Can you wear contact Lenses while playing basketball?

Are you someone who is into sports and you love to play them regularly? Maybe you are a pro when it comes to something specific? If so, how confident are you in your skills, especially if you have problems with your vision? Do you wear contacts, or are you eager to finally purchase ones and start wearing them on the field? It is time to leave your prescription glasses on the side and try out something new. Keep on reading and understand all there is to know about contact lenses, their practicality, as well as their use in different sports.

Is it okay to wear contacts when playing sports?


Did you know that eye doctors recommend them instead of regular prescription glasses?! This does make sense since your eyeglasses can easily break when you’re playing basketball. Just one wrong move or an elbow to the face and you will break them, shattering all that glass while being vulnerable and prone to eye injuries.

Although they are often worn by guys or girls who are not professionals, prescription glasses are banned from professional rugby games, boxing, as well as football & basketball. If you want to become and look like a professional – contacts are the way to do it!

Can you injure yourself?

A lot of injuries happen each year worldwide during different sports. You can even lose an eye if you are not careful enough. However, most commonly, little kids are more than likely going to hurt themselves unintentionally, as well as when wearing glasses and when playing different sports. This is why some people even combine their lenses with face shields or sports goggles, just to be safe and sound. How far are you willing to go, and how extreme is the sport that you’re playing? Think about it and if you need any additional protection.

Can contact lenses feel uncomfortable?

Often it will take you some adjusting and time to fully transition onto contacts, especially if you’ve been an eyeglass wearer for so long. However, with the right approach and with the help of your ophthalmologist, you will easily find your perfect pair.

Top 4 reasons why you should wear contacts when playing basketball


1. Get & enjoy a better vision

Contacts provide than glasses do. You will not feel uncomfortable due to the heaviness of your glasses + there is no flare or reflection. With contacts, you will have a wider vision and you’ll feel safe since they won’t fog or fall off of your face at the most crucial moment. Enjoy better & crisp images with ease!

2. Highly compatible with different items

In many sports like hockey players need to use additional protection and special gear. If you are playing any sport and there is a lot of movement (but you get to wear your headgear), insert some contacts and stop worrying about the game or any potential turbulence. You will be just fine, as well as safe & protected.

3. They are convenient

Most people tend to over sweat when playing basketball or different sports. Sweat can lead to your glasses falling off of your nose. When having contacts everything will stay in place and with ease, no reason to move them up & down over and over again.

4. They look prettier

Let’s face it, contact lenses do look prettier than your prescription glasses. You get to show off the color of your natural eyes + you will feel a lot more confident when you look good when playing sports.

Top 3 most common questions


1. Are there some sports that don’t allow for the use of contacts?

This question may be a bit tricky and the use of contacts shouldn’t be on your to-do list when you’re in the water. This is because the chances of catching an infection or a bacteria over your contacts are quite high. Aside from water-based sports such as diving, snorkeling, swimming & surfing – they are a good choice and you can wear them when playing indoor or outdoor sports.

2. Is it possible to lose your lenses while paying?

While they usually stay in place with ease and they don’t move around there is still a chance for them to slip off. If you do find them sitting on the ground and they look undamaged, make sure that you properly clean them before you put them in your eye (more on that later down below). You shouldn’t use tap water to clean the lense, and you should take time to do this process in the comfort of your home.

PS: You can carry one extra pair in your sports bag just if you want to feel safe rather than sorry. This way, you will feel at ease while performing at your best level.

3. How to take care of your lenses + how to insert them?

If you are a first-time contact lens wearer just know that you will get used to the process.

Here are some tips & tricks that you should consider doing:

  • Make sure that you purchase the right model for you
  • Replace them often & regularly, especially if you have sensitive eyes
  • Always wash your hands before you insert them
  • Do not use regular tap water for this process
  • Only apply your makeup after already inserting your contacts
  • Make sure that your nails are kept short & clean

PS: Never share your contacts with others, they are solely for your personal use.

Where to find and shop for your new contact lenses?


Are you ready to play some sports and enjoy high-quality lenses while doing it? If you are a basketball player just know that you are more than welcome to wear contacts out on the field! You should check out since they have loads of different & gorgeous models. They have colored contacts that will make you look gorgeous when out on the field while boosting your confidence! Simply enter your prescription and enjoy your new contacts in the shortest time possible!