Are Esports Gamers Burning Calories Like Professional Athletes

There has been a lot of discussion regarding video gamers, their skills and the pros and cons of video gaming experiences. Long ago, between the 1980s and 1990s, playing video games for long hours was prohibited.

It was believed that it slowed the functioning of brains, made one gain weight and become lethargic compared to the athletes who always worked hard on the grounds to give their best shot, practicing their respective games and events, burning calories. This was the only way to keep one away from video games. You can also get reference from
Gradually, the time passed, technology grew, and new games were launched with another spiking level of excitement and adrenaline rush, making your heart beat faster with a level-pegging competition between game developing companies.

Researches Suggesting Theories


A research was published last year in which it was mentioned, about 27 young adults aged between 18yrs to 40yrs, playing games in their early life was linked with a better working memory later in their life. People who were passionate gamers in their adolescence gave a better result in performing memory tasks, which required mental skills and manipulating information to get the results. Researcher Marc Phalaus, Ph.D., noted it in an official release.

Whether it be an E-Sports or Professional gamer, they both tend to be fit in both the ways physically and mentally.

Proceeding with the further research outcomes, online gaming is no fewer calories cutter than other professional athletes. Video game players seem to burn next to equal calories compared to athletics.

According to the ‘The Daily Mail’ Reporters, they reported first that Male tends to burn the calories around 420 plus calories and Females tends to burn the calories around 475 plus calories with overall approximately two hours.

Experiments To Track The Theories


To get with the figures, they tracked the heart rates by playing two games: Warzone, a shooter game, and FIFA, the popular soccer game. We all know that competition increases our heart rates, and almost all the gamers have experienced the “gaming sweat.”
Whether you are searching for a last-minute goal in FIFA or you are looking for a very secure and tight spot in Call of Duty: Warzone, surprised by the results in a two-hour session of gaming it was noted that the calories burned was equal to the physical training of 1000 sit-ups.

Researchers have also found that playing a competitive online game for two continuous hours can burn calories as much as we can by just doing 1000 sit-ups in a continuous flow. As competition or speed for games increases our heart rates which leads to our players experiencing the ‘gaming sweat.’

Suppose their estimated counts seem to be correct regarding the burning calories while playing games. In that case, it concludes that a person playing FIFA world burns around 212 calories per hour or around 110 calories per half hour.

According to the well-known researchers of Harvard Medical School, the average 154-pound person burns around 110 calories per 30 mins by weight lifting. Other sports which burn the same number of calories include dancing, throwing frisbee and bowling. The professional gamers who play serious games have got their heart rates up with intense focus and determination.

The intense Olympic training and the sheer amount of physical activity they perform put them in higher energy reflux. The athletes are burning more calories than any normal layperson through intense training and all the calories they’re eating because the body produces thermal heat, which causes them to burn more calories.

At a professional level, speaking of different athletes and their games. Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.72 seconds. In this amount of time, a person would burn about 3.6 calories less than having a one-eighth cup of blueberries.

Some Facts And Figures


Last year, in 2023, a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study of about 1400 gamers from 65 countries, in the research they found out that the e-sports players, about 21% of them have a healthier body weight than the other general population. The study has also revealed that esports gamers avoid smoking and drinking less than the other public, and they are significantly more active than others.

Similarly, in other games, the athletes burn a certain number of calories depending on the time and how much they compete to give their best. In between running, diving, jumping and balancing in the sand, the athlete gets a serious workout. If a woman of around 150-154 pounds played in the sand for two hours, they would burn about 1094 calories.

An Olympic Basketball match lasts for about four periods of 10 minutes each. In this game, a leading player like LeBron James will burn more than 605 calories during a 40-minute game. The calories burned depend upon the intensity of the game.

Whether it be an Esports or Olympic games, the players on both the platforms burn calories, breaking their sweat and due to level-pegging competition between the players, the intensity to achieve the goal increases surprisingly, and the adrenaline rush inside you makes the gaming more determined and fun.

Online gaming tends to improve the capabilities of multitasking skills


The more complex multiplayer game teaches the players to be more strategic, analytical, assess any risk and reward, and respond to the call for them in the game.

There are social benefits of e-sports games that allow the players to make friends globally, connecting them. Playing online games can increase productivity, skill development, stress relief, staying engaged, and it increases interaction between the players. Some online games help relieve stress and help lower the cortisol level (one of the stress hormones).
These platforms have a very user-friendly interface, end-to-end encrypted security, and many more features, making online gaming a pleasant one.


Online games help burn calories and break a lot of sweat through intense gaming, especially while playing through It also helps improve mental skills and gives an analytical and strategic mindset to clear the different stages of the game.