6 Best Youth Soccer Goalie Gloves – 2020 Buying Guide

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When children begin showing interest in organized sports, many parents turn to soccer thinking that it is a great way to help preventinjuries while also limited the amount necessary for equipment.

While both of these facts may be true, that does not change the fact that some positions require special equipment. One such position is the goalie, which require specialized gloves to play the position.

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Of course, this is still sports equipment for children who are notorious for not taking care of their things and for quickly outgrowing anything that they wear. On top of that, there is a big difference between competition worthy goalie gloves and one better suited for practice.

Best Youth Soccer Goalie Gloves in 2020

Figuring out which is the best youth goalie gloves for your child can be a difficult and confusing task. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best youth goalie gloves, highlighting what each one does best. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the best youth goalie gloves to suit your child’s needs.

1. Adidas Predator (Editor’s Choice)– Elastic Bandage for Perfect Fit and Wrist Support

Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Goalie Gloves review

Adidas is one of the most famous and storied sports equipment manufacturers in history, but this actually leaves them open from niche specialists.

Specifically, because Adidas makes sports equipment for virtually every sport and piece of equipment, not to mention that if they have a specialization it would be in sporting shoes, the company puts out a product that is not always the best in its market especially if it is in a less competitive market which youth goalie gloves happen to be.

As such, while this youth goalie glove may not necessarily provide the best performance, it does not have too terribly many flaws at the outset either.

Acceptable Materials

In this area, you should not necessarily expect anything to blow you away, but neither should expect to find anything that is outright terrible though these are definitely not goalie gloves that are meant to be used all day, every day.

Still, the exterior is made primarily of polyester that is then reinforced with polyurethane at strategic points to provide a decent level of durability.

The strap is made of elastic and features a Velcro closure to make getting into and out of the Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Goalie Gloves an easier task. In fact, this pair of goalie gloves was designed to be used on all types of fields including indoor and astroturf.

A Solid Design

When it comes to the design of the Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Goalie Gloves, once again the company made it a point to provide an overall solid product but one that does not genuinely excite or challenge the accepted paradigm.

Regardless, the negative cut at least allows your child to better practice deflections and saves while the all Allaround grip design allows them to also work on punches and other backhand techniques.

As such, these goalie gloves are likely best suited for children who understand the fundamentals and need to hone some of the finer points but not the truly advanced skillset. This is why we ranked them our best junior goalie gloves, as they are not truly ready for the older youth leagues.


  • Made with Fingersaves
  • Strap made of elastic
  • Made of polyester and polyurethane
  • Has a negative cut
  • Has Allaround grip design
  • Made for all fields
  • Comes in 10 different styles
  • Has a vented wrist
  • Provides some wrist support


  • Is a more expensive youth goalie glove
  • Not the most durable

2. Blok-IT – Best Youth Soccer Goalie Gloves Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves review

Blok-IT is by no means a company that is noted for making the absolute best-performing products, but that is not really their market. Instead, Blok-IT is one of many new companies to use the only online business model to save on overhead costs and pass those savings onto the customer.

While the results can be a bit spotty, Blok-IT makes good on that business model and provides arguably one of the best all-around values that we saw with a pair of goalie gloves that are well-designed for a youth but also much less expensive than some of the higher-end models made by more well-known companies.

Helping Development

One of the best things about the Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves, and arguably why we ranked it our Editor’s Choice Soccer Goalie Gloves Youth, is that it is designed to naturally help children develop and refine their fundamental technique. For instance, this begins with a roll finger cut that makes catching the ball a natural experience while the exterior latex provides some additional grip to help them get a hold of the ball.

Another unexpected benefit of the Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves in terms of development is that they are meant to fit bigger than expected. This is actually a benefit in disguise because it essentially forces your child to grow into their gloves, refining their technique along the way.

Additional Protection

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for youth goalie gloves as that children’s hands are not yet fully developed. While this can give them extraordinary agility and flexibility, it also means that they are not nearly as strong and cannot handle stopping the forces of a hard-kicked ball repeatedly without some additional protection to ensure that they do not get injured.

