9 Best Venum Boxing Gloves 2023 – Review And Buyers Guide

If you are looking to buy the product from one of the best boxing glove brands confining glove marks in the world, you will be right with Venum. They are a worldwide brand and extremely popular in the MMA world.

Best Choice
Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Black/Dark camo - 8 Oz
Good Choice
Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves - black/black-12oz, Black/Black, 12 oz
Don't Miss
Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves - 10 oz, Black/Black, 10 oz
Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Black/Dark camo - 8 Oz
Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves - black/black-12oz, Black/Black, 12 oz
Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves - 10 oz, Black/Black, 10 oz
Exceptional Grip
Breathable Neoprene
Extended Cuff
Triple Layer Foam
Soft Leather
100% Nappa Leather
Made in France
Made in Thailand
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Black/Dark camo - 8 Oz
Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Black/Dark camo - 8 Oz
Exceptional Grip
Triple Layer Foam
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves - black/black-12oz, Black/Black, 12 oz
Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves - black/black-12oz, Black/Black, 12 oz
Breathable Neoprene
Soft Leather
Made in France
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves - 10 oz, Black/Black, 10 oz
Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves - 10 oz, Black/Black, 10 oz
Extended Cuff
100% Nappa Leather
Made in Thailand
Amazon Prime

Venum Boxing Gloves has supported right around twelve distinctive UFC battles. On top, they have Mauricio Rua, Lyoto Machida, and Jose Aldo as their top MMA supporter. This is the thing that gave this boxing gloves brand its real acknowledgment.

The Venum boxing gloves can be discovered to have diverse scaling costs, regardless of whether with a spending alternative or mid-range choices. Aside from various MMA occasions that they have supported, this brand likewise has a solid history of providing MMA gear that is fashionable as far as weight, solidness, plan, and solace.

If you are a fighter and you are searching for the best budget boxing gloves that will not take an excessive amount of cost for your pocket, at that point you will adore what Venum brands have to bring to the table. The brands are extraordinarily intended to get together with the most recent boxing glove challenges.

So if you are simply beginning with your boxing meetings and you are confounded about the best boxing glove brands, to assist you with learning, the Venum brand ought to be your ideal beginning stage. Here are our Top three Picks from Venum Boxing Gloves for you.

The cool boxing gloves are exceptionally designed to give assurance and, simultaneously, permit you to punch more diligently and more definitively. It is fundamental to realize that the glove configuration is uncommonly made to consolidate a portion of the antiquated Thai styles however with a more present-day visual MMA style. Their unique style is planned with huge scribbling of ‘Venum’ text recorded along the outside of the glove.

On the off chance that you are a vigorous fanatic of the MMA, you probably may like the forceful, ancestral-style example of the engraving on the gloves. In this way, here are the absolute best Venum gloves for your boxing practice gloves meetings. Have a look;

Venum Boxing Gloves – Comparison Table

Image Product Feature Price
Pick 1

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves
100% hand crafted Made in Thailand, Attached Thumb, Triple Layer Natural Foam. Check Here
Pick 2

Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves
Soft Leather, Breathable Neoprene inner, Large Velcro, Made in France. Check Here
Pick 3

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves
Elastic Velcro, Breathable interior, Fully Attached Thumb, Made in Thailand. Check Here
Pick 4

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves
3 -Layer Density Foam, Synthetic Leather, Reinforce palm, and seam. Check Here
Pick 5

Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves
Completely Hand-made, Extended Cuff, Velcro Fastening, Made in Thailand. Check Here
Pick 6

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves
Shock Absorption Zones, Highly Durable Synthetic Leather. Check Here
Pick 7

Venum Sharp Nappa Leather Boxing Gloves
Inner Mesh Body, 3D Embossed Logo, Hand-made in Thailand, Optimized ergonomic construction. Check Here
Pick 8

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Boxing Gloves
Excellent Thermal Regulation, Effective protection metacarpal, Semi-Leather. Check Here
Pick 9

