7 Gifts to Buy To A Basketball Player – 2023 Guide

Buying gifts is very often a very tedious task. As much as the person you are buying for is dear to you, it is always very difficult to strike a balance between what he or she wants and your budget.

You also often don’t know what that person wants or needs, even if you are close. This is especially the case with people who do not have a hobby or any specific occupation. However, if that person is, for example, a basketball player or a basketball enthusiast, this will greatly facilitate your search for a gift.

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with basketball, it will be difficult for you to find a suitable gift. That’s why we are here to help you and tell you which are the best gifts you can buy to a basketball player. According to learntocoachbasketball.com, these are the best gift ideas for basketball players in 2023:

1. A ball

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When we think about it realistically, what every player needs is a new ball. Although they are of very high quality, they wear out quickly due to everyday use. So you will never go wrong when choosing this as a gift. It would just be good to know if that person needs an indoor or outdoor ball more. To you as someone who knows little about it, it doesn’t seem like there is much difference, but trust us there is. Indoor balls are usually made of leather and would be destroyed very quickly if used on a hard court. So buy them only for someone who is constantly playing on the floor. In any other case, choose rubber ones that are designed for outdoor. They can certainly be used for indoor, and when he plays with it outdoor, it will last him at least a few months.

2. Ball return system

This is the dream of every basketball player. If you have ever tried to practice a shot, you know how tiring it is to chase the ball after every attempt. And it’s also very difficult to find someone who will return it to you for hours while you are practicing. That is why the ball return system is something that will delight everyone who loves basketball, whether it is a professional or a beginner. There are two different return systems.

One is the device and the other consists only of the net. The first is the machine into which the ball falls and then that machine throws it back at you. It is the best option, but it is also much more expensive. The second option is just a net, which will direct it back to you and it is not expensive. This gift is ideal if someone has a yard, because it will be complicated to mount it every time in the school court.

3. League Pass subscription

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Gone are the days when people watched games on TV channels. Today, every major sport in the world has its own version of the League Pass. For example NFL Game Pass and the like. League Pass provides the opportunity to watch all matches of the NBA season live and on demand. Also, it can be watched on TV and all other smart devices. So the one you pay League Pass subscription will never miss a single game, even if he is not at home. There you can also watch various shows and documentaries, all of course related to basketball. If that person is a bigger fan of European basketball than American, then pay him a EuroLeague TV subscription.

4. Masterclass

Our friends from Dearbasketball gave us another great idea, and that is masterclass. You must have heard of the masterclass before. These are lessons that an expert on a topic presents to people. Masterclasses are very useful and are recommended to everyone in the field that interests them. So you choose one of the masterclass related to basketball. One of the most famous is Steph Curry’s masterclass. He is one of the best players on the planet and everyone can learn a lot from him. First of all, that person will learn a lot mostly when it comes to a three-point shot and ball control. That is a great way to improve someone’s game. To buy video training or basketball masterclass videos visit sites like FullCourtBasketball.

5. Jersey

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A fan of any sport in the world likes to have a jersey of their favorite team or player. Ask for which team the person you are buying a gift is cheering for. Or is there a basketball idol whose jersey he would like more than just a team one. You can also buy a customized jersey where you will put his name and some symbolic number. Also, if you are traveling somewhere, buy him some local jersey. That will be a great memorabilia. Especially if it is a jersey of some of the many successful European teams.

6. NBA video game

Everyone loves to play video games, and especially popular are those that can be played against friends, such as the NBA. The latest release is NBA 2K21, which was launched a month ago for the next gene console Xbox Series X / S and PS5. Here’s a great gift choice, especially if you know that person is planning to buy a new console. NBA 2k21 will bring him endless days of fun, while resting from workouts.

7. Tickets

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They say that nothing has more value than memories. That’s why by buying tickets, you will buy that person exactly that – memories. Watching live NBA, NCAA and EuroLeague matches is a dream come true for every basketball fan. Especially if he lives in a small town and does not have the opportunity to attend matches regularly. Choose a game when his favorite team is playing somewhere near you. It will be an experience he will never forget.


It is not important which one of these 7 gifts you will opt for, we guarantee you that each and every one of them will make that person very happy.

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