10 Best Game Winning Field Goals During The 2023 NFL Regular Season

There is nothing better than a game-winning field goal unless you are on the losing side…

This weekend, we saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get knocked out by a field goal in the final seconds of the match.

And that got us thinking, we’ve seen some great field goals this season, but which ones were the best?

Today, we are going to take a deep dive into the 10 best field goals of the 2023-22 regular season. We are going to start with a masterclass from Younghoe Koo.

#10 – Younghoe Koo, Week 3

Younghoe Koo kicked 27 field goals this year, 3 of which were game-winning. The Falcons’ didn’t have a great year, but thanks to the hard work and nearly flawless kicking of Koo they didn’t have a terrible year.

Let’s talk about his first game-winning field goal. This was a 40-yard kick during the dying second of the match to snatch the Falcons a 17-14 victory over the Giants.

This goal in Week 3 set the stage for Koo to go on to do bigger and better things for the rest of the season.

#9 – Daniel Carlson, Week 12

One of the best times to score an Overtime field goal to win the match is on Thanksgiving and that is just what Daniel Carlson did. He ruined a few Thanksgiving dinners for Cowboy fans we’re sure.

This was not his only game-winning field goal of the season, he also scored one in Week 15 and another in Week 18. It is a shame that we won’t get to see him in the playoffs.

#8 – Greg Joseph, Week 5

The Vikings should have won this game outright, without needing Joseph to kick a 54-yard field goal to save them from the Lions.

With two minutes left on the clock, the Vikings were 16-9 up on the Lions. The Lions went on to score 8 points, forcing Joseph to save the day with a kick just on the edge of his range.

This kick proved that Joseph is one of the only Viking players that can keep it cool under pressure.

#7 – Younghoe Koo, Week 7

Koo kicked 93.8% of his field goals this year and 100% of his extra points. Why the rest of the Falcons played sporadically, Koo was the cornerstone of the team along with the quarterback Matt Ryan and their rookie Pitt.

This goal against the Dolphins came in overtime, with the Falcons trailing by one point. Koo calmly kicked a 36-yard field goal straight down the middle of the pitch to win his team the game.

#6 – Matthew Wright, Week 6

In Week 6 the Jacksonville Jaguars took on the Miami Dolphins in London.

Both teams had started the season off in a rough manner, however, it was the Jaguars who were looking for their first win of the season.

Matthew Wright gave it to them in the very last second of the game and sent the London crowd wild in the process.

Their rookie quarterback had looked to be struggling throughout the match, but Wright was there to save the day and give us a show in the process.

#5 – Younghoe Koo, Week 9

Now, let’s look at Koo’s final game-winning field goal of the season.

This was yet another goal kicked in the very last second of the match. If the Falcons don’t give Koo some kind of raise at the end of this season then we will be annoyed.

Sadly, Koo wouldn’t be able to save the day when the two teams played against each other later in the season.

#4 – Mason Crosby, Week 3

With one second left on the clock, Mason Crosby got the ball and kicked it 39 yards across the pitch. Thanks to this goal the Green Bay Packers walked away with their third victory of the season.

We say the reverse of this happened in the playoffs as the 49ers knocked out the favorites, Green Bay Packers. Now the race for the Super Bowl is wide open – see the 49er’s chances of taking the silverware here with Fanduel.com Super Bowl odds.

#3 – Greg Joseph, Week 6

Joseph kicked a 29-yard field goal in the dying seconds of the match to steal the victory from the Green Bay Packers. This was arguably the Vikings’ top game of the season.

The look on his face was unforgettable, not many of the Vikings fans could believe their eyes. Aaron Rodgers was definitely shocked too.

This kick definitely made up for the one that Joseph missed against the Carolina Panthers the week before, losing them the game.

#2 – Greg Zuerlein, Week 2

Was anyone else incredibly confused when watching the end of this match?

The stadium clocks were apparently causing chaos for the Cowboys – which watches apparently stopping and camera trucks getting in between the defensive coaches and their players.

The Cowboys wasted over 20 seconds over the great clock debacle. So, saving the day came down to Greg Zuerlein, who kicked an incredible 56-yard field goal to win the match for his team. That distance isn’t even a personal best for him.

#1 – Harrison Butker, Week 1

Harrison Butker kicked the season off with a bang. He perfectly kicked all 5 of his field goals to set the Kansas City Chiefs on the right track to make it to another Conference Final.

This will be the 3rd consecutive conference final for the Chiefs and could be a 3rd consecutive Super Bowl match for the team.

Harrison Butker was responsible for their most recent playoff win against the Bill. We expect to see more exceptional kicking from him.

There have been a lot of game-changing field goals this season and we can only hope there will be more throughout the playoffs. The four remaining teams all have great kickers in their squad, so we are expecting great things from them.