Venum Training Camp 2.0 Boxing Gloves
Silk Screen Printing, Eminent Comfort, Attached Thumb, Synthetic Leather. Check Here

1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

venum elite boxing gloves

The mid-range Venum elite gloves and the most mainstream Venum Boxing glove model are the Venum Elite boxing gloves. In any case, when we talk about Muay Thai vs boxing gloves the takeaway survey is that these pro boxing gloves/boxing gloves pro are acceptable spending plans for mid-reach good boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves Venum are made in Thailand offer nice security. A decent novice/section level glove. Nonetheless, Venum Muay Thai gloves are not genuine cowhide and there is a touch of spice to roll your hand around and squirm your thumb with Venum gloves on amazon. Those needing a stiffer, tighter battling glove for greater solidness dislike this.

Venum elite boxing gloves are the best value-for-money model with cost versus execution and, if you become tied up with Venum boxing gloves, most likely the model you ought to escape the entire line. Functions as a decent passage-level boxing glove for the two fledglings and moderate understudies; further developed understudies ought to improve glove, nonetheless.

  • Best Cushioning in reasonable cost.
  • Made in Thailand.
  • Trendy and fashionable designs.
  • Comfortable.

  • Offers restricted flexibility.

2. Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves


Venum boxing gloves training mitts and gloves are phenomenal offering extraordinary quality. The boxing glove types are made from engineered leather and generally speaking the quality of ever-last training gloves is extraordinary, my issue is… These best boxing training gloves are very huge.

I watched surveys before buying it and knew about that so I purchased the boxing training gloves12 ounce yet it fits extremely large. On the off chance that you have exceptionally huge hands, I’d surely suggest these best training gloves boxing.

The Venum Challenger 3.0 ever-last training gloves are extraordinary in contrast with the more costly training boxing gloves since they have comparable highlights. For instance, similar to the boxing glove designs Venum 3.0 Giant, these Challenger gloves additionally have:

  • Triple thickness froth cushioning/padding
  • Enormous Velcro wrists
  • Furthermore, a decent design

The solitary contrast is that these top boxing glove brands are less expensive and not produced using real leather.

  • Best boxing gloves for training have triple thickness froth padding.
  • Affordable.
  • Vibrant color tones.
  • Thick padding provides extra cushioning.
  • Make your wrist move steadily.

  • Often reports improper sizing.

3. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves Venum

These top boxing gloves have adequate wrist support and phenomenal stun ingestion. I got my 14-ounce pair and I’ll be straightforward I was hesitant given how my hand felt following a brief meeting with the sack in my previous gloves from a known brand but now I knew, these gloves have changed my work vision for the bag. I would now be able to hit the bag harder unafraid of my wrist uphold not being there.

A couple of support tips that I got in the course of recent long periods of utilization are at the point when you finish splash down within with a touch of Lysol (or knock-off) sanitize. Next stuff in a touch of paper to permit wind stream to travel through these top-rated boxing gloves.

Try not to stuff them into a terrible duffel bag, let them air out in your carport or cellar. If you truly need them not to stink and smell good then you can get a pack of hamster cedar bedding, put clean socks with the sheet material, tie them off and afterward embed like the paper up.

Generally, these sparring gloves boxing are an extraordinary pair of boxing gloves since they will secure your hands well and you’ll have the option to save money on the decreased expense. What might make these good boxing gloves shockingly better is a calfskin external material however this would build the cost drastically.

  • Do not stink quickly.
  • Best choice for High-level workout.
  • Comes with a separate glove bag.
  • Best for beginner and intermediate players.

  • Leather used in not of high quality.

4. Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

Venum Boxing Gloves Review

Like Venum Giant 3.0, the Venum Impact boxing gloves accompany an all-inclusive sleeve; in any case, for the quality, they offer highlights that are equivalent to many top-of-the-line gloves. These best brand boxing gloves are exceptionally intended to offer better hand assurance against stuns, including the ability to secure your thumbs and fingers, and wrists.

The long sleeves are so planned to recognize it from different brands, and they offer your wrist better secured and give some breathable level that what you may probably anticipate.

These fighting sports boxing gloves are ideal for fighters who need to chip away at their speed pack, or search for strategies on the substantial sacks even want to need to fight with an accomplice, these gloves have every one of the incredible highlights and solace.

The gloves are made with appropriate, strong materials, which means they are going to keep going for a more extended time. The audits from clients say that the general plan and different highlights in the professional boxing gloves make it an incredible alternative to purchasing.

While the audit sounds decent, the seriously fascinating reality about these colored boxing gloves is the degree of insurance it offers to clients. There is no uncertainty that these gloves will last you in any event, when it goes through extreme discipline. These are your optimal gloves if you need to prepare longer and hit harder on the sack.

The Venum best Gloves for sparring are great in comparison to the more expensive Venum expensive boxing gloves as they have similar features. For example, like the Venum 3.0 Giant, Venum Challenger gloves also possess, Large Velcro wrist, 3-layer density foam padding and marvellous design.

  • Ideal for professional.
  • Best choice for High-level workout .
  • Outstandingly agreeable fit .
  • Longer sleeves.

  • Relatively expensive.

5. Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum MMA Gloves

The Giant 3.0 is a stage-up from the Elite model with premium Nappa leather (genuine calfskin), unrivaled wrist backing, and incredible all-around security. Boxing gloves designs here have a smaller, more smoothed-out outline contrasted with the Elite and Challenger.

This makes them incredible for competing. The fit is slightly more modest however should in any case fit huge hands with some breaking-in. These best boxing sparring gloves are suggested for the genuine military craftsman and merit each penny.

Nappa leather used is a top-notch calfskin material that you will discover among the best boxing gloves. Nappa calfskin is additionally utilized in top-of-the-line sports vehicles because of its enemy of scratch/tear obstruction. Such vehicles incorporate the Bentley Continental GT just as the McLaren F1.

Moreover it has Water-repellent coating i-e Moisture is kept from entering the cushioning because the covering is produced using nylon, which is extraordinary at retaining water that could some way or another be inside these men’s boxing gloves. It has custom made option in Velcro or lacing up.

You can pick whether you need trim up or Velcro with these gloves. Trim-up gloves are better for fighting and rivalry because of more noteworthy wrist uphold though Velcro is better for cushion/pack preparing because of usability.

The Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Glove is number one on my rundown today since it has the best quality material “Nappa leather” among any remaining Venum gloves review. Besides, it additionally ensures your hands truly well because of its triple thickness froth. I might want to see an extra layer of froth that other boxing brands (like Hayabusa) have made.

In case you’re hoping to prepare routinely or train for a significant period and you need a couple of gloves which will keep going quite a while and ensure your hands thusly, at that point these boxing training gloves are for you.

  • Dries out relatively quickly.
  • Have disperse shock absorbents.
  • Ensures the temperature control within.
  • Offers maximum wrist stability.

  • The sewing of these gloves has been an issue but keep in mind that the sewing doesn’t affect how long the glove endures, it impacts looks only.

6.Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

The looks of these boxing workout gloves are shockingly better! Indeed, you stick out yet they look so incredible. 16oz gloves are 16oz gloves… they are engineered yet they feel better. They fit fine and there is generally acceptable padding on the fingers and knuckles. I utilize these gloves as first boxing gloves for general preparing and competing – I have not utilized these on any sacks. The wrist tie has ideal padding for a cozy fit – I have little wrists.

Breathability isn’t awesome having 16oz gloves on your hands will consistently make it a smidgen sweat-soaked inside – simply be sterile and clean them frequently. Searching for pair of wellness gloves for their instructional meetings. Because of the reasonable costs of these gloves, their quality likewise comes somewhat shy of the norm.