While the style and design assisting the development of fundamental techniques are nice, the fact your child’s hands will be protected with 3 mm of latex and padding should put your mind at ease. Finally, this pair of goalie gloves also comes with finger protection technology to make sure that no hard-kicked ball injures their fingers when trying to make a save.


  • Has a velcro closure
  • Provides additional wrist support
  • Made with Fingersaves
  • Has a roll finger cut
  • Exterior made of latex
  • Palm has 3 mm grip
  • Durable enough for indoor and astroturf fields
  • Is a less expensive youth goalie glove
  • Offers larger sizes
  • Comes in 7 different styles


  • Not the most durable
  • Takes time to break in

3. Renegade GK – New Endo-Tek Pro Fingersaves (People’s Choice)

Renegade GK Talon Goalkeeper Gloves review

For the general public, Renegade GK likely has no immediate association or meaning, but for goalies, this brand is likely synonymous with excellence.

That is because Renegade GK is one of a couple brands on our list that specialize exclusively in equipment for goalies with goalie gloves being the primary product of note.

This means that you can trust Renegade GK to understand what it takes to make an incredibly high-end pair of goalie gloves this despite the fact that they just came out. As such, you should realize that while the brand may have an inside track, they are still figuring some things out.

Superior Materials

This is one of a couple pair of youth goalie gloves that we looked at which features some of the same materials as the others with a slight difference here and there to give it a bit of an advantage. For example, the Renegade GK Talon Goalkeeper Gloves make it a point to not only use latex but also a high-quality German latex in the manufacturing of these gloves’ palms.

This allows the Renegade GK Talon Goalkeeper Gloves to provide an excellent grip that also allows for plenty of flexibility. On top of that, the thumb of the Renegade GK Talon Goalkeeper Gloves features a v-notch that has been reinforced with polyurethane, ensuring that these gloves will last as long as your child does.

A Proper Design

Aside from the fact the Renegade GK Talon Goalkeeper Gloves uses higher quality materials than most of their competitors; they also have a tendency to use superior designs as well.

For instance, this is one of a few youth goalie gloves that we looked at that features an air mesh body design to ensure that your child has enough ventilation without sacrificing anything in terms of support or durability.

Speaking of support and durability, the Velcro closure of the Renegade GK Talon Goalkeeper Gloves uses nylon as opposed to the more common elastic, which allows the closure to function more similarly to a wrap style with the convenience of a Velcro closure. Finally, the thumb wrap design of the Renegade GK Talon Goalkeeper Gloves features a 180-degree range of motion regards which of the 3 cuts you choose.


  • Come in 3 different cuts
  • Made with removable Fingersaves
  • Has a velcro closure
  • Has 3 mm German latex palm
  • Has 180-degree thumb wrap
  • Has polyurethane V-notch
  • Has a 3D air mesh body
  • Strap made of nylon
  • Has rubber pull-tabs


  • For outdoor fields
  • No thumb Fingersave

4. BOER – Preformed Gloves Enabling Better Hand Fit (Best Price)

BOER Goalkeeper Gloves review

BOER is another company that makes use of the only online business model to keep overhead costs low and passes those savings on to their consumers with BOER making it a point to do so more than any of their competitors making this the best price youth goalie gloves that we found.

That said, it should be understood that these are not at all intended to be used as regular goalie gloves for competition purposes.

This is because the BOER Goalkeeper Gloves are simply one of many vague sports related markets that the company sells meaning that this company does not have a real specialization in soccer equipment or anything truly related to it.

Comfort is Key

Considering the BOER Goalkeeper Gloves are not really meant to be used for the highest levels of competition, you would expect them to make it a point to take care some of the inconveniences that often come with the higher performing goalie gloves.

Thankfully, the BOER Goalkeeper Gloves understands this and exceeds expectations better than most. For example, this is one of a few pairs of youth goalie gloves that features an air mesh exterior to increase ventilation and breathability though the BOER Goalkeeper Gloves is not able to do so without sacrificing some of their protections.

Some Legitimate Concerns

While a number of youth goalie gloves we reviewed come with their own particular set of flaws or drawbacks, the BOER Goalkeeper Gloves are likely the ones that have the most troubling, specifically because these flaws could potentially affect the child.

