How To Clean Boxing Gloves- Naturally Clean And Deodorize Boxing Gloves Guide

Boxing gloves protect a fighters’ hands and a competitor’s face from superficial injuries in the field of fight. It is necessary to learn how to clean boxing gloves because they can be stinky because of sweat, and sweat becomes the cause of bacteria and your hands feel itching due to bacteria.

Moreover, your hand’s itching, not a joke it will become the reason for irritation or infections. After training if don’t know how to clean your boxing gloves and you don’t wash your hand, and then as you touch anything, your hand’s bacteria will transfer to that thing and it is very dangerous. Infections bacteria can spread throughout your body quickly, it is more important to wash your hands and gloves after every use.

So if you take care of your gloves they will not retire for at least a year, it is more crucial your gloves smelling fresh and clean. You can choose any glove deodorizer too. Here we will try to guide you thoroughly about how to clean boxing gloves.

How Often Should You Clean Boxing Gloves?

As soon as your training ends, use a damp towel to wipe your gloves inside as well as outside, damp towel will minimize the sweat moisture and gloves will not produce any bad smell. Moreover, don’t put gloves into gym bags without wiping them. If you leave your gloves in your gym bag overnight gloves will start stinking in the morning.

When you get home, you should wash them properly, and if you don’t wash them immediately, you should take the gloves to the well-ventilated area for natural deodorizing or hang them in front of a fan. Furthermore, after every use cleaning them will prevent microbe growth. As we all know, prevention is better than cure.

So, take care of your healthy body it’s the place where you have to live.

How to Naturally Clean & Deodorize Boxing Gloves

It’s time to clean gloves properly, from inside and out. Don’t waste your money on buying expensive sprays, we are telling you a natural ingredient (vinegar) that is available in your kitchen. Vinegar not only removes stinky smell but also kills harmful bacteria’s.

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1.How to Clean Boxing Gloves at Home- Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Get a spray bottle, put some drops of vinegar (white vinegar or apple cider vinegar) and some water, and mix them well.
  • Take a towel or a neat piece of cloth, know slightly spray inside of the gloves and rub with the towel gently.
  • After cleaning inside the gloves, know it’s time to clean outside of the gloves, wipe them to remove sweat, dirt, or anything from the gloves with this vinegar and water solution.

2. Use hand wraps

To avoid sweat in gloves there is another way that is hand wraps. Before wearing gloves, use hand wraps around your hands, they will absorb the sweat from inside the gloves. Hand wraps will help to keep gloves cleaner and drier make sure you should know how to wash hand wraps (wash them one by one) after each use. Check the video below to learn How to Wrap your Hands before wearing Boxing Gloves.

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3. Clean and sanitize your moist gloves

In this pandemic, you should sanitize your gloves and your hands. There are a lot of sanitizers available online you can buy. Make sure to sanitize your hands and gloves before and after use. Moreover, sanitizer kills the germs but to remove the dirt from the gloves you need to clean them. If you don’t understand my words I give you an example:

Whenever you wear socks and work all day your socks leave a bad smell due to sweat and sweat moist produces germs, you can kill germs from socks using sanitizer but you need to wash dirt and odors before further use.  The same principle is applied when you think How to clean the boxing gloves. As we mentioned above, you can wash them with vinegar and water solution, and if you can’t use the vinegar you should clean them with cloth and warm water.

4. Anti-bacterial spray to kill the bacteria

If you are in hurry and there is some time to play again and you are finding the method to quickly kill the germs and also what to fresh your gloves, then you are in right place. Use anti-bacterial spray because anti-bacterial spray fights against bacteria and removes the germ.

You should spray inside gloves and hang them in an open well-ventilated area for some time, anti-spray instantly removes this problem and freshen up gloves. Additionally, keep in mind don’t use the anti-bacterial spray in routine, as we mentioned above you should use spray only when you are running out of time.

There are some steps that you can follow:

  • First-of-fall unripe your gloves
  • Use the anti-bacterial spray in them
  • Place them in a well open place   for a couple of minutes

5. Use Leather conditioner for leather gloves

Nearly gloves are made with leather. Like you use conditioner for hair repair, you should condition (leather conditioner) your gloves to keep them in a proper shape.  Leather is like human skin and it would dry and get wrinkles on if you don’t conditioner them. So, you should take care of your gloves as you care about your skin and hair.

Additionally, there are many leather conditioners available on the market. To condition, the gloves, apply some conditioner to the outside of the gloves. Use a towel or lint-free cloth in circular motion gently.  After completing this process, wipe the outside of the gloves down with a clean towel or cloth.

After washing and cleaning gloves the next step is drying them.

