How to Become a Professional Casino Dealer – 2023 Guide

Gambling – combining the pleasant with the useful. After a busy day, time spent playing your favorite game is real relaxation. Best of all, happiness can make you smile, so that you can earn money along the way. However, if you are one of those who play recreationally, without any desire to invest your money in the game, there is always a solution – play a bonus game and relax. Still, we believe there are more who are willing to take risks and try to make money. While for many the path to success seems simple and based on luck, there are some things every player can do to increase their chances of winning.

As interesting as it is to play, nothing less interesting is on the other side either, and that is the job of a casino dealer. The casino is a haven of excitement, and the croupier is the Conductor in the game world, luckily, a passion, on which in many ways depends whether the player loses the jackpot. Anyone who has ever been to a real or virtual casino has come across a manager. That person dictates the conditions of the game, controls the whole process. The word “croupier” translated from English (croupier) means “banker”. It is this person who manages the distribution of money during the game.

What is a casino dealer job?


The job of a croupier consists of supervising individual games such as roulette, poker, and baccarat. Also, they should explain the rules of the game to the players. After that, they start handing out tickets and paying in casino chips, which are later redeemed. Their role is also important in the safety of casinos because they have to make sure that no one cheats. One of the key things is card counting.

How to become a casino dealer?


No special skills are required to get this job. It is enough to know the basics of mathematics, although you will have to practice a lot and upgrade in that field because many games have fixed coefficients that need to be memorized and practiced. This job also requires a certain attitude – at the same time you have to be serious, but also approachable to talk, kind, but also strict. It may seem like an easy job at first, which may be physically, but mentally it is often tiring. This is a job where you have to learn to deal with stress and the fact that you will be standing almost all day.

There is a certain period that you have to spend exercising. It’s about 3 months, and it’s enough to master the basics – how to deal cards professionally, as well as learn how to deal with chips. The first game that novice croupiers encounter in North America is blackjack, and in European casinos, entering this business starts with roulette.

Penalty dealers must know many other things such as how to turn the ball or lower the deck. If you thought that was it, you were wrong. Now follows a trial run that will show how you handle this business. Only if you meet the employer’s criteria can you hope for employment.

During the hiring of a casino manager, the applicant is assessed by very many factors. Among them is the appearance of candidates. Good looks, self-sufficiency, presentability, and good manners are very important features. Without these qualities, they are unlikely to move on to the next step. After the visual assessment, there is a diversion of ability detection. First of all, these are the intellectual abilities of a person, his predisposition to mathematics. The croupier must be able to count. And you have to do it quickly, without the help of special means. All calques appear in the head and the concern of reproduction, the addition of two-digit numbers. In doing so, it is necessary not to forget to do your direct work on the issue of chips, by making multiple bets.

Peripheral vision of the croupier is required to monitor the appearance and control of each player at his table. An important factor in choosing a candidate is the ability to easily and easily handle the attributes of the game. Of course, these skills an expert acquires over time. But in the hands of the applicant must be a special magical ability to move. The dealer is the face of the casino. Very often it depends on his professionalism how long the client will play and how much money he will leave in the bank. Therefore, very high demands are placed on candidates.

Croupier’s fee


The job of a croupier is considered highly paid. But as with any profession, there are pitfalls. For example, casino employees in the capital, in prestigious establishments, can have substantial monthly amounts, up to $ 1,000 or more. Smaller cities are not known for such salaries, and a trader can count on an income of up to $ 500. It is important to note that the official part of this amount is rarely higher than the minimum required by the state. The difference is in the shadow of income, which is not taxed, does not include deductions for pension fund and health insurance. In online casinos, the croupier exists, but it is automatic. Check out more about online casinos on this casino site.

A person in the place of a croupier cannot praise the consistency and stability of earnings. It is very dependent on the premiums and tips that grateful for customers leave. The dealer has no right to deduct all bonuses from the player. All tips are summarized and shared among staff.

Career growth


If at the beginning of a career in the casino many were asked the question of how to become a croupier, after you have gained some experience, experts are interested in the possibility of further growth. As in any organization, there is its hierarchy. In the submission, the trader himself is an assistant. This is a chip. He collects chips, adds cards to the deck. This position is most often held by students who are just studying for skills in the gambling business. The inspector monitors the current work of staff and the behavior of clients. It has several tables under its jurisdiction. And if the croupier cannot express his attitude towards a careless client, argue with him or contradict him, then the inspector has the right to intervene in a conflict situation, involve the guard or the top management.