Which Is the Most Popular Sport in India 2023? Top 8 Revealed

In India, sports are very popular. More precisely, it is one of the oldest elements of culture and tradition. One of the reasons is that it brings people together in many ways and contributes to multiculturalism. Among them, one dominates and that is cricket. Since sports play an important role in this country, we have to single out a few of the most popular ones.

1. Cricket

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Although cricket was introduced to India by European merchant mariners in the 18th century, the first cricket club was founded in Calcutta in 1792, and the Indian national cricket team did not play its first Test match. So, this is the most popular form of entertainment. The reason is India’s impressive results in international tournaments. However, that is not all. Betting on this sport is very simple, and you can choose from several options. Although betting is illegal, the online possibilities are endless. This means that Indian players can also participate and show their excellent knowledge in their favorite sport. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and pay a deposit to start the process. An even greater advantage is the security of using the website.

If you choose a verified provider, your data and money will be completely protected. So, pay attention to international licenses. You can also expect free transfers, bonuses, as well as many other benefits that you will find in one place. For example, it is a free streaming service that broadcasts a large number of cricket matches around the world. Check what promotions the providers are offering. Finally, this game is not only popular in India but also all over the world. With that, millions of people share the same passion and the market is huge. That is why the excitement among the fans of this sport is even greater. And if you also can’t get enough of this amazing game, click here to find out where you can combine earnings with pleasure.

2. Kabaddi

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It is the oldest traditional Indian sport that used to be played in the villages. Today it is internationally recognized and India has just won gold medals in the Asian Games as well as multiple Kabaddi World Cups. Thanks to the string of successes of the Pro Kabaddi League, the sport is back in the mainstream.

3. Football

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Of course, we must not forget about the most popular sport in the world – football. Although it is represented from east to west, the highest level of popularity is recorded in Europe and South America. For these peoples, it is not only a game but also a way of life. We have to mention a very important fact. Football is also the most accessible sport in the world, that’s why it spreads in all social spheres. In addition to the low cost of playing sports, it is also very easy to understand. This means that it is also very popular in betting circles. It is enough to read the rules once to remember them.

4. Badminton

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The main reason for the increasing popularity of badminton is the talented people of India. Every year they make their country prouder and richer for one trophy from an international tournament. It is really a great success, which contributes to the interest in this sport. However, it will forever be a sport of great interest. To recall, this is a sport in which two or four players participate. Their goal is to score points by sending the ball over the net, and the condition is that it does not fall to the ground on the opponent’s side of the court. Badminton shares similarities with tennis, but differs in basic rules, technical and tactical aspects. The playing field is much smaller compared to the tennis court. The ball is also different.

5. Basketball

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Although it has less followers than football, it is still a very popular sport in India. It will forever remain a part of the culture of this country, played regularly in schools. In addition, Indian basketball players are also involved in the international arena. Significant success has been achieved in recent years.

6. Moto

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Every year, an increasing number of people are involved in following motorsports. Although it is not the most accessible sport in the world, it is one of the biggest events. The audience includes the people of India. This is not a big surprise, because hardly anyone can remain immune to the excitement that this kind of program provides. There are many interesting facts about Formula 1, which is very popular in this country. For example, an F1 car can slow down from 200 km/h to 0 in 3.2 seconds. Every year the design of cars changes to make them lighter, faster and safer. There are as many as 10 gears, and the fuel is almost the same as unleaded fuel at the gas station. The physical condition of the participants is very important, because their heart rate can reach 200 beats per minute. The suit the drivers wear can withstand almost a minute at 850°C.

7. Boxing

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Boxing is a sport of high training intensity, and the fans know how to appreciate it. Today, boxing has become one of the most popular fitness training in the world, which is not surprising because it is extremely effective and fun. Although sometimes it seems a bit violent and rough, very important mental strength and concentration. During the fight, you should constantly think about your opponent. The noble skill and Olympic sport that traces its roots back to ancient Greece is also popular in India.

8. Tennis

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Unfortunately, this country cannot boast of great success in tennis. Although it was not as strong in the singles category, it produced tennis players who gained international attention in the doubles and mixed doubles categories. Regardless of the status, its inhabitants appreciate this sport very much. Tennis became extremely popular during the 1870s. That year also marked the first recorded tennis tournament in Wimbledon. To this day, Wimbledon is played every year and is considered one of the most important and prestigious competitive events for professional tennis players. It is also the fourth most popular sport in the world.


Cricket was invented more than 300 years ago and has grown into a global phenomenon. The sport is popular in many parts of the world, but India is the only country that is absolutely crazy about cricket. It is by far the most popular form of entertainment in the entire country.