Premier League Teams Nicknames

Premier League football team nicknames have a wide variety of fancy to weird names. Many premier league club nicknames were changed for branding and commercial purpose. Nearly all the soccer clubs in London are well known by their fans via their commercial nicknames. Here is a list of all premier league soccer team names and nicknames.

Arsenal FC – The gunners, The Gooners


The arsenal nicknames The Gunners because it was formed by the cannibal employees of a military munitions factory that later named it Arsenal. The arsenal opponents used the word Gooners for criticizing but as the Arsenal FC nickname changes now fans are happy with it.

Chelsea F.C. – The Blues, The Pensioners


The Chelsea F.C. nickname is – The Blues. The name is a derivative of Royal Military Hospital. In that Military Hospital, retired soldiers are named Chelsae pensioners. Now, for every home game, a free ticket is arranged for these pensioners as regards.

The Aston Villa FC – The villain


From the list of clubs in premier league London teams, The Aston Villa FC got its nickname as The VILLIANS -The VILLA or VILLA. Aston villa nickname is a combination of two symbols, Birmingham and Villa. Birmingham is a city of England having district Aston contributing to club name and the last part Villa is derived from Georgian house that was present there many years ago.

A.F.C Bournemouth – The cherries


There is confusion that from where Bournemouth, one of the soccer clubs in London, acquired its nickname. According to some, Bournemouth’s nickname is because of their red-colored shirts while others argue that the name symbolizes the garden of cherry trees, once stood on the A.F.C Bournemouth ground giving Bournemouth FC nickname.

Burnley FC – The Clarets


The club Burnley FCnickname he Clarets” is because of the dominant color of its shirts. Of soccer teams in London,For more than a century 3 Teams from famous premier league teams West Ham, Aston Villa, and Burnley wear red Bordeaux wine-colored shirts.

Brighton and Hove – Albion football Club – The SeaGulls


Brighton and Hove both towns are both located on England’s South coast that is also the seagull’s hometown. So, signaling the simplicity of EPL team names.

Crystal Palace FC – The eagles ,The Glaziers


The real crystal castle was built in 1851 for an exhibition in London which looks like a glass building. This castle gave Crystal Palace FC the nickname the glaziers. In 1973 in the rebranding of the club it was decided to change the logo with an eagle holding football and the premier league team name became the eagles.

Everton’s F.C – The Toffees


Everton football nickname is “The Toffees” or “The Toffeemen”, which came from Mother Noblett’s coffee shop in town that sold sweets including the Everton Mint. Another possible reason for this premier league club name is that a house named Ancient Everton toffee house was located near the Queen’s Head hotel in which early club meetings took place.

Leicester City F.C. – The Foxes


The most common Londons soccer team nickname for the club is ‘’The FOXES’’. An image of a fox was first incorporated into the club logo in 1948, as Leicestershire is famous for foxes and fox hunting. So this is the origin of the London league one teams nickname “The Foxes”.

Liverpool FC – The Reds


The Reds-Liverpool Nickname dominates the list of premier league teams. Upon establishment club’s kit was more like the rivals Manchester United kit, the blue and white but the legendary manager Bill Shankly decided to change the kit toured shirts, red shorts, and red stockings. It gave Liverpool FC a nickname- The Reds.

Manchester City F.C – The Citizens, The sky blues


In contradistinction to other club teams, Manchester City’s nickname is simple. Manchester city football club nickname -Citizens indicate nearby rowdy neighbors. And citizen’s sky blues also believes that from the list of premier league teams, residents of Manchester city will support Manchester United FC nickname rather than outsiders who love United FC as the nickname for Manchester residents is relatable.

Manchester United F.C – The RED DEVILS


English rugby sports association club Salfordvisited France in the 1930s wearing red shirts and became known as “The red devils”. ManagerBusby liked the sound of it as football nicknames, thinking a devil was more terrifying to opponents than Heathens. Before that best soccer team nickname was Heathens because of their old Newton Heath.

Newcastle United F.C. – The Magpies, The Geordies


NewcastleUnited’s nickname “The Magpies” is because of the black and white color of the jersey they wear, as well as the color of the hallmark of the club, which looks like the color of the Eurasian bird Magpie. The reason for premier league nickname-Geordies is still under debate.

Norwich City F.C. – The Canaries


This premier league London team nickname is a result of characteristic yellow and green kits worn by the team. The canaries-EPL team nicknames follow the history of rearing birds in the area in the 16th century.

Sheffield United F.C. – The Blades


SheffieldUnited nickname “The Blades”, refers to Sheffield’s status as the major producer of marvelous steel cutlery in the United Kingdom. Two blades in the emblem and nickname point to the London soccer team’s gratification in the industry.

Southampton F.C. – The Saints


The Southampton football club nickname is “The Saints” since its establishment in 1885 .southampton FC’s nickname points to the St.Mary’s Church of England Young Men Association’s football team. The team plays in red and white shirts. . The saints reflect church origin and in 2001 club christened Marry stadium, as a new home.

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. – The Wolves, The Wanderers


No unique explanation exists for Wolverhampton’s short-form ‘The wolves’ but because of their classy and eye-catching kit color, one-word EPL teams are also known as old gold.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. – Spurs, The Yids

Clubs second part of name is after an illustrious English nobleman Sir Harry Hotspur, who is also present in a Shakespearean play. Spurs and Tottenham have long been linked with Jews. Nickname The Yids originate from Yiddish, a Jewish term with abusive meaning used by rivals for hotspurs’ fans. Fans took it easy and called them yids making upside-down minimizing bad sense.

Watford F.C. – The Hornets

TheWatford F.Cnickname Hornets was chosen by Watford’s fans as their kit was yellow and black resembling a Large wasp. Hornet on clubs badge was replaced by a red hart i.e. a male deer ‘stag with the black and yellow background.

West Ham United F.C. – The Hammers, The Irons

Their real name ‘Thames Ironworks FC’originate both west hams’ nickname and original names irons and The Hammers. On badge two, diagonally crossing hammers relate to shipping making industrial part of the club.