These Are the Most Dangerous Extreme Sports in the World

Extreme sports are suitable for all those who like challenges. They differ from traditional sports precisely because of their authenticity and unusualness. They require very good physical and mental readiness, encourage creativity, but also lead to risk. In order for someone to practice some of these sports, he/she must be very well physically prepared, concise, patient, detailed, and, of course, brave.

Extreme sports can be compared to a company where the one who is employed in that company strives to be as efficient, creative, persistent, and brave as possible. They test the limits of endurance, they are very attractive. However, they can be and are generally dangerous and are therefore not recommended for those who have some health problems and those who are not ready to practice any kind of sport at all.

Although serious injuries can occur in football, basketball, rugby, and other similar (traditional) sports, such cases are rare. We will talk here about sports that are known for their risk and danger to life. So, people who practice these sports consciously risk their lives, but that still does not stop them. Think twice before you dare to try out these sports.

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Skiing is one of the extreme sports but by its nature, it has never been classified as that. Mountains and ski resorts have been adapted to provide a perfect atmosphere and maximum safety for skiers, but even then injuries occur.

Extreme skiers seriously risk their lives because they ski on loose snow and dangerous mountain cliffs. The danger of avalanches and falls from great heights is huge and every year a large number of people get serious injuries and even lose their lives practicing this sport. Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher felt the danger of skiing on his skin.



Anyone who has not yet heard of parkour should search for it online and be educated about this sport.

Parkour is a relatively new sport and is based on jumping over obstacles and running. So, athletes of this sport jump over and cross various obstacles (jump from building to building, for example …) that are in their way, making stunning acrobatics. Injuries in this sport can be catastrophic.



There is a high probability of drowning in this sport. Surfing is overcoming massive waves on a special board, however, if you fall off the board at an awkward moment and allow the wave to drag you into the depths, then you are done.

And there is a danger that some shark will hurt you…



Here, of course, we are talking about extreme skaters who do amazing acrobatics in the air. Injuries are an integral part of training and competing here, and the greatest champions of this sport broke their arms or legs several times.



Only the biggest adrenaline addicts practice this sport. If you want to do this type of skydiving, you have to jump off a cliff, fall for a few seconds, then open the parachute and land safely.

This is much harder than jumping out of a plane because you have to predict the right moment to open the parachute, you have to be incredibly precise, and you have to avoid trees and cliffs.

Cliff Jumping


Much like paragliding, people here want to experience free fall and feel like they are flying, only there is no parachute here. Instead of a parachute, all that separates you from certain death is water but if you thought that water could not kill you, then you are mistaken.
These athletes jump from a height of over 20 meters or more, and an awkward impact into the water from that height is similar to an impact into concrete.

Rock Climbing (without ropes)


Rock (cliff) climbing is definitely one of the most dangerous sports.

Although this sport offers a lot of safety equipment that can save your life, many choose to conquer massive cliffs without any help and safety. If you make a mistake here, certain death awaits you…

Wingsuit Flying


This sport is similar to parachuting, however, it differs from it in that those who jump in flying suits fly at too high a speed near the ground while jumping is performed from dangerous cliffs or mountains. Injuries and deaths are very common in this sport.

Bull Riding/Bullfighting


A huge animal with sharp horns is dangerous enough in itself, and if you decide to ride it or even worse, win the fight against it, then there is a chance that you will be killed yourself. Bull riding has become incredibly popular, especially in America, but every year a large number of people die because of this sport. Hardly anyone stays on the back of a bull for a long time, and when it falls, it is ‘greeted’ by sharp horns that kill.

Bullfighters ‘play’ with bulls differently. They try to wear out the bull with a special tactic and then kill it with a sword, but it is not always the bull that is stabbed.



It is a sport that involves riding a motorcycle on uneven and slippery terrain, jumping over obstacles, and doing acrobatics. There is a well-known competition called ‘Dakar Rally’ which is held in this sport every year off the road and across the Sahara.