6 Ways Playing Ping Pong Can Help Improve or Maintain Brain Development

Every sports activity has a number of physical and mental benefits for people, no matter what age they are. It is always good when we start playing sports from childhood, but it is never too late to do so when we are older. Everyone has the capacity to learn a sports activity, regardless of general health or physical fitness. That is why there are various activities so that everyone can choose what they want.

And while the world is talking about tennis, football, yoga, CrossFit, gym workout, running, Pilates, aerobics, HIIT, sometimes those activities are neglected that actually have a huge impact on the development of the brain and brain activity and its improvement. Surely you know what table tennis is, or you recognize it better as ping pong.

In order to enroll your child in ping pong or to motivate him to train on his own, you need to introduce him to the concept of the activity, but also to show him how to handle the equipment needed to play. If you are inexperienced in this field, then you can find interesting recommendations on pingpongglory.com and choose together.

The choice of this sport is very good and there are thousands of proven reasons for that, and today we will list a few of them.

1. Improves reflexes

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When the ball comes towards the player, he has to swing the bat to return it to the opponent. It requires quick reaction, reflexes, coordination between the eyes and the hands, and it all takes place through the brain. Of course, you will not notice exceptional results in the first training, but you do not need any discouragement. With regular exercise, the reflexes will improve, so the brain will practice its role as a mediator between what the eyes register and the way the body should react.

2. Improves mood

Although it seems to you like just passing the ball to your opponent, there is actually a lot more dynamism in the game, and that is great for improving your mood. In fact, you do not rest, but you have a lot of movement, and all aerobic exercise helps you feel better and get rid of anxiety. This is especially true if you have been playing table tennis for a long time. Hormones come under control, and dopamine controls emotions. You will definitely feel great when you get out of training and come home. You can find one for yourself at Watson’s.

3. Exercise your wrists

Flexibility comes right from your joints, and this sport requires a lot of activity. But, apart from the arms, it also helps to exercise all the joints in the body, with low effort, so that there is no heavy load. There is nothing better in the world than a ping pong training session, and then you feel your arms and knees smooth and flexible.

4. Good for balance and coordination

Among the many benefits, you will get from ping pong, balance and motor coordination in your body are perhaps the biggest. As we have already explained, at the same time you have to move your legs and swing your arms, without defocusing. Surely, your brain needs a lot to balance all these activities, which take place in a very short period of time. This means that older people who want to do something for themselves will also see positive things. This sport in itself establishes a direct balance on the activity of the body and the brain, and at the same time allows you to have control over the movements, but also over your strength. It will help you with many other activities, such as cooking, playing an instrument, or any other creative handicraft.

5. You burn calories

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The key to maintaining an optimal weight is to burn enough calories, and we all know that exercise is the best way to do that. Not everyone enjoys the gym or high-intensity exercise, so ping pong is a really great option if you care about what your body looks like. You ask, how does that relate to brain development? When you have a beautiful image of yourself in your head, then your self-confidence grows and you feel good in your body, which makes you more capable of other physical activities. As you can see, there are a number of benefits and it is up to you how you will use them.

6. Better attention span

As the years go by, our attention shifts to other things and we cannot always focus on what is in front of our eyes. Sometimes it is not enough to just eat healthy food and move around. More dynamic exercises bring more benefits, and of course, you must allow your brain to coordinate with your actions, thus improving your attention span. Really, you can’t find a better sport to achieve that.


From what you have read so far, you can understand that the key moment in accepting ping pong as a sport is to get used to the rules, but also to be ready for many aspects of your life to improve. Of course, you will achieve this if you can devote enough time to become good at what you do.

To make sure you make a good choice, you need to take a chance and then evaluate whether this sport suits your physical abilities. What is good for others is not always right for you. So you have to work on yourself and try different activities.

The old and good “table tennis” will remind you of childhood, will awaken your memories, will fill you with a lot of energy and desire for achievement, and at the same time will bring you numerous benefits when it comes to coordination between brain and body. So do not underestimate, take that paddle in your hands, find a worthy opponent, and start training. You will be surprised how quickly you will notice the positive sides.

You will never know if you don’t give it a try. And trust us, this sport really deserves that chance.