4 Reasons Why eSports Betting is Popular Among Millennials

Gambling is one of the main forms of entertainment since the beginning of human civilization. Some traces of this concept can be found in the earliest of texts and permanents. Naturally, we are talking about a concept that has evolved massively from the first steps that were long ago. The first thing you can see is that modern games are not nearly the same as those that were played in ancient times.

Still, the core of these remained practically the same. A couple of players are competing for the prize, which is filled with all of those that participate in it. Today, things are somewhat different. You can either go to a land-based casino or visit an online casino and participate in any of your favorite games. The concept is constantly filled with new games and trends that can reshape the industry completely.

The newest trend in the industry is eSports betting. eSports is a concept of multiplayer video games that are played by professionals. They are competing for prize money. Surely, you have seen numerous tournaments organized throughout the world. If you want to see where you can bet on eSports, visit thunderpick.com. Now, we want to talk about why this concept is popular among millennials.

1. They Understand It

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The first and most obvious reason for the popularity of eSports among millennials is that they understand it perfectly. Meaning, this generation has been present when the concept of sports betting has been created, and they witnessed its expansion and evolution. Besides that, this is a generation that was young when video games started to become quite a popular concept. Therefore, these facts represent quite a good combination for this generation.

They understand both of them perfectly, and they wouldn’t be hesitant about making this sort of bet. Furthermore, they are much more informed by modern technologies like cryptocurrencies, which can be used for making these bets. Older generations are usually not invested in learning about these for a variety of reasons. Millennials already have this knowledge, so, they do not need to learn about them.

2. Fun

eSports are practical sports for some people. Many people are not interested in following popular disciplines like football, basketball, volleyball, etc. But, they want to follow how professional gamers compete with their opponents in various tournaments, especially they are perfectly aware of a particular game, and they know how skilled some of these players are.

So, not only that they will be interested in taking a look at the final result of a competition or a match, they want to follow the whole match, and see the final outcome. While we can say that this is practically the same for traditional sports, we cannot say that let’s say, the target audience is going to be the same. People who enjoy eSports much more than sports, usually fall into the category of millennials.

3. Live Streams

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Without any doubt, live streaming is one of the most popular trends. We can see their presence in all the major social media platforms and video streaming services, like YouTube. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that streaming eSports tournaments and matches has boosted the popularity of this concept much more. Once again, millennials and Gen Z use or watch live streams more than any other generation.

The clearest example of how popular live streams are in the world of gaming is the fact that thousands of people follow certain profiles on streaming services known as Twitch. Some of these gamers have turned professional and started participating in official tournaments. Not only that, some of them earn top dollar from streaming themselves playing video games or competing against other players out there.

4. Great Odds

The final reason we want to discuss is the fact that odds can be quite exceptional with eSports betting. The reason is quite simple, many online bookies do not have a complete understanding of this concept. So, they tend to offers odds that are in favor of bettors unintentionally, which is a great chance for them to earn money, right? Even if this is not the case, eSports odds tend to be much better than it is the case with traditional sports.

It’s because these matches tend to be much more unpredictable than traditional disciplines. Sure, there are favorites in every match. However, things can go in favor of the underdog much more frequently. Pretty much all the professional gamers out there have some exceptional skills, and they are pretty much on the same level. Only the best of the best can be considered favorites so much that they cannot lose whatever happens in a particular match.

The Future of eSports

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Over the year, the concept of eSports has established quite an impressive position. They are followed all over the world, and the sponsors have become more interested in supporting events like tournaments. Therefore, the prize money is usually much higher than it was a couple of years ago. Not to mention that some voices say that there is a possibility of including eSports in Olympic games.

While this may sound silly in 2023, we believe this is a possibility. Just think about how many disciplines weren’t included in these for a long time, and they eventually became a part of them. The way things are looking now, it is possible that we will see this concept will be included in Olympics. Some even say that we can expect this to happen in 2024 when the next Olympic games are scheduled.


The process of digitalization is already in motion, and there’s no sign of when it will end. Some even say that even some of the basic activities we do every day will be made easier through this concept. eSports are just one fragment of this whole concept. They are heavily popularized by pretty much all the big players in the video game industry. Here, you can take a look at a couple of reasons why eSports betting has become massively popular among millennials.