Specifically, these goalie gloves do not come with Fingersave technology, meaning that your child is more at risk of hyperextension injuries. On top of that, these youth goalie gloves are likely the least durable that we reviewed and would likely not be able to make it all the way through a single highly competitive game without tearing.

Of course, if you purchase these for younger children who only occasionally play, they are a great value.


  • Palm made of latex
  • Exterior made of polyurethane
  • Has 3 mm palm
  • Has a velcro closure
  • Material is breathable
  • Has a negative cut
  • Gloves are waterproof
  • More comfortable than most
  • The least expensive goalie gloves reviewed


  • Has a narrow size range
  • Not the most durable

5. NoetZ Glove Company – Innovative Hybrid Contour Line

NoetZ Glove Company YOZAKURA PRO Goalkeeper Gloves review

Of all the brands that we have reviewed, none of them likely produce a better-performing youth goalie glove than the NoetZ Glove Company.

Aside from the fact that this company specializes exclusively in soccer goalie gloves and accessories meant to be worn with soccer goalie gloves, they are using some of the best materials and feature designs that not only go above and beyond industry standards, they also have a tendency to innovate.

In fact, were it not for the fact that they are expensive; the NoetZ Glove Company YOZAKURA PRO Goalkeeper Gloves would likely be our Editor’s Choice. As it stands, they are still the best youth goalkeeper gloves for players at the highest levels of competition.

A Better Design

Unlike most products, the materials of a pair of youth goalie gloves do not necessarily have the biggest overall impact on the performance of the product.

Instead, the design of the youth goalie gloves will likely have more of an effect on the player’s performance, and the NoetZ Glove Company YOZAKURA PRO Goalkeeper Gloves make it a point to provide not only thicker padding than any other pair of youth goalie gloves that we reviewed but do so in a panel build that allows these goalie gloves to flex and move better than most despite the additional padding.

On top of that, these goalie gloves are by far the most successful at ventilating the body of the gloves without sacrificing any strength or durability.

A Broad Style

Another quality that would make the NoetZ Glove Company YOZAKURA PRO Goalkeeper Gloves a great choice for most people is the fact that the hybrid cut provides most players something to help them as this actually takes the two most popular cuts and combines them.

You get the naturally curving and closing feel of a roll finger cut while also providing the freedom and flexibility you get with a flat cut. Aside from the fact that combination of cut provides a variety of features, it also makes these goalie gloves durable as well.

Finally, the palm actually extends to the wristband of the NoetZ Glove Company YOZAKURA PRO Goalkeeper Gloves and offers the additional support a reinforced closure would normally provide at the contact point instead of as a net.


  • Has 4 mm panel palm
  • Palm made of German latex
  • Has a hybrid cut
  • Lined with neoprene
  • Finger padding 3 mm
  • Has ventilated design
  • Strap made of elastic
  • Has a velcro closure
  • Palm provides wrist support


  • Is a more expensive youth goalie gloves
  • Only comes in a single style

6. Vizari – Excellent Training Glove

Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove review

Vizari is an interesting company in that they have been around for a little while, so you expect them to have a good idea regarding the nuances of their product.

On top of that, Vizari also specializes in soccer equipment, though they do not specialize in goalie gloves or goalie accessories specifically like some of the other brands on our list.

That said, it is difficult to get over the fact that this pair of goalie gloves has the worst grip out of any pair that we reviewed making these gloves a bit difficult to place. Though they are not flimsy, these goalie gloves are still best utilized as training gloves that are not used for competition purposes.

Made for Protection

The only situation in which these goalie gloves should be used for a competition setting is if the child is facing off against a team known to send rocket shots at the goal, because the Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove is like the most protective goalie gloves that we found with a variety of different features designed to increase the protection above most others.

For instance, while almost all of the products we reviewed feature some form of Fingersaves, the Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove offers the best performance in this category with 8 in total for each glove though they cannot be removed. On top of that, the duplatex foam on the palms making catching even the hardest kick easy.

