Is It Right to Consider Card Games A Sport?

Card games are intriguing. There are fantastic games like Spider Solitaire and Cube Solitaire that you can spend hours trying to beat your high score. You can even compete with real-life online players and battle it out. Ongoing tournaments constantly entice people to participate in the 1VN battles and win lucrative cash rewards. You can read more.

Recently, there’s been a lot of commotion regarding people considering card games a sport. The debate brings to mind the inclusion of Bridge at the 2018 Asians Games. Typically, people do not associate card games with sports and think they are mutually exclusive. For instance, the European Sports Charter says that sport is all forms of physical activity that aim at improving or expressing physical fitness and mental well-being. While Europe maintains its stance on sports being a physical activity, the International Olympic Committee is prepared to consider skill-based games or games that require a lot of mental prowess as a mental sport.


Moreover, the court’s ruling of Bridge as a non-sport makes everyone wonder if none of the card games can be classified as a sport. But there are strong arguments in favor of card games being a sport because it isn’t an idle person’s game.

Let’s take physical card games, for instance.

  • You are using your hands when you are playing physical card games. You have to shuffle the cards, deal with them, and use your hands to throw the cards and win the game.
  • You might even be required to move your body if you have to walk around or change seating.
  • Your eyes must constantly move as you need to observe the other card players and check your hand. You have to remember the discarded cards and calculate the ones still in play.

But what if you are not playing physical card games? Can online card games be considered a sport?

Online card games are not classified under physical sports, but they are considered mind sports. Games like Spider Solitaire are skill-based games that require expertise and skills. You cannot randomly place cards anywhere you please. Players need to study the game board and accordingly make their moves. The game is a sport because it is highly entertaining and competitive. Playing card games require mental and physical prowess to beat your opponents consistently to win games. Online card game players need exceptional hand-eye coordination, and whether you are playing physical card games or online card games, you need physical endurance to last through long sessions.

Are you not convinced that card games are a sport? According to the Oxford dictionary, sport is an activity involving skill and physical exertion in which a team or an individual competes against another for entertainment. So, keeping this definition in mind, let’s explore further how card games can be considered a sport.

Card Games Require Skills


A large portion of the population doesn’t realize that card games are not based on pure luck or chance. Card games are games of skill, and players need to have specific expertise to win again and again. Luck plays a minimal role in card games, ending after the cards have been shuffled and dealt.

From there on, the game’s fate is dependent on the moves executed by the player. Without the right skills, players cannot make profitable decisions that help them remain longer in the game. There are multiple small decisions that players have to make during the game. For instance, if you are playing Spider Solitaire, there might be situations when you have two or three possible moves. Deciding which move will be the most profitable is a crucial decision, and it can alter the game’s outcome. Therefore, it is essential to study the pros and cons of each move before executing one.

Therefore, you cannot rely on luck to help you win card games. You have to acquire the skills required to play the game and beat your opponent. You cannot randomly play cards and pray to win. Each move must be well-executed and planned.

Card Games are Highly Competitive

There’s competition when playing card games, especially online card games. You can play 1V1 intense battles with real-life opponents. It is crucial to observe your opponents before making your move. Every move executed must be planned appropriately so that your opponent doesn’t get the upper hand. Furthermore, there are multiplayer tournaments that boost the competitiveness of card games. You can participate in these contests and compete against several players with varying experience and skill levels. If you have a competitive spirit and remain calm in such stressful situations, you will emerge the victor and be hailed as the best card player.

Card Games are Played for Entertainment


If sport is played for entertainment, card games fit right into the definition. Card games are highly entertaining and can keep players hooked for hours. There are several puzzles within the game that players need to decipher, keeping them on their toes. While card games are entertaining to play, they are also fun to watch. It is similar to playing and watching any sports activity.

Playing Card Games Require Physical Ability


Regardless of what activity you engage yourself in, there’s some physical ability required for everything. For instance, when playing online card games, you must remain seated in one place for hours, which can be physically and mentally challenging. Also, it would be best if you had impeccable hand-eye coordination to study the game board quickly, check out your opponent’s score and play your move. On the other hand, suppose you have decided to play marathon sessions or participate in tournaments. In that case, the game will be physically quite demanding, and you need a lot of energy to stay focused throughout the tournament.

The Bottom Line

Card games are skill-based and require players to be mentally sharp and physically in good shape, so they can be considered a sport. What do you think?