10 Best Vibration Machine for Weight Loss 2023 – Vibration Plates & Platforms

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of whole-body vibration machines for sale. Nevertheless, that should not prevent you from experiencing the long list of health benefits that can be claimed from using one of these high-impact gym devices.

Best Choice
Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Trainer Platform Fitness Machine
Good Choice
Rock Solid Wholesale
Don't Miss
Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine - Home Gym Whole Body Shaker Exercise Machine Workout...
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LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine - Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform...
Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Trainer Platform Fitness Machine
Rock Solid Wholesale
Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine - Home Gym Whole Body Shaker Exercise Machine Workout...
LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine - Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform...
Best Choice
Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Trainer Platform Fitness Machine
Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Trainer Platform Fitness Machine
Good Choice
Rock Solid Wholesale
Rock Solid Wholesale
Don't Miss
Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine - Home Gym Whole Body Shaker Exercise Machine Workout...
Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine - Home Gym Whole Body Shaker Exercise Machine Workout...
Also Consider
LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine - Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform...
LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine - Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform...

Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

We have done our best to narrow your selection, by picking a few five-star-worthy products that exceeded our expectations. Read along to learn more about these Best Vibration Machine for Weight Loss and discover some of the best options on the market.

Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

Top Vibration Platforms and Plates for Weight Loss 

1. Confidence – Fitness Power Plus Vibration Trainer (Editor’s Choice)

Confidence - Fitness Power Plus Vibration Trainer

If you’re looking for fast weight loss results, be sure to check out the Confidence Fitness Power Plus Vibration Trainer.

This machine houses a powerful 600-watt motor and offers a total of 50 different speed settings, allowing users to fine-tune their workouts.

When coupled with a traditional workout routine, the Power Plus trainer can rapidly increase weight loss in addition to improving muscle strength metabolism, flexibility, and much more.

The best part is, it provides a very easy, low-impact, and quick workout. In fact, according to the manufacturer, a mere 10 minutes on the Power Plus is equivalent to around 60 minutes of traditional exercise.

  • Easy to use display console with personalized settings and preloaded workouts
  • Compact, lightweight machine
  • Can support up to 300 pounds comfortably
  • Powerful 600-watt motor
  • Only a 1-year warranty
  • Assembly is somewhat difficult and requires tools

Fits Anywhere

We love the Power Plus’s compact design. While it is similar in design to a traditional treadmill, with metal handrails and a chest-high console, it has a small footprint that ensures it will fit comfortably in most spaces.

Meanwhile, it weighs around 60 pounds and has a solid and reliable base that can support up to 300 pounds safely.

Keep in mind that you can perform exercises standing up and laying down, so it is still a good idea to place it in a roomy area of your home or office.

Push-button Display

The vibration machine has a traditional display console with an easy-to-use navigation menu and push-button settings. It is easy to toggle between the many different speeds settings.

Additionally, you can select from three built-in programs. Meanwhile, integrated heart rate monitors offer insight into your performance and health.

2. Rock Solid Wholesale – Body Vibration Machine (People’s Choice)

Rock Solid Wholesale

If you have your eyes open for a super-compact whole body vibration machine, we highly recommend you look at Rock Solid’s version of this popular weight loss contraption.

While the vibration machine houses a noteworthy 500-watt motor, it is the shape and size of a typical step stool.

We are confident that users with small apartments or limited space can benefit from the space-saving qualities of the Rock Solid Vibration Machine.

Additionally, at just over 30 pounds, the Rock Solid is easy to transport.
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty
  • Compact, lightweight design that fits nearly anywhere
  • 10 minutes on the Rock Solid are equivalent to an hour of a traditional workout
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Customer pays shipping on returns
  • Some reports of poor customer service

A Warranty to Remember

The Rock Solid Vibration Machine is also backed by a generous 2-year consumer warranty. This ensures that customers can purchase the device free of risk.

Unfortunately, some customers have reported having difficulty connecting with the manufacturer to schedule returns and repairs.

However, we like to believe that Rock Solid will stand by their substantial guarantee.

It is important to note that the device is also backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee that is separate from the warranty. If you opt to return within this window, you are responsible for covering the cost of shipping.

Remote Control

If you’re wondering how you hone in on the speed settings, the Rock Solid Vibration machine has a small easy-to-use console located on the top of the base.

What’s more, it comes with an oval-shaped remote control. You can toggle between 99 different speed settings to find your workout comfort level.

3. Hurtle – Body Vibration Machine (Best Price)

Hurtle - Body Vibration Machine

Like the Rock Solid, the Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine is small in stature and big in power. It houses an average-strength 400-watt motor. This allows for up to 2,300 RPM and 20 different adjustable speed settings.