A More Comfortable Glove

While the Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove is likely not the most comfortable pair of goalie gloves that we looked at, they are likely the best that can be used for competitive purposes if not for competitions. For one, this pair of goalie gloves features a uniquely ventilated design so that the larger Fingersaves do not otherwise prevent the Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove from being breathable.

On top of that, the Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove also comes with a V-notch wristband to make putting the gloves on and adjusting the fit perfectly much easier. Finally, the rolled finger cut allows your child to catch the ball without having to fight the goalie gloves to do so.


  • Has a 3 mm palm
  • Palm made of duplatex foam
  • Has v-notch wristband
  • Has 8 F.R.F. finger protectors
  • Is a less expensive youth goalie glove
  • Features a breathable design
  • Has a velcro closure
  • Has a rolled finger cut
  • Provides additional wrist support


  • Not best grip
  • Does not accept tack easily

Best Youth Goalie Gloves – Buyer’s Guide


Best Youth Goalie Gloves Review – CutThis is likely the most important aspect of a pair of youth goalie gloves as this will ultimately impact how natural the gloves feel to play while wearing.

If you get the wrong cut of youth goalie gloves, not only will your child’s performance decrease, but they are likely to find the gloves uncomfortable.

On the other hand, finding the right kind of fit of goalie gloves for your youth can not only make the game feel better to play actually improve their performance especially if they have an area that could use a little boost.


This is the most basic type of goalie glove cut and was not designed with any intention in terms of enhancement. As such, this is generally seen as a good all-around goalie glove cut, but it will neither hinder nor help any part of your game.

This is a good type of cut for a beginner who is just starting out or for a player who does not have any significant strengths or weakness to their game and would simply prefer their technique remain unmodified.

It is worth noting that this is a shrinking market as most players opts to improve some element of their game over the neutral approach.

Roll Finger

Best Youth Goalie Gloves Review – Roll FingerThis is like the most common type of cut because it helps with one of the most important parts of being a goalie: catching the ball.

Essentially, the way that roll finger cut goalie gloves are made ultimately increase your ability to close the gloves as they are naturally curved closed anyway.

For a youth goalie, this can be a great help, as they may not yet have developed the hand and finger strength to both catch the ball and close the gloves simultaneously.

Of course, as the player gets a bit older, the roll finger cut becomes less advantageous as their hand strength is likely more than enough.


A negative cut is interesting in that it is the first type of cut where the stitches and seams are on the inside of the gloves as opposed to the outside. The primary advantage of this cut is that offers a tighter fit than pretty much all of the other cuts which may be important to some players.

It is worth noting that most goalie gloves are made to be a bit bigger as a large number of goalie prefer the additional room to offer more surface area while also feeling more comfortable. However, for those players who are looking for a tighter fitting goalie glove, then the negative cut goalie gloves are the best option.


Best Youth Goalie Gloves Review – HybridAs the name suggests, a hybrid cut goalie glove will use different elements for various cuts or may even use multiple cuts altogether.

For instance, one of the more popular types of hybrid cut to emerge uses different types of cuts for different fingers to maximize the various effects that the goalie gloves can have.

On the other hand, some goalie gloves will simply utilize multiple type of cut simultaneously to get the benefits of both while also reinforcing their durability.

Finally, some hybrid cuts will take qualities or aspects of a cut without actually using the entire technique to modify how the gloves perform.


As we can see, depending on their age and skill level, the question of which is the best youth goalie gloves will have very different answers depending on who you ask.

While you would normally simply look for a quality or two to stress, in this instance we would stress making sure the goalie gloves are comfortable and offer plenty of protection though competition goalie gloves may be a bit different.

For those who are looking for a pair of goalie gloves that are good but will not break the bank, then we recommend the Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves.

While these are definitely not the most durable pair of youth goalie gloves that we reviewed, it is still a good all-around option that offers a decent value. It is especially good to help those still refining their technique.

Of course, some youth players are more advanced than others are, and these players require superior equipment to play at their peak. For these players, we recommend the NoetZ Glove Company YOZAKURA PRO Goalkeeper Gloves, which uses some of the best materials that we saw and combines them with innovative designs to provide a pair of goalie gloves that are worth every penny to a competitive youth goalie.


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