Top 6 Tips For Beginner Runners in 2023

Are you browsing the Internet for some quick tips about running? Have you settled your mind to start your exercise journey through jogging? No matter your reason for committing to this sport, the most important thing is to know some essential pointers about it beforehand.

Physical workouts and exercises offer health benefits for both your body and mind. As you sweat and burn off calories, your physique becomes stronger. It’s only a matter of time before you become fully indulged in this sport. Next thing you know, you’ll be joining marathons and running races around town. Yet for now, take enough time to build your foundation for this sport as a beginning amateur.

If you want to find out what you need to do as a beginner runner, here are some invaluable tips take note of:

1. Start Your Running Pace In Slower Movements

Much like any other sport or new experience in your life, you need to ease yourself through it in the beginning. If you rush and run faster in your first jogging session, you might feel strained or stressed. In worst cases, amateur runners will most likely experience pain or injuries in the ankle, knees, or legs.

Exerting too much effort right on the first day of doing a sport will only lead to strain and overfatigue. Hence, it’s always a smart and healthy tip to keep your running pace slow in the beginning. Maintain running at the same pace until you reach your time to stop. There are better opportunities to train harder and run faster. But as a non-expert, now’s not the right time to do so.

2. Choose The Right Surface To Run On

One of the concerns and curious questions among beginner runners is the surface that’s best for them to practice running on. This might depend on preference, though, as many surfaces are ideal to be run on. For instance, you can run on asphalt as it’s softer than concrete and is known to be safe for your ankles. It could be harder for your soles, though, as they’re not matted and cushioned. As a beginner, you may run on asphalt but try to limit the time as a long time might lead to pain on your feet.

Another surface you can try running on is the grounds of your local park. It’s said that soils serve as cushions for your tired feet. The only downside for this is their unevenness. You will experience some rocks and pebbles as you go running. Also, if you’re planning to run in the forest or a secluded park, you should inform your family what time you’ll be back for safety reasons. This is sound advice coming from according to

For a more pressurized and challenging run, jogging on the beach could be ideal. However, this might be better to do when you’ve already tried other surfaces. Running on sand will require you to lift your feet more. Lastly, if you want to be in your comfort zone initially, running on a treadmill is just as ideal as any other safe running place and surface for you.

3. Take Good Care Of Your Body


Running is a cardio workout, but this also requires all your other muscles and body parts to exert effort. Consequently, it makes running a full-body exercise. You must maintain your body health and condition. To be a strong and healthy runner, you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle that will contribute to your well-being.

For instance, you’ll need to eat more nutritious food, cut on fatty meals that will make you bloated, and in turn, it will be harder for you to continue running. Aside from a healthy diet, you also need to have enough sleep and rest. These tips and more are helpful ways to keep your body in good condition.

4. Invest In The Right Running Gear

Wearing poor-quality running shoes or tight socks, and even bad fabric leggings or running shorts are all influencers for a bad running experience. If you don’t invest in the right quality of workout gear, you may end up with sore feet, bruised toes, or wounded legs. While running itself doesn’t cost you anything unless you sign up for a gym membership, it’s wise to invest in durable and premium quality running clothes and shoes.

As a beginner in running, you’ll want to maximize your efforts so you’ll improve your running skills more. Although it may take longer to do so, you’ll want to wear appropriate gear so your body will last through. Investing in great workout clothes and shoes will also be a significant saving as they will last a long time and protect your body better than any gear.

Fortunately, with the boom of the sports and exercise gear and clothes industry today, you’ll have access to a plethora of sports brands and styles in the market. There are various online shopping websites for sporting equipment and clothes.

5. Join A Running Club Or Organization


It’s recommended for beginner runners to be a part of a running community. You’ll need to have as much helpful advice on running coming from seasoned runners. Some members who are already experts are always ready to share running tips and tricks. From giving you information about running postures to introducing new running arenas and areas in the city, you’ll gain more insights from fellow members of the running organization.

If you prefer to join a club virtually, many social media pages offer this option. You can join forums and reach out to other runners from anywhere in the world. Aside from socializing, there might be opportunities for you to buy running gear and equipment with great deals and discounts, thanks to members’ recommendations.

In addition, another perk of joining a club is that you’ll be more motivated and inspired to continue your running hobby, especially during times when you’re starting to lose interest or motivation in the sport.

6. Rest And Recover


After you’ve done your first running session, don’t skip a recovery and rest period. You shouldn’t force yourself for another running session the next day, especially when you still feel pain in some parts of your body. Know when to rest and recover. This will aid your body and allow it to perform better on the next running time.

Your muscles have worked out quite well and they require some time to adjust to these cardio activities. As a beginner runner, it’s best if you can alternate your running schedule every other day so you can recuperate and your body can ultimately adjust to the cycle. While you may want to speed up your running skills, rest and recovery are essential to keep your body and bones healthy. Follow the advice on maximizing muscle recovery during your rest days.


Running is a healthy sport for everyone. And it’s perfect for any gender, race, and age. While running could seem to be an exciting hobby to start, it’s best that you take time to ease yourself through, and the advice mentioned above will help you with that. Hopefully, you’ll apply some, if not all, of them to make your beginner running journey a successful one.