Meanwhile, the vibrating exercise platform boasts a rubber anti-slip padding that puts your mind at ease while you gently work out your kinks.

What’s more, we found that the moderate oscillation provided by the Hurtle was easy to endure for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Extremely affordable compared to similar models
  • 400-watt motor with 20 various speed settings
  • Comes with balance straps
  • Does not provide linear vibrations
  • Made from inexpensive materials

Best Price Around

With a budget under $200, it’s difficult to find a vibration platform worthy of investment. Nevertheless, the Hurtle system manages to provide a results-worthy performance for around a mere $150. Not to mention, it comes with complimentary balance straps for performing upper body workouts.

A Brilliant Booty Workout

One of the highlights of the Hurtle Vibration Machine is its ability to enable a jarring butt workout. Actually, the company even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not seeing the rear-end results you desired.

While the gentle oscillation helps to improve muscle strength and gets rid of stubborn cellulite, it also increases metabolism, bone density, and circulation.

The best part is that it is an extremely low impact workout that can be performed in less than a half-hour for dramatic results.

4. Pinty – Best MP3-compatible Vibration Machine

Pinty - Best MP3-compatible Vibration Machine

It’s super hard not to drool over the specs of the Pinty Vibration system. For starters, this powerful exercise device boasts a marvelous 2,000-watt motor.

It’s also backed by a solidly constructed metal frame and has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, which is the highest we saw between the products we reviewed.

Beyond that, the Pinty boasts a nonskid footpad that promotes stability during your performance.

Meanwhile, unlike the Hurtle, the Pinty boasts a user-friendly support frame that can be held onto for support.

  • Comes with two detachable resistance straps
  • Extremely sturdy metal base with a nonskid footpad
  • 99-speed settings
  • Compatible with an MP3 player
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Customer pays return shipping

Play that Funky Music

One of the coolest features of the Pinty Vibration machine is that it is compatible with MP3 players. If you are anything like us, you will agree that a workout is only as good as its playlist.

With the Pinty, you can improve your health while bopping away to your favorite beat. In terms of tech accessories, this vibration machine also boasts a really neat and easy to use LED monitor that allows you to adjust speed settings and monitor your progress.

While not super techy, the system also has a built-in cup holder to ensure you stay well hydrated throughout your entire workout.

Working the Whole Body

In addition to the vibrating base, the Pinty comes with detachable resistance straps. These allow users to work their arms and upper body while assuming a wide variety of positions.

You can also opt between 99 different speed settings to ensure you achieve the right level of endurance for your own body.

The Pinty offers maximum results, even when you only have a little time to spare.

In fact, it is proven to improve everything from metabolism to bone density when used on a consistent basis.

5. LifePro – Vibration Machine with the Best Accessories


LifePro - Vibration Machine with the Best Accessories

There’s a lot to revere about the LifePro Power Plate Exercise Machine. This handy little foot platform offers a premium in-home weight loss experience.

The product can hold up to 330 pounds and can be used for fitness training, weight loss, and physical therapy.

It has a conveniently located display screen as well as a short-range remote control.

Users can select between a whopping 99 different speed settings for a personalized workout.

  • 100-percent lifetime guarantee
  • Comes with yoga straps and resistance bands
  • Provides access to an online personal trainer and fitness resources
  • Multiple speeds
  • Some customers reported issues with plug
  • Some manufacturing defects

Lots of Added Bonuses

It’s amazing to see a company that thinks about the little things. We see this demonstrated with the generous package of complimentary extras provided with the LifePro Vibration Machine.

In addition to the vibrating platform, you receive access to online training videos, an online trainer, a manual, and an e-book. What’s more, you get yoga straps and a set of four color-coated resistance bands.

All this helps to improve the quality and diversity of your workouts.

Premium Quality

While the LifePro system is extremely affordable, it is built from high-quality materials and comes with a generous 100-percent lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

If there is anything reassuring about making a large purchase, this is it. Customers can try the LifePro vibration system without risking monetary loss.

Best Vibration Machine for Weight Loss – Buying Guide

Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

What to Look for When Purchasing a Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

It can be difficult to shop for any type of exercise equipment if you do not know what you are looking for. Below, you will find the basic considerations to make before settling on a vibration machine for weight loss.

1. Power

All of the machines we reviewed offer a wide range of speed options and each has a motor that offers 400 watts or more. It is important to select a vibration machine that offers customizable settings because, as you know, no workout is one-size-fits-all.

2. Design

You probably noted that we included both single plate and full-body standing vibration machines on our list.

You may have also noted that some of the machines could be used both standing up and lying down, or that they came with attachable accessories that enhanced upper body and resistance workouts.

All variations work well for weight loss, but machines that are more expansive offer more complex workouts

3. Warranty

As with any product, we recommend opting for a product that offers an optional return window and/or warranty.

This eliminates some of the risk in buying a large or expensive product and ensures you get what you are looking for. Beyond that, it is important to note whether a manufacturer pays for shipping on returns.

Many do not, leaving consumers with a frustrating bill for a product they no longer wish to keep.

Why Buy a Vibration Machine for Weight Loss?

Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

Vibration machines are a relatively low-impact workout device that offers noticeable results with very little use.

If you already workout at a traditional gym, using a vibration machine for 10 to 20 minutes every day can significantly improve your weight loss results.

What’s more, according to Achedaway, a vibration machine can also improve a number of other health conditions, including but not limited to poor circulation, cellulite, inadequate bone density, and inadequate muscle mass.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our reviews of the top five vibration machines for weight loss. These low-impact devices are easy to use and offer proven results.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to boost your metabolism or are attempting to shed that flat tire, we highly suggest you take a look at these products.

Don’t miss some of these vibration machines available on today’s market:

Deefielly Mini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Whole Body Workout Fitness Vibration Platform...
  • ✪【Upgraded 180 Speed Levels】Larger range of speed with up to 180 speed levels and strong massage vibration. Standing on this vibration plate,you can choose specific modes you like with more options.With built-in Imported Bluetooth/USB Speaker enjoy the music you like while taking exercises via Bluetooth or USB connection.
  • ✪【Improve Your Fitness&Losing Weight】When you are facing your impefect body shape everyday,do you want to say goodbye to your fats or become a healthy lean physique? Jump on your fitness platform and begin sculpting the body and booty of your dreams! The Vibration platform machine creates a full-body vibration that stimulates musculature causing extra muscle contraction and increased activation at all stages of your workout!
  • ✪【Third Generation-Superior Quality】You will enjoy best-in-class quality. All the vibration plate machines are tested for comfort and durability,you can enjoy our vibration plate and bands absolutely RISK-FREE.Premium&safe home exercise equipment to help you lead a healthier & better lifestyle.
  • ✪【Lose Weight/Burn Fat & Build Muscle】The benefits you'll get from your vibration plate exercise machine is far beyond building muscles.with this Vibrate machine, you can boost your metabolism rapidly and improve circulation to burn unwanted fat increase bone density & suppress joint stress levels. In addition to your yoga straps our resistance bands make the perfect at-home gym cardio bundle to tone and strengthen your upper and lower body.
  • ✪【Do You Want to Become More Beautiful and Heathier?】Tired of going to Gym?Come and get a vibration plate machine and build your body right now and get closer to the one you love and make your dream come true!!!
Bluefin Fitness Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform | Oscillation, Vibration + 3D Motion | Huge...
  • ✅ BATTLE FAT & BEAT THE BULGE WITH DOUBLE THE POWER FROM A DUAL MOTOR DESIGN - Intense 3D vibration can only be produced by 2 independant internal motors. Bluefin’s silent drives work together to give you a COMPLETE workout.
  • ✅ LOVE YOUR BODY & YOUR WORKOUT - Huge anti-slip surface for effective exercise you’ll enjoy! Easily position yourself on the 3D and get ready for the deepest vibration fitness experience you’ve tried yet.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Our brilliant customer service will help you get started with home fitness. Bluefin’s unbeatable lifetime motor warranty has you covered for the long haul.
  • ✅ FULLY LOADED HOME FITNESS PACKAGE - Booming bluetooth speakers, Diet & Nutrition guides created by vibration fitness experts, BONUS resistance cables for full body workout options and a sweat-resistant ergonomic remote control
  • ✅ FITNESS OPTIONS YOU’LL USE! - 3D spoils you with choice! You can choose from Vibration or oscillation independently or combine them for 3D motion! 180 levels + 5 Programmes will keep your muscles guessing and your workouts interesting.
LifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate Machine - Professional Whole Body Vibration Platform for Home...
  • GENTLE, THERAPEUTIC RECOVERY: Regain muscle tone, balance and with this vibration platform. Gentle, therapeutic vibrations wake up muscles throughout your body, improving balance, circulation and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. This, in turn, enhances your body’s built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair itself - increasing motion, flexibility and comfort from the very first session.
  • RELIEVE CHRONIC & ACUTE PAIN: If you live in constant pain, most likely you’ve learned to bury it beneath a regular regimen of painkillers. But what if you could fix the underlying issue? The Rhythm Body Shaker Exercise Machine delivers efficient and gentle Whole Body Vibration (WBV), to help relieve chronic pain, heal old damage, and accelerate recovery from recent injuries.