 The material of these Venum contender boxing gloves are made of all that you can consider, and the gloves come in less cushioning with lessening support for the hands and wrists, which make clients, the gripe of its lopsidedness. While the bad quality of the gloves implies you can’t utilize them for extreme sack work, in any case, for cardio kickboxing classes, they are an extraordinary choice to have.

So while you can’t deal with these boxing practice gloves to hit the pack or for cushion work, you are in an ideal situation by spending more on quality options, for example, the Venum Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves.

  • The gloves are cozy and gives ideal fit.
  • The glove thumb organization is appreciable.
  • Comes with a conveying case made of plastic and has zipper.
  • Breathable.

  • In compatible sizing issues are reported often.

7. Venum Sharp Nappa Leather Boxing Gloves

Venum Muay Thai Gloves

I own gloves from Twins, Fairtex, Raja, and surprisingly some modest old Venum challenger 2.0’s which my first gloves were. So I’m no more interested in Muay Thai vs boxing gloves and the name marks out there. Yet, I’ve got to say these appear to be on the first spot on my list now.

Best boxing gloves for sparring feel padded and tough as my Twins, which gives me full trust in my punch however they are substantially more smoothed out and slender. Nearly look like Fairtex gloves in that manner. They’re not superfluously massive and allowed your punches to slide past one another easily.

I’ve just gotten these through one brief pack meeting so I cannot represent the life span. Yet, they gave zero indications of product and tear. Concerning how they feel on your hands? With my wraps on, they’re very close. Particularly around the thumbs. My hands are only marginally better than expected in size. Simply remember that if you have beast hands. The lattice likewise appears to assist a piece with relaxing. At any rate, contrasted with my Twins.

Strongly suggest. Love them! A superior grade and sturdy boxing fighting gloves . These gloves are magnificent and extremely strong on the wrist. Nappa Leather Sparring Gloves additionally keep going long as I have had my pack/cushion pair for more than 3 years without significant wear and tear.

One of Venum’s best gloves for sparring and produced using real leather. At about $99, you are positively in the mid-range financial plan for gloves, equivalent to contributions by RINGSIDE, Hayabusa, and RIVAL.

By and large, it’s a respectable glove, however not too constructed or solid as a portion of the gloves at similar cost by rivals. Nonetheless, certified leather improves this a much more quality glove than the less expensive Venum gloves for sparring items.

The Venum Sharp is a lot of comparative boxing gloves to the Thai boxing glove brands like Windy and Twins. I would say at this value passage, Venum gloves offer similar gloves concerning value, quality, and development.

Note that the Sharp model has a breathable cross-section zone within the gloves (In general, this is a lot more excellent glove and, if you take up MMA or Venum Muay Thai gloves, this is the model to begin at if you like Venum gloves as you get an equivalent glove in development with the expansion of a cross-section territory and some additional craftsmanship.

  • Produced by using genuine leather.
  • Absolute ventilation.
  • Great investment for 4-5 times a week usage.
  • Protection against injury.

  • Covering of the glove might feel hard but they perform exceptionally well.

8. Venum Gladiator 3.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Gladiator Boxing Gloves

This Venum glove is a quite huge glove mine being a 16 ounce I would say that this would fit someone with bigger hands and widthwise it utilizes an engineered material so you can see here this is certifiably not real. They’re very comparative to the world-class sport gloves I did before the manufactured material in here feels truly delicate.

This boxing gloves brand is extremely delicate and the 3.0 should be an improvement over their 2.0 gloves or should I say these are the replacements to the challengers 3.0 s and the way that the outside skin of this manufactured cowhide expected to be tougher and the triple-layer froth that they use on here.

 I expected to have better effect assimilation now I couldn’t use with 2.0 gloves I don’t have anything to contrast this with concerning if this is superior to 2.0 I’ll be utilizing this glove on the weighty sack I felt that this did a truly decent work of securing my hands which I’ll go here it’s a tad more and a piece.

