Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Women 2023 – Detailed Guide

Do you want a comfortable yet flexible tennis shoe? Tennis shoes are perfect for daily use in hard clay courts for professionals and novice players. These can help you in getting a perfect grip with high durability, outstanding flexibility, and stability.

Best Choice
adidas Performance Womens Ligra 6 Indoor Court Sneakers - 11 US
Good Choice
adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe, FrozenYellow/White/Clear Grey, 11 M US
Don't Miss
Sperry womens Lounge Ltt Sneaker, Grey, 5 US
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Under Armour Women's Charged Assert 8 , Black (001)/White , 5
adidas Performance Womens Ligra 6 Indoor Court Sneakers - 11 US
adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe, FrozenYellow/White/Clear Grey, 11 M US
Sperry womens Lounge Ltt Sneaker, Grey, 5 US
Under Armour Women's Charged Assert 8 , Black (001)/White , 5
Best Choice
adidas Performance Womens Ligra 6 Indoor Court Sneakers - 11 US
adidas Performance Womens Ligra 6 Indoor Court Sneakers - 11 US
Good Choice
adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe, FrozenYellow/White/Clear Grey, 11 M US
adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe, FrozenYellow/White/Clear Grey, 11 M US
Don't Miss
Sperry womens Lounge Ltt Sneaker, Grey, 5 US
Sperry womens Lounge Ltt Sneaker, Grey, 5 US
Also Consider
Under Armour Women's Charged Assert 8 , Black (001)/White , 5
Under Armour Women's Charged Assert 8 , Black (001)/White , 5

Modern items are also incorporated with shock absorption properties that further improve their performance. Thus, this article provides you ten best tennis shoes for women, 2023, based on midsole construction material, tongue, shock absorption, weight, flexibility, support, and cost-efficiency, along with a detailed buying guide.

Best Picks for Women in 2023

1. Adidas Performance Women’s Ligra

adidas Performance Womens Ligra

Adidas Performance Women’s Ligra is one of the best Adidas court shoes available in the market. These shoes are a perfect mix of flexible and lightweight shoes and are mostly designed for advanced professional players. Therefore, they can last for longer time intervals than their other counterparts.

In order to increase the stability of the system, it is integrated with the torsion bar. This, coupled with the hardcore outsole, improves the durability of the model and provides support for rapid movements. Despite the sturdiness, the unit is lightweight and does become a hassle for consumers.

Unlike most other products that possess heavyweight because of increased durability. Similarly, the stability of the model is also attributed to the thermoplastic polyurethane construction. Hence, making them one of the best shoes for women that love playing tennis.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Reinforced loopholes
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane construction
  • Expensive


Adidas Performance Women’s Ligra is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency. These tennis shoes are lightweight yet durable and do not wear out easily. Additionally, the sturdy and comfortable insole prevents injury and improves stability. Hence, making them perfect for daily use.

2. New Balance Women’s WC786 Tennis Shoe

Cushion Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women’s WC786 Tennis Shoe is perfect for women and is specifically designed to overcome the limitations of common court shoes. The product is integrated with a rubber sole which provides support and comfort at the same time. Moreover, you can loosen the laces as well to achieve a wider shoe fit.

The leather and textile-based body of the shoe is durable and does not get damaged easily. However, it requires regular maintenance for long-term efficiency. Apart from this, the well-cushioned sole of the item also imparts stability and support and aids your movement.

The suitability of the shoes for advanced players is attributed to the outsole, which is equipped with exceptional traction abilities. The highlight of the object is the extraordinary fit which is also the aim of the New Balance shoe collection. These shoes are renowned for their perfect wrap around your feet and are highly popular among the masses.

  • Exceptional traction abilities
  • Stable and supportive
  • Perfect wider shoe fit
  • Cushioned insole
  • Lack flexibility


New Balance Women’s WC786 Tennis Shoes are a performance-oriented tool. These objects are perfect for players of diverse backgrounds and provide incredible support. The comfortable and well-cushioned insