Why Start Running Today and How to Fall in Love With It

You have probably heard how New Year’s resolutions should be made at the end of the old year and how they should be written and guided by them. But who actually does that?

Most of us make some plans, but the majority of us fail to fulfill them at all, so they remain only a part of long-standing desires and nothing more than that. However, if you ask us, running had to be your (New Year’s) this year’s resolution that will come true but even though it was not, it is still not too late to make that decision today because we are in the part of the year that best suits physical activities outdoors. These are the reasons why to opt for running…

Running Strengthens Your Immunity

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It has been proven that physical activity strengthens our immunity, so running is the right activity for you.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic during 2023, we are sure that you realized how important immunity is, so make sure to do literally everything to improve it, i.e. to strengthen it.

Running Is a Great Anti-Stress Therapy

It is not said without reason “I choose running because it is cheaper than a therapist”. Running is a great way to relax, sort out your thoughts, and figure out what you really want. How is that? Because then you are alone with yourself and you do not have any distractions, such as a mobile phone, questions, dilemmas (how will you meet the deadline at work, how to reconcile with your love partner, will your favorite sports team ‘sell you out’ on a betting ticket you made at some of the best bookmakers listed here…), and everything else on which you spend a lot of time and energy.

Furthermore, running is often more needed for the mental health than for the body, so often, almost every day (when you get to that stage of physical fitness), when you run in the morning, you will know that when you do that, you can endure all day without any major stress. That is why running is our recommendation for all people who do a somewhat stressful job.

Running Is Also Good For Weight Loss

Running consumes a lot of calories and speeds up metabolism. That is why this activity is ideal for everyone who has had problems with weight. Once the desire and feeling that comes after running ‘enter’ your bloodstream, it becomes a part of your everyday life, making it easier to maintain an ideal weight or lose extra pounds.

Whenever you treat yourself to some food in the evening that you would regret the next day, you will be comforted by the thought “I will run it out tomorrow” and you will be relieved. Most runners are slim, so only this is enough reason for you to make this activity your favorite.

Running Equals Socializing

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There are certainly a lot of running clubs in your country or city where there are mostly some cool people with similar or the same desires as you. Joining a club would be your window to a whole new world and a completely different community from the one you are used to in everyday life.

You will learn how to help others, how much the support of others means, you will meet new friends with whom you will not only hang out in cafes and bars, but your seeing will be sports-like and often very relaxing.

Running Also Means a Healthier Diet

With running, your body will start to change, so when you notice the first slightly bigger changes, your diet will also start to change accordingly. You will feel stupid to eat something fatty or sweet if you can already eat something much healthier, making the results visible to your body faster.

Over time, your overall lifestyle will change for the healthier and better, and you will be more satisfied with yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

How to Fall in Love With Running

Running is an increasingly popular activity, but it is not uncommon for someone to do something just because it is in fashion, not because they really want or love it. If you do not like running, you will give it up very quickly and miss to find out that this activity will surely bring you a lot of beautiful and positive things in life that we have already mentioned

Here are some tips on how to get to love running.

Find Your Running Partner

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It is most difficult for beginners if they have to go running alone. Even experienced runners sometimes don’t want to run alone, they lack company. Arrange with your best girlfriend, friend, brother, sister, love partner and let, for a start, running be your way to spend time together. If you don’t already like that activity, then at least you like the person you are running with, so it will be much easier for you to like the activity itself.

Over time, your body will become addicted to running and then it will be much easier and more natural for you to go out on the track yourself. Until then, find a partner.

Record Good Music for Running That You Rarely Listen To

Although some people don’t really like running with music, if you have not fallen in love with running yet, music is a great way to reach there. Many of us don’t have time to hear all the new music we want or recall songs from childhood and teenage days that we remember even today, so here are the perfect opportunities for that.

While listening to music, it will be easier for you to force yourself to run another mile because that means listening to one more song, and so you will get your body used to this activity, and give your body a healthy habit.

Compete With Other People

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Many applications are designed for people with a competitive spirit, so you can compete in running with other people around the world. How? By following their activities, and they will follow yours. In this way, you set new goals for yourself, and from a simple activity, you make a game that depends only on you and in which you personally participate.
We recommend the NRC (Nike Run Club) app which is free for all Android and iOS phones. A large number of people in the world use it, so thanks to it you can compete with your friends who live on the other end of the world.

Count How Much You Ran and to What Point You Ran

This is another way to play while running. After each run, write down your mileage and add it up from week to week and from month to month. After a while, start looking for places that are so many miles away from you and give yourself a new distance to which you would like to run and thus ‘collect’ your miles.

How about Paris, for example?…

Give Your Word to Your ‘Personal Trainer’ That You’ll Listen to Him

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Running apps, such as NRC, also have programs for runners. If you choose your program and the training you want to do, you will be contacted by your trainer who will talk to you during the run, encourage you, and reward you with some praise every time.

Therefore, make a training plan according to the programs that already exist in the application and your running will be much more interesting.