 However, as you can see here the glove configuration is very standard for toxin they like to utilize you know sort of showy designs they have the toxin logo all around the rear of the hand around the clench hand territory they have sort of this fascinating spike plan towards the pivot point on the rear of the wrist.

 You have the toxin snake logo on these best boxing gloves for training. I’ll simply show you, folks, here what that looks like so again you have that manufactured material up and down the tie, this is planned in France 16 ounces and at that point, it’s embellished so it has sort of a competition to go to it.

 however, it’s an extremely delicate contact it doesn’t feel very does it feel plastic and it doesn’t feel like has any sharp edges so has a truly pleasant Velcro tie there you can see that it has the 3.0 Decca assignment not too far off as well within liner investigating it here planned in France.

 I accept that these gloves are made in China which are they within lines has a truly pleasant lightweight polyester-nylon liner with the toxin logo decorated into the liner so that is only some little added subtleties in that general area the palm has ventilation openings along the palm zone what’s more.

 One thing I do like about this cool boxing gloves is that that it utilizes this light lightweight neoprene material towards the grasp bar zone so directly about here you can see that they add this neoprene here to add some lightweight you know make it more lightweight and for cooling.

 These gloves are very useful for a manufactured glove I try not to perceive any sewing that is coming separated you know the real craftsmanship on it looks pretty strong the entirety of the engineered material along the fingertips is finished pleasantly every one of the creases on the edges is done great.

 The Velcro lashes in these boxing glove designs is sewn in pleasantly to the side of the wrist in that general area the pivot point is truly great up and down the thumb looks truly pleasant too and it feels great one thing I saw about some engineered gloves is that occasionally the material or should I say the skin at times can pack up yet with this one it feels great.

The Venum Gladiator 3.0 Boxing Glove looks cool well as is produced using entirely sturdy semi-aniline leather. I’ve discovered these good sparring gloves to be truly breathable which a direct result of their ventilation framework is. I track down that the wrist compartment twists effectively so you’ll require a decent pair of hand wraps.

  • Joined thumb keeps your thumb safe.
  • The glove is made of aniline leather that increase the longevity of glove colors and tones.
  • Super ventilated framework.

  • Relatively Expensive.

9. Venum Training Camp 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Training Boxing Gloves

These training boxing gloves utilizes an engineered leather that is like new buck so the new book has more kind of like a calfskin type surface to it so you can see here dislike a genuine gleaming leather or should I say them engineered and it’s not smooth or smooth sense that it has like a buck finish to it.

Softened padding finishes the boxing training gloves. These gloves are distinctive as the left side has this huge Venum snake logo for certain a few lines in it just as on the thumb is a Venum instructional course on the thumb and indistinguishable labels.

Sewed onto the back here it’s sort of a vinyl rubber treated fix with the raised letters that say it’s Venum training gloves camp so that is embellished in their indistinguishable manner in the two gloves. However, then you can see the right glove is generally dark and at that point, you do have the Venum boxing gloves and mitts again that is somewhat vertical on the glove thumb is somewhat unique – you have like these.

I couldn’t say whether you need to call them teeth or – stripes in that general area so you can see either right or left glove scratches each other. If you like somewhat stronger designs you should have a decent measure of padding here I’d say about a half-inch of padding on the palm side which is that thing Benham likes to consolidate in a lot of their gloves with that cushioning to give it to a greater extent a crossbreed thing.

Material on the Velcro tie that is in reality lovely cool I like that I realize that Venum boxing gloves likes to incorporate some different sorts of materials in the tic that you normally don’t see in different brands. However, there is a carbon fiber type material looks pretty cool has a decent surface to it clearly on the two gloves these gloves are made in China.

Within the thumb, you do have a comparable carbon fiber look just as on the palm yet the assessed openings and afterward you to have the cross-section material not too far off under the finger compartment to give you a tad of breathability in that general area so beautiful cool looking gloves mean somewhat stronger on the realistic side. However outside of the best boxing gloves for training, you know whether you’re into this shading tone plot.

