Premier League – Is There Someone Who Can Stop Manchester City?

This season of PL is very interesting. There are some surprising names at the top, while there are also those who disappointed. However, there are still a lot of gameweeks, and many things can change during tht time.

Also, the current break because of the World Cup will help some teams to consolidate and work in better tactics that might help them to reach a higher position in the end. The best example for that is Liverpool who had a poor start of the season, and they are not even in the first four at the moment, which is something that no one expected before of the start of the season.

There are 22 more games to be played for each club, which means that a lot of points are in the game. If you think that some team will either continue with great results, or start falling, you can earn money on that by betting. In that matter, check out

Moreover, even though Manchester City is following Arsenal with a four point’s difference, most people are still thinking that this club is the biggest favorite to win the league in the end. The interesting fact that is leading a lot of people to think that is that this is not the first time for Arsenal to have a great start of the season, and then mess that up in later stages. The quality of players and how many of them are on the bench is one of the most important factors, and Manchester City is well-known for that since they have a great alternative for every position in the team.

Can Arsenal Keep The Leading Position To The End?


As we already mentioned, this is not the first time where Arsenal was showing excellent performances in the first half of the season, and then started facing injuries and problems with the lack of proper alternatives on the bench. On the other side, the fact that they are not playing in European competitions represents a huge advantage.

When the World Cup is over, players won’t have a lot of time to rest. Also, there will be double gameweeks along with CL and EL tournaments. In that matter, Manchester City is more likely to face problems since some of the players could face fatigue and injuries. The positive side for them is that the biggest star of this season, Erling Haaland, is not playing the World Cup.

Therefore, it is expected that he will maintain the form and health to continue scoring a lot of goals. The difference is only four points, but we all know that it can mean a lot in the best football league in the world. Therefore, Arsenal have a great chance to keep the advantage to the end.

What About Other Clubs?

One of the biggest surprises this season is Newcastle United who is currently on third position, only two points behind City. Therefore, one more mistake by the Blue Side of Manchester, and they will occupy the second place. What makes it even more interesting is that they still have most of the players that were playing last year when they had struggles to stay in the league.


Moreover, the Almiron exploded this season, while Trippier is showing the right leadership and defending skills that this team needed. When we add a couple of other players like Guimaraes, Wilson, and Pope, chances for them to stay in the top 4 are great, and there is even a chance for them to attack the title, which would be the biggest surprise since Leicester won the league.

The Tottenham is showing some ups and downs in form, and that is especially related to poor performances of Son, who was their key player in the last season, and the best scorer in the league along with Salah. Kane is struggling to find the right connection with other players, but still managed to score 12 goals, which is the best example of how good this striker is.


Besides that, Conte is known as a coach who knows how to win a title, and with some sort of consolidation and players who are in good form, they also have a decent chance to attack the first position. Also, most people expect to see them in the first four at the end.

The fifth place is held by Utd. This team is experiencing a lot of challenges at the moment, especially when it comes to Ronaldo, and his controversial interview. Since he is now out of the team for good, they will have to buy another striker in the winter transfer period. There are some young talents that showed great performances in recent games. Still, it is questionable whether they can keep the form for a longer time.


One of the biggest negative surprises is Liverpool. We all expected to seem them fighting for the first place. Yet, they are struggling on the 6th position, and they were even lower on the table at some point. There were a lot of surprising losses that Klopp’s team have faced. The difference between them and Arsenal is 15 points, which seems a lot. However, we all know that surprises are always possible, especially when it comes to the one of the best clubs in the world.

The Bottom Line

The City is five points behind Arsenal. Still, it is not a surprise that they are still the main favorite for winning the league. It is up to them and their following gameweeks. It will be challenging because the schedule will become tight after the World Cup.

However, they have an alternative for every player, which is a serious advantage when compared to other clubs. The role of Arsenal is also huge here. If they keep their form and continue winning even against strong clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea, it will be much more difficult for Manchester City to reach the five-points difference.