How Many Calories Do Pro Esports Players Burn

People often suggest playing games as a way to burn calories. But what if I say video games too can burn your calories? It would be unbelievable, right!? Studies provide a different explanation for this. Video games are often seen as lazy and unhealthy. But studies and research time and again have suggested that video games too can help you lose weight. Then how many calories do esports players burn becomes a common question?

While some studies reveal that optimal or moderate time in front of video games can significantly reduce your weight, a few others suggest that a mere 2-hour session can burn up to 420 calories. We also know how difficult it is to burn 420 calories. It is equivalent to doing 1000 sit ups. And, it is happening in a span of just two hours by playing video games.

Games, no matter indoor, outdoor, or video games, increase the heart rate. If you are a player too, you might have as well experienced the ‘gaming sweat’ during your gaming session. Then it comes as no surprise that esporting too burns calories. But what is rather surprising is the number of calories it burns.

With the emergence of mobile games, people have grown least interested in video games. If two hours’ of time in front of a video game burns 420 calories, the game should be two hours worthy enough. There are very few such games that keep you glued to your chair. What if there are a ton of them? brings forth such interesting games. Head over to their website for both entertainment and fitness.

Gaming capacity


There are numerous in-game benefits too to it. If you are getting fit day by day it means that it improves your gaming capacities. The regular practice already readies you for bigger in-game challenges. But increased fitness through gaming helps you improve your gaming capacity so that you compete with your rivals better.

If you don’t feel that power-packed factor, you can enter into competitions or challenges with your competitors and rivals in the game. As mentioned above, competition, game tension, and the sense of urgency increase the human heartbeat. Increased heartbeat while gaming is equivalent to cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are mostly practiced by fitness freaks and enthusiasts for an improved calorie burning process. Hence, dealing with more in-game challenges can boost both your calorie-burning process and gaming ability.


Seeing it from the point of view of cost, you incur no cost. If you go to a gym, you probably pay a certain amount to them for losing weight. But here the cost incurred is next to zero and in addition, you are getting entertained, having fun, and doing what you love the most. Hence, gaming is allowed to lose the wait with zero cost or expenditure.

Improve gaming skills


As you level up the games, each stage becomes tougher and the number of challenges too increases. It becomes more difficult for you to achieve them and cross each level. But you also gain a competitive advantage as you move up each level. You gain gaming skills. In addition to that, you also get tips, tricks, and help from pro players.

They help you achieve your in-game goals. Hence, there are a number of benefits that add to your calorie-burning experience. It in turn also helps you to shed off extra calories because with each level the difficulty too increases. With increased difficulty, the increased competition level increases your heartbeat. That in turn helps you lose more weight within the same time span.

As each day passes by, as your gaming skills improve, you get more chances to fight for and obtain armors and tools in your game. Getting weapons in the game is extremely important because they help you destroy your opponents in the game and help you cross the levels easier. Otherwise, it would become difficult even to cross one single level. Hence, with increased practice, you get to level up both your fitness game and the actual game.


According to a study by Stakester, different numbers and statistics are provided for different genders and age groups. While men are thought to lose 420 calories out of gaming for absolutely 120 minutes, women are believed to shed 472 calories by gaming for the same period of time.

Pro players help


The calories lost in each case are thought to be equivalent to doing 1000 sit-ups. However, studies also note that further studies are required to conclude that these statistics and deductions are conclusive, reliable, and proven. Putting aside all these things, there is one thing that all the gamers can deduce from all these arguments, studies, and information.

That is, a moderate amount of time spent in gaming can greatly benefit gamers in not just one way but many ways. It not only helps you burn calories but is advantageous for your game progress as well. It helps you level up in your game faster, seek pro players’ help, obtain in-game weapons, etc, and finish the in-game challenges quicker.


If you read this article to parents who abhor video games, they would probably be amazed to learn the fact. If they are stopping you from playing your favorite game, this is the right time to show them a reason. However, hours and hours on end in front of video games are not suggested. You should be able to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy gaming for optimal results. Then you will be sure to obtain the results that you desire.