Drying the Gloves

 Drying gloves is as necessary as washing them, here we are completely guided on how to dry them

1. Using Blow Dryer On Gloves

If you want to dry your boxing gloves quickly, you should use a blow dryer to dry your gloves fast. Before using, make sure your dryer is set in the cool setting because hot air will damage leather gloves, and your glove’s leather may get harder.

Open the glove with your hand, turn on the blow dryer in a cool setting, and direct the nozzle inside the glove. After 3 to 4 minutes check the dryness of the glove when it is dry, repeat the same with the other.

2. Drying the Boxing Gloves Naturally

Since the bacteria in your gloves live in the perspiration and dampness that gets caught inside, keeping your gloves dry additionally implies keeping them clean. After you disinfect the gloves with vinegar and clean the outside, permit the gloves to dry out totally.

To naturally air-dry the gloves, crease the wrist ties back, open up the gloves as wide as could be expected, and join the wrist lashes so the gloves stay open Spread the gloves out or balance them to dry like this in a very much ventilated room, almost an open window, or before a fan.

Natural air dries the gloves naturally even if it takes a week. So as a professional boxer review writer we highly recommend you to leave the gloves and dry them naturally.

3.Dry them with a newspaper

Another approach to dry out gloves quicker is by stuffing them with paper because the paper will assimilate abundance dampness inside and keep the gloves set open to permit air in. Furthermore, crease up a couple of sheets of paper into two free balls. Stuff one beyond what many would consider possible into every glove, and leave them three to five hours.

Keep an eye on the newspaper regularly, and when you notice that it has gotten immersed with dampness, replace it with new paper balls. In this newspaper stuffing method your gloves almost dry, and know they are ready for another use.

Deodorizing the Gloves- Making Them Smell Good

You should also know how to make the gloves smell good:

1. Use essential oils

As we already know essential oil is used for making a nice smell, some people use essential oil for making beauty face masks and hair masks. Moreover, essential oil makes anything smell nice you can use this oil for making a nice smell of gloves.

You are surprised to know, that some essential oils have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so they will not only make a nice smell but also remove germs from your gloves. There are many essential oils available in the market.

  • Take a spray bottle
  • Add one cup of water to it
  • Add 9 to 10 drops of essential oil
  • Shake well so that oil and water mix well
  • Give one to two sprays in each glove

We will also tell you some essential oils that have anti-bacterial properties. These are peppermint, lemongrass, and orange essential oils.

2. Using Baking soda

Another way to make gloves smell good is using baking soda, baking soda is available in all kitchens. Furthermore, it is the cheapest thing that you can buy easily in case you don’t have it in your kitchen. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, you can use it for making the gloves smell good.

Make sure your gloves are dry before you put soda in them if you put soda in wet gloves it will create more problems for you.

  • So, sprinkle a few pinches of soda inside of each glove,
  • Let them sit for an hour
  • After some time you can remove baking soda with a vacuum cleaner

How To Clean Boxing Gloves-Don’ts

After knowing all the do’s about How to Clean Boxing Gloves, How to dry them and make them Smell Good, now I must tell you don’t too.

1.Don’t wash gloves in the washing machine

Unfortunately, you need to know How to Clean Boxing Gloves, because Washing machines will not justify the job.  The first thing that you should not do is that, don’t wash gloves in the machine because its swirls can badly damage the latex or leather of your Boxing Gloves. To mention, like leather jackets or leather cloth, you cannot wash leather gloves in the machine because machines destroy the leather and you lose your favorite gloves.

2. Don’t wash gloves in hot water

As we mentioned above you can wash gloves with lukewarm water, don’t wash gloves in hot water because hot water can damage your gloves.

3.Don’t dry gloves in a dryer machine

For the drying purpose, you can’t dry gloves in a dryer machine, like you don’t wash gloves in the machine you should also not dry them in the drying machine. You can read above, the easy method to dry gloves.

4.Avoid direct sunlight for drying

All clothing brands instruct to avoid drying cloth in direct sunlight because sun damages the color of the cloth and also cloth retired within few washes. Specially scorching summer sunlight is more harmful to cloth and gloves, so don’t dry your gloves in direct sun, the sun can cause damage to leather gloves.

5.Don’t freeze gloves

Most people propose to freeze the gloves. But it is not more than rubbish. How freezing a glove could eliminate all of its germs. Moreover, it is just a wastage of time and harmful for leather gloves.

6. Don’t use harsh chemicals

You should also remember that harsh chemicals will damage your gloves. Moreover, chemicals that wear and tear the leather, like silica gel, will not help you to clean germs but it is harmful to inner padding.


To conclude, Learning How to Clean Boxing Gloves is more or less similar to Cleaning Goalkeeper Gloves. You don’t need to go after fancy cleansers you can adopt the simple methods of damp clothes and Vinegar to clean them at home. Moreover, you need to follow the steps properly to know How to dry the Gloves and Make them smell good.