Are Cleats Damaging Your Kids’ Feet?

Nowadays, many children wear footwear of incorrect fitting, and parents do not have any idea about it. Sometimes, your little one does not express discomfort and pain while wearing sports shoes. If the child is participating in soccer like spontaneous sports, you must pay attention to the cleats you are buying.

Proper fitting of footwear helps your kid run, walk, jump and do other activities comfortably. In the case of unfitted shoes, your little one will experience pain, discomfort, rashes, blisters, bruising, etc. The feet of your kid are in a growing state, and they may get hurt if they wear shoes of incorrect fitting.

It is quite crucial to measure the correct foot size and get them a comfortable pair of cleats. Some kids grow fast physically. It is necessary to replace their old shoes with new ones. Incorrect size can affect the feet of your child adversely, and one cannot even walk properly in the future.

In this write-up, we will discuss how cleats damage your child’s feet and what you should do to avoid hurting them. As a parent, you need to care for their feet’ health because in their growing age, the scope of the damage is quite high, and it can affect their future life.

Factors One Must Consider While Purchasing Kid Shoes

Whether your child is wearing cleats or another shoe, ensure that you consider all the factors.

1. Proper Width Along with Length


Every kid has different feet, and their measurements are also different. You must measure the width as well as the length of the feet of your child properly. You require a trained person who can take the measurements of the feet accurately. If you buy the perfect shoes with proper fitting, you can get one; else, refuse it. You can go to other outlets to purchase the perfect-fitted kid shoes.

2. Broad Heel Base

Many parents prefer to have heels in their child’s shoes. But ensure that its heel should be broad enough for providing enough stability. Many children experience difficulty while walking as well as running. They fall easily due to a lack of balance in their footwear. The small heel base can cause balancing issues, and hence, you should always prefer a broad base.

3. Heel Height


Preferring heels is to absorb the shock when your kid’s feet collide with any object. But the heel height should not exceed over an inch. If you prefer to buy no-heel shoes, you cannot expect enough absorption of shock. But if the heel height is more than one inch, it can affect the calf muscles and make them short. Your kid may experience pressure on feet. It can be difficult for them to walk too much.

4. Toe Area Shape

Many shoes are quite available with a well-designed toe shape. Ensure that the area for toes should neither too pointed nor too tapered. The size must match your kids’ feet. The toe area should neither be too tight nor too loose. If you search for the proper fit, your kid can easily walk and run easily.

5. Foot Hold


It is essential to hold your child’s feet within the shoes, and it is possible only when it has Velcro tapes or laces. If your kid is running, the footwear can hold the feet and prevent him from falling or slipping. When the shoes have proper hold, there will be fewer risks of deformities due to lack of enough support. The toe claw will also not be damaged. You can purchase fashionable shoes with fancy Velcro tapes, or laces.

6. Material

For kids, it is necessary to choose comfortable, soft, as well as flexible materials. It must be lightweight and dries the moisture easily. In every situation, your kids’ feet should always be dry. It is better to prefer leather. You should avoid materials like plastic or synthetic as it is difficult for your kids’ feet to breathe properly.

7. Toe Depth Area


If your little one has a big-sized toe, it is an essential factor to consider. If your kid with such an issue wears small shoes, there will be a risk of toe-curling, which can also cause toenail issues. It will be a painful experience for every kid.

8. Enough Support

The footwear you are buying for your child must have enough support. While walking, the kid’s foot must not twist or bend. You should avoid ballet pumps as well as plimsolls because they bend too much.

What Must One Consider While Buying Cleats?

If your kid is involved in sports, you must buy high-quality, comfortable cleats for him. While playing on turf, your child should not slip or fall. You should avoid rigid cleats because it does not fit properly on the feet of your child. The sole must be flexible enough that your kid can run, jump and kick the ball easily.

You must always care for the fitting because small shoes can hurt the feet, and big footwear can make them slip. If the toe hits on the inner side of the shoes, then it can commonly cause painful ingrown toenails, and it will be painful for your child. The height of the cleats must not be over half an inch.

If you choose more height, it can cause several injuries. You need help from a professional while selecting the right size for kids. One can also visit Dream Pairs’ website at for buying high-quality cleats for children.

Final Thoughts

Wearing cleats of incorrect fitting size can hurt your child’s feet. It is quite essential to consider all the factors before buying cleats or any shoes for children. Your kids are in a growing state and need comfortable shoes for better mobility. When their size changes, you need to replace the old footwear.

When buying cleats, you need to be very careful while buying them. If your child is involved in spontaneous sports, he needs to do more physical activities. Therefore, you must buy him a comfortable pair of cleats that fits well on his feet, and he can play well.