  • The built-up crease is excessively solid.
  • Durable enough to be used in numerous extreme instructional courses.
  • Protection against injury.

  • The leather used is not genuine cowhide.


Generally, the Venum boxing gloves enclosing starts to lead the pack in terms of value, solace, and cost. It is one of only a handful, not many that is sensibly padded and costs less. However, if you are hoping to get profound into boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA, you may have to spend more on different brands or a higher model of Venum Muay Thai gloves.

Frequently Asked Question:

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Do boxing gloves hurt?

Boxing gloves are designed with extra padding and cushioning to keep your knuckles safe from any injury. Moreover, these gloves reduce the speed and force of the punches hence keep the face of your opponent safe from cuts.

Where are Venum gloves made?

These boxing gloves Venum are fully handmade in Thailand with 100% premium Skintex leather. You’ll enjoy the highest quality experience, fight after fight.

Are Venum boxing gloves good?

Venum boxing gloves are made from real leather. So they are always comfortable and good for your hand.

What are good boxing gloves to use as a beginner?

Pro boxers recommend that the best training gloves for beginners should be 16 oz. Leather bag gloves. Such gloves well suit all types of training and keep your partners safe too . They are comfortable and protect your hand in sparring.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other picks from Amazon also:

Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves, Small, Black
  • High quality Napa leather
  • Layered foam for greater Protection
  • High wrist support with an adjustable strap
  • Exclusive Velcro strap System for single hand pre-positioning
  • Handmade in Thailand
Venum Boxing Gloves Contender 2.0-14oz, Black/Black, 14 oz
  • High density injected foam
  • High quality semi-leather. Twice more resistant than previous generation
  • Large velcro enclosure for a better wrist protection
  • Improved fitting for a better comfort
Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves - 10 oz, Black/Black, 10 oz
  • 100% nappa leather
  • Triple Density foam for advanced shock Absorption
  • Velcro closure System for a custom fit and stabilization
  • Long cuffs for enhanced wrist protection
  • Handmade in Thailand
Venum Defender Contender 2.0 Boxing Gloves - Black/Green, 8-Ounce
  • Fitness, and / or Boxing, MMA in occasional to regular use
  • Very durable PU
  • Ergonomic: better fitting
  • Large velcro closure
  • Product developed in France
Venum Commando Boxing Gloves Loma Edition - 10 Oz, Dark Green/Green
  • Triple density foam for optimal shock absorption
  • Micro-perforated coating for optimal ventilation
  • Padding on the palms for increased shock absorption
  • Attached thumb for added protection against injury
  • Reinforced seams for added durability
Venum Gladiator 3.0 Boxing Gloves - Black/Red - 10 Oz
  • Semi Leather: resistant triple density foam for optimum shock absorption.
  • Attached thumb for better protection against injury.
  • Ventilation system for optimal thermal regulation.
  • Anatomic shape / Outstanding grip.
  • Optimized protection metacarpal.
Venum Bangkok Spirit Boxing Gloves - Nappa Leather - White - 10 Oz
  • 100% synthetic leather with Vintage finish
  • Regular use: 3 to 4 times a week
  • Triple layer foam for better impact protection
  • Micro-perforated coating for optimal ventilation
  • Rip stop insert at the palms for comfort
Venum Contender Boxing Gloves - Pink - 14 Oz
  • 100% high quality synthetic leather for extended service life.
  • Multi-density foam for a perfect absorption of shocks.
  • Large Velcro enclosure for a secure fit.
  • Full attached thumb to minimize the risk of twisting.
Venum Skull Boxing Gloves - Black, 14-Ounce
  • 100% premium PU
  • Regular use: 3 to 4 times a week
  • Triple density foam for optimal shock absorption
  • Reinforced palm for improved comfort
  • Reinforced seams for increased durability