7 Tips On Buying Shoes That Won’t Kill Your Feet

Shoe shopping would always be a fun thing to do, especially if you’re a fashion-forward person. With a great pair of shoes, you can put yourself in a good mood, making the most of your day, feeling confident and happy with how you look. However, no matter how stylish your shoes are, if they’re killing your feet with every step you take, you might not be able to enjoy wearing them at all, wasting your money.

When shoe shopping, you shouldn’t just rely on your decisions with its design and price tag. Just because a pair of shoes is expensive, it doesn’t mean that they’re like clouds to your feet. Moreover, if you have some foot problems, you should consider first consulting with a podiatrist like the Footsure Podiatry or other similar clinics, and they should help you find the best pair that could make you feel comfortable for the entire day.

Moreover, listed below are the tips on buying shoes that won’t kill your feet:

1. Know Your Foot Shape

The first thing you consider when buying new shoes is identifying your foot shape. It will help limit your options about the best pair that can provide you the most comfortable steps without sacrificing beauty for comfort.

Before buying a pair of footwear, there are many concerns to consider, such as identifying whether you have a foot problem or disorder. Foot problems like bony bump or bunions, hammertoes, wide feet, narrow feet, high arches, fallen arches, or flat feet are some examples of foot disorders. After identifying your foot’s condition, you can begin looking for the perfect shoes that can provide proper support, making you feel comfortable for the rest of the day.

2. Choose The Perfect Fit

Believe it or not, some people would like to purchase a standard foot size and wouldn’t compromise with going one size larger, even if it’s more comfortable. Different shoe companies may have various shoe size guidelines which may be too large or small for your feet. With that, you should ensure that you try all sizes that’ll fit your feet, allowing for the perfect fit.

Even if it sounds surprising to change your size of eight from your usual size seven, if it doesn’t feel right on your feet, going for a size larger would always be an option. It will allow you to be comfortable during the day and avoid pausing from your walk because of sore feet. Don’t worry, as people won’t even notice that you’re wearing something of a different size.

3. Walk With The Shoes

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Before you purchase any new shoes, you should consider giving them a trial walk or run to ensure that you’re comfortable with them. While you may have the perfect fit for great-looking shoes, things might feel different on your feet once you start walking with them. With that, you should give it a walk as it’ll help you save bucks from spending on an expensive pair of shoes.

As you try to put on your shoes, you should first know if you’re comfortable letting them stay on your feet for the first two minutes. Once you feel any throbbing pain from the start, it will last a whole day, and your feet wouldn’t get used to it.

4. Look For Adjustment Features

Finding the perfect fit can be challenging especially, for closed shoes. Consider looking for a different shoe design, which allows for adjustment and customization according to your comfortability. In this way, you don’t have to settle on what your shoe can offer to you, but allow them to adjust for you without worrying about any foot pains.

Ideally, look for shoes with straps, lace, or ties that you can fully adjust to loosen or tighten, depending on your foot’s needs. Having the ability to relax your shoe will give them the chance to breathe and avoid any pains along with the possibility of blisters developing.

5. Allow For Extra Room

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If you’re going to purchase closed shoes, you should consider giving your feet extra room to breathe in. If you allow your shoes to fit into the shape of your feet, it might cause pain after a few hours of use, which you might find very uncomfortable. Along with this, you should also consider that your feet might get bigger at the end of the day. With that, fitting shoes during the night would be a great option.

To ensure the perfect fit without having to oversize your shoes intensely, you should place your thumb in between your shoes and feet, and it should still fit comfortably. However, if the issue of your shoe isn’t about its length but with its width, you should pick a different wider shoe design that allows for maximum comfortability. It is important for any shoe type, especially with sports shoes such as basketball or soccer.

6. Look For Cushions

To guarantee that your feet will be happy with every step you make, you should consider looking for a shoe with cushions on its sole. Your feet have a natural curve that isn’t supposed to be flat on the ground all the time. As you walk with your feet, you may want to provide support to your feet’s curve for comfortability. Without proper cushioning, you can expect your feet to be in pain with every step.

Preferably, look for a pair of shoes that features cushioning on their sole. While you can add gel inserts for added comfort, it would be great if the shoe had a built-in feature to prevent you from purchasing an extra add-on.

7. Search For Comfortable Materials

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Apart from the cushion soles, you should also consider the main material that a shoe uses. Ideally, it should be flexible, allowing you to walk with them at ease. There’s no better feeling than having to wear shoes with soft cushions on your sole and smooth materials to hug your feet.

You can look for shoe materials that use soft, high-quality leather, cotton, polyester, lycra, polypropylene, and rayon. Moreover, you should still fit them on your feet and see if they’re comfortable enough according to your shoe shape and condition. While shopping online would be great, testing them out on your feet would always be a better option.


Buying shoes can be challenging, especially that there are plenty of options that you can choose from. Either you’re purchasing a pair for your everyday use, work, party, or formal event, you should always ensure that they’re comfortable to wear for the entire day. In this way, you can be on your feet without having to worry about any blisters or wounds developing from your painful shoes.