  • MONITOR & IMPROVE: Use the Rhythm Whole Body Vibration Machine daily to find yours. Studies suggest that long-term use of vibration platforms leads to even greater benefits, as all the limbs and ligaments of the body gain greater flexibility and freedom of motion. Use the built-in handles to maintain balance and monitor your heart as you improve.
  • GUIDANCE AS YOU GO: Not everyone can afford regular therapy, but at Lifepro, we’re here to make it easy to be supported throughout your journey, by offering our Guiding Angels: Real, LIVE support, plus FREE access to our online video library.
  • 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. Every platform bearing our name undergoes rigorous scrutiny to make sure it delivers on power and efficacy and a built-in lifetime warranty so you’re never left hanging.
RINKMO Vibration Plate Exercise Machine, Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform with Loop...
  • 【WHOLE BODY RELAX & BURN FAT 】Rinkmo vibration machine offers a new and effective exercise way to workout your whole body. Benefits from exercise go far beyond relax your muscle, stimulate blood circulation, you will also enjoy boosting metabolism, burning fat, tone muscles. Best gift for your friends and family members, only 10 minutes a day, bring them a new and high healthy life.
  • 【BUILT-IN MUSIC WITH LED LIGHT BAR FLASHING】Compare with other vibration plate machine in the market, this unique Rinkmo vibrating plate exercise machine not only comes with BLUETOOTH SPEAKER but also EXTERNAL USB PORT to play music. beyond that, the LED lights bar on the body vibration machine also flickered with the volume level of the music to steps up your motivation while you're excercising!
  • 【CUSTOMIZED DIFFERENT MODE FOR YOU】 Walking, jogging and running automatic modes, which are designed for different exercise demands. Choose your prefered mode to optimize your workout with the resistance bands and different exercise positions to improve your whole body circulation and accelerates fat burning. Build your muscle, lift your buttocks, tone your legs, tighten your abs and more.
  • 【HUMANIZATION DESIGN OF RINKMO 】We found that this vibration exercise platform maybe difficult to carry and store especially for the elderly people, so we added the 2 rollers on the bottom, then you can move fitness vibration machine easily. Besides, 4 antislip suckers on the bottom offers the stability of the vibrating machine while using. Those helps you use body vibrating platform more convenient and reduce the noise in the exercise.
  • 【WHY CHOOSE YOVITAL BODY SHAKER EXERCISE MACHINE】Our Rinkmo are confident in our product and will provide a 24-MONTH WARRANTY . If you meet any quality issue with our product, we'll directly send you a new one or a full refund is optional. Plus, you will get our solution reply within 24hours. Just be happy to add this vibration plate to yoiur cart, and you will not regret to own it!
ADVENOR Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 3D Whole Body Workout Fitness Platform with Loop Bands...
  • PRECISE RECOVERY AND FULL BODY WELLNESS-ADVENOR Vibration Platform Machines is built with powerful motor that can provide you stable vibration and different speed according to the injury situation and recovery goal,and can also choose 5 pre-set program or any combination.
  • 3D VIBRATION PLATFORM MACHINE non-slip vibration plate can enhance strength,balance and burn calories.ADVENOR platform is equipped with LOOP BANDS to combine vibration with different exercises.Max user weight is 330lbs.
  • 1-99 LEVEL ADJUSTABLE SPEED choose your preferred setting to optimize trainning at different levels and you can adjust vibration speed according to the current state to meet your sports needs.
  • LED TOUCH SCREEN AND WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL allows you to operate conveniently and with quick speed adjust button in remote control.
  • 24 HOURS ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND QUALITY ASSURANCE-We have conducted more than 20,000 tests on the comfort and durability of ADVENOR fitness equipment.Its motor is the most stable one on the market,and you can enjoy our vibration plate and loop band without risk.We also offer 12 months parts WARRANTY and TELEPHONE service to secure customer experience.
FITPULSE PRO Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Dual Motor Vibration Platform Machine Vibrating...
  • Build strength , balance & flexibility - through full-body vibration, our Fitpulse vibration plate technology enhances circulation and stimulates your muscles to create extra contractions that enhance your fitness results, all while minimizing impact and supporting your joints.
  • Burn fat & cellulite - get better results in less time, our vibration platform machine burns fat and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving circulation and boosting lymphatic drainage.
  • 3 speed levels and 6 pre programmed modes - various speeds and modes provide a range of intensity so you can maximize your workouts for better results regardless of your fitness level and ability.
  • User friendly design + bonus resistance bands - our easy to use remote and vibration platform make managing your workouts a breeze. Use the free resistance bands included to create the perfect at-home gym cardio bundle!
  • Customer service - Please read the instructions provided with the Fitpulse vibrating platform before use. If you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to send the seller a message through Amazon and we will respond within 24 hours.

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