have a thick and fair amount of padding on the closure system which gives comfort to your wrist. Your wrist needs good support and stability to keep proper foam and to avoid any kind of injury such as sore or broken wrist bone on the playing field. Moreover, best boxing gloves for wrist support have padding with thick quality around the wrist is more crucial than any boxing gloves have to need.

Thumb Attachment

Good quality gloves have the attached thumb lock ability. The whole thumb is not attach with gloves but most of it should be attached. This feature of thumb attaches is pretty good to prevent your thumb from bending backward if you punch with the wrong way. No doubt, your thumb care is as important as your wrist support, so take care of your thumb and choice of the gloves that have thumb attach functionality.


Ventilation is also necessary for boxing gloves as necessary as hand skin needs air to breath well otherwise it will catch fungus. Moreover, if gloves have no ventilation they leave a bad smell and you can’t work with them furthermore. Some boxing gloves do not come with ventilation systems that are not ideal for professional boxers. When you are playing, your hands get very hot sweaty during boxing that is uncomfortable for boxers.

Moreover, sweating can cause a bad smell, and a bad smell give skin itching that is not good. Your hands need to breathe especially when you wrap your hands inside of the gloves. Furthermore, with sweat, your hands slip around in the gloves and it can the reason for irritation due to the moisture. So, before buying gloves you should keep in mind a good pair of boxing gloves have ventilation.


After ventilation, the next thing that you should keep in mind is gloves padding quality, some gloves have 2-3 layers of foam as we mention above. Padding depends upon the types of boxing gloves, for example, training gloves have heavy padding and these types of gloves are also known as cushioned gloves due to their double or triple layers of foam. On the same note, good padding save your hands and you feel cozy while match.

Material Used

We can’t ignore how boxing gloves are made, the material of the gloves, because that is also an important point to consider when you are buying the gloves. The general thing asked about the gloves is how long do boxing gloves last, it depends upon the leather gloves are made of. As we all know, some kind of boxing gloves are made of genuine leather and other by synthetic leather.

Leather is durable for boxers. The bonus point is you can easily wash or clean the leather gloves because leather is resistant to crack and foam damage as well. As compared to other materials of gloves, leather is the best material gloves that are used by some synthetic leather. Moreover, leather gloves stitching is very well and they increase the durability of the gloves.

Brands of boxing gloves

When we talk about the best boxing glove brands, there are  lot of brands available in the market like Winning, Fairtex, Cleto Reyes, Title, Rival, Venum, Hayabusa, and Everlast, etc. Each gloves brands has its qualities of training gloves and competition gloves. They also have their good strength and weak points. Generally speaking, although Winnings boxing gloves is the best boxing gloves brand all over the world they are very expensive that everyone can’t buy them but some less expensive gloves can give similar quality and performance like Everlast gloves.

winning gloves is the best choice but Venum and Hayabusa seem to be one of the more popular training gloves. One thing that most people determine which brand to use? It depends on what institution you play what type of practice you are doing. If you want to purchase lace-up gloves then we recommended you buy the Cleto Reyes gloves that are designed with a lace-up system, you can easily secure the lace-up gloves. If we talk about Velcro it is designed with a strap that is looking nice. Velcro strap wraps around the wrist to secure the gloves and remove the strap after gaming.

Care Instructions

There are some care instruction that you should know as a boxer,

Avoid Gym bag

When you are fighting your hands are very hot and sweaty, so, after training or fighting avoid your gloves to put them in the gym bag. When you finish your training and come back home you should leave your gloves in front of the fan or in open air.

Hang your gloves in a ventilated area

After the match, you should hang your gloves in a well-ventilated area, because when you are playing they produce moisture inside of the gloves that create a bad smell. So make sure after playing, your gloves need air to dry.

Sanitize your hand and your gloves

 You should properly sanitize your hands before playing and after playing as well, you should not ignore that your gloves also need sensitization specially in this pandemic, you should be cautious about these factors.

Keep your hand wraps clean

Your hands’ wraps are not aired out and washed they create sweat and moisture start growing germs and bacteria, bacteria create the smell and itching on your hands that is not comfortable feeling for sure.

How to keep your boxing gloves clean

For cleaning, purposes do not put your gloves in the washing machine, because the machine will tear your gloves. So you should use gloves cleaning spray bottles with a piece of cloth gently spray inside and outside the gloves and remove the dirt with a towel or piece of cloth.


At the end of our ultimate buying guide hopefully, you know all the information that you need related to buying boxing gloves. Now you know exactly what boxing gloves to buy, all gloves types have different sub-types and their functionality. So, after reading this article you can begin your research to find the perfect gloves for your hands.