How To Measure Boxing Gloves – 2023 Sizing Guide

How to Choose the Right Size of Boxing Gloves

As a first-time buyer, a question of boxing glove sizing is vital. But, don’t be concerned we are here to give you an idea of what size boxing gloves do I need.

Boxing glove size guide

Mention there are different types, brands, and styles of boxing gloves to choose from online or offline platforms, and they all come in a huge range of sizes. Selecting the best boxing gloves, that fit accurately is as crucial as wearing them in the first space.

Moreover, as a professional, we will guide you on what size gloves do pro boxers wear and what kind of gloves perform best without injury? 

The first thing that we mention, you should be more careful when you select standard boxing gloves because the wrong selection of boxing gloves not only decreases your performance but also could injure your hand.

Hand Wraps

Another major thing in boxing glove sizing is your hand wraps, it is more essential like gloves need to fit over.


Here we will also answer those questions, that all beginner boxers ask.

What size boxing gloves do I need as a beginner?

As we mentioned above, boxing gloves come in a variety of weights, that are available from the 8oz to 20oz range.

Don’t think about what size of boxing gloves you need not buy but concentrate on what type of boxing gloves you need?. Remember your weight and dominant hand size play a very vital role in picking the right boxing gloves.

Measuring The Exact Size

Whenever sizing boxing gloves you need 3 measurements.

  1. Your height
  2. Your weight
  3. Circumference of your dominant hand

To measure your height you should use a measuring tape, and for measuring weight you should use a weighing scale, it is quite easy. However, measuring your hand wrap is a little bit difficult.

We suggest you use fabric tape or a piece of string for hand circumference. Wrap fabric tape around your open hand just below your knuckles. Tape should meet in the middle of your palm to get an exact number.

This method of measuring is absolutely a perfect fit, hand circumference will be an exclusive size like height and weight.

Gloves Weight Boxers weight  Hand circumference without wrap
8oz 40-45 kg 5.5-6.5
10oz 54-68kg 6.5-7.5
12oz 68-84kg 7.5-8.5
14oz 84+kg 8.5-9.5

If you are clear of these 3 measurements then your next step is knowing the style of gloves you need?.

Types of boxing gloves

In the world of boxing, when you look at the gloves for the first time you think they all same, but you are surprised to know they all specialize to perform multi-task.

There are different types of training comprehend boxing gloves. Every glove’s design has a special quality that best suits its planned use. Here, we explain them one by one!

 1. Bag gloves sizing

As the name suggests, bag boxing gloves are used in the heavy bag, pad bag, and speed bag. These gloves give you a better feel and more comfortable as they are made for training and gives you a lot of Protection.

Moreover, bag gloves are not for fighting as its specially build for training aims like other training boxing gloves.

What size boxing gloves for heavy bag

Bag-Gloves-Sizing-Boxing Gloves Sizing

2. Training gloves

Training boxing gloves are the best all-around gloves for those who are new to boxing sports. The padding is ample for boxing and less enough for bag boxing, training gloves have the ability for both bag boxing as well sparring.

3. Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are also used for training aims having a unique molded and extra padding. These sparring gloves give protection to you and your partner.

However, sparring gloves are available in almost all sizes according to trainers’ hand’s circumference but they can be a little bit heavy because it’s extra padding.

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4. Competition boxing gloves

Competition gloves are specially designed for the fight. In these gloves, there is also useless padding in the knuckles, for extra relaxation.

Furthermore, in competition level gloves, there are two levels of competition boxing gloves:

  • Amateur
  • Professional

competition gloves require sizing by weight division, and amateur gloves are subject to much harder rules and requirements than professional boxers.


5. Amateur Boxing Gloves Sizing

Amateur boxing gloves come in 3 sizes:

  • Boxers under the light welterweight class choose 10ounce gloves
  • Boxers in divisions welterweight through heavyweight over 201Ib use 12ounce gloves
  • Boxers who are age 41 typically use 16ounce

Pro boxing is differentiated into these 2 sizes:

  • Boxers welterweight 147ib typically use 8ounce
  • Boxers welterweight 154ib use 10ounce

wonder what size gloves do pro boxers use, remember, every brand has different sizing so before going for any specific glove, check the sizing. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean boxing gloves?

To clean boxing gloves, don’t insert your gloves in the washing machine, because they will damage especially leather gloves. You should use a soft piece of clothing and normal warm water. To mention, for leather gloves use leather wipes to clean gloves.

What size gloves do boxers use?

Boxing gloves available in 10 12 14 16 and 18oz that boxers use according to their height, weight, and hand circumference. what size boxing gloves for heavy bag or sparring gloves suits you, they generally use 16oz or 18oz.

How to fit boxing gloves?

The boxing gloves need to fit enough to stay in your hands and not lose when you play, so they not so tight that they cut or injure your hands.

What are boxing gloves composed of?

Most gloves are made with leather but some build with lower quality models. Both gloves are durable stitching along with high thread and padding. They are made in this method that your hands are protected from injury.

Which material boxing gloves are best for kids?

As we all know, kids have softer hands than elders so, for kids good-quality vinyl fine for their first pair of gloves since they are beginners.

What size boxing gloves do beginners need?

If you are a beginner or new in the gym and looking for new boxing gloves, Before buying gloves keep in mind gloves’ weight, material, and style you need. There is a huge range of boxing gloves avilable.