A Rookie’s Guide To The Ultimate Man, Machine and Dirt Challenge

If the smell of the mud, the sound of the mean machines, and the adrenaline rush are what you crave, then Dirt Racing is perfect for you. A sport that dates back to the early 1900s is still charming as it was a century ago.

The love for racing and bikes makes it one of the preferred sports for the riders. The sound of the machine as it roars through the mud kindles the rider’s love for the sport. Commonly, riders stick to what they see first. The reason can either be the particular race is the best type of riding in that area, or what their friends or family prefer.

This sport is all about you having fun, enjoying your time, and the thrill of the ride. If you can muster the courage and are brave enough, you can compete in the racing too.

The Event

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Having thoughts about being an amateur, remember that this sport is for all. Most dirt races have two races, called motos – the professional moto and the amateur moto. Depending on the type of moto and race, the duration of the sport varies.

There are a wide variety of races dating back in time. The most popular is Motocross or MX, and it is what people visualize when they think of dirt bike racing.

Types of Dirt Racing

  • Motocross or MX
  • Enduro
  • Grand National Cross Country
  • World off-road Championship Series
  • Grand Prix
  • Hare and Hound
  • Supercross or SX
  • Arenacross
  • Endurocross
  • Trials
  • Freestyle

The races vary in the type of track, total race time, and the rules governing the sport. Supercross is the second most popular form of racing, followed by other off-road races. The inclusion of different series and disciplines has made it more exciting.

The Machines

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The bikes are the heart of the sport. The rumbling noises and the thunders on acceleration will keep you glued to the sport from start to end. Do you plan to try your hands on one? Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, .etc. , are to name a few of the manufacturers in this segment who have made it to the stands of glory. The bikes have often been custom-made by the riders.

Want to know how a dirt bike looks?

The most striking feature of the bike is the dirt knobby tires. Some of the bikes carry a suspension, but most do not. The wheel is accompanied by a set of bottom bracket bearings, allowing their free movement. A flat and narrow seat with a small gas tank near it. A shorter wheelbase to give you the grip at low speeds.

The dirt and grime that accumulate over time are enough to corrode the bracket bearings. A good set of bottom bracket bearing kits keeps the rider out of any sticky situation. The kits use stainless steel as raw material and are a perfect fit for the tires that service for a long time. You can visit https://www.airevelobearings.com/product-category/bottom-bracket-bearing-kits/ to learn more about them.

The bikes range from 125cc to 650cc with 2 or 4 strokes. They have an engine with smooth power for an easy riding experience. The seat height is a little lower than the fuel tank for easy accessibility. It also helps the rider touch the ground and balance better.

A bike for a specific track is a must for this sport. It plays a vital role in the power and agility that come with the machine.

The Track

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Dirt racing tracks are of mud or even can have occasional sightings of water as well. The racetracks have uphill and downhill climbs, turns, and obstructions. The racecourse can weave through desert or woody areas depending on the type of racing.

Motocross tracks are natural-terrain tracks with various artificial jumps, berms, and obstacles. Riders start the race after the gate drops. The gate, usually segmented and drops towards the riders to stop them from an early start. Those trying to crossover get hung up while others take off. The tracks have practice and race days.

Supercross tracks are like MX tracks, except for the location, which is inside a stadium. So, supercross race events have an edge by being a day-night affair. The riders launch from an elevation, but the track jumps are smaller.

Supercross or SX has race formats –

  • Timed practices,
  • Qualifiers, and
  • Main event.
  • The main event has 15/20 laps in one minute. You have to earn a spot for this one as it is a “Pro-only” event.

The smaller version of an SX is the Arenacross. The start of the race on these tracks is often similar to SX. The narrow racetracks have two starting lines behind a single gate.

An Endurocross race track is one of the most interesting ones with off-road obstacles like logs, water, sand, and rocks. The EX or Endurocross uses temporary racetracks with the starting gate and qualification rules like the supercross.

A pro main Endurocross event has 12 one-minute laps. The short-duration races over challenging tracks demand a lot of fitness and biking skills. Amateur races often happen on the same racetracks.

Trial race tracks will take your adrenaline levels a notch higher. The racetrack has impossible obstacles like boulders, waterfalls, cliffs, and streams. It is a finesse event; you attract penalty points for the number of touchdowns on the ground. Passing a section without touching down is known as ‘cleaning a section.’

Freestyle or FMX is for the ones who love mid-air action. Riders perform mid-air tricks and score points on style and difficulty levels.

It has three subcategories –

  • Best Whip,
  • Speed and Style, and
  • Step-Up.

There are two Freestyle disciplines, namely Vintage and Rally Racing.

If you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough. The infamous lines by Parnelli Jones highlight the game.

Are you still pondering over whether you should try it or not? If your love for biking is not enough, then the rush and excitement of this century-old sport will tease you to try it at least once. The mid-air jumps and the occasional splash of water with that thundering bike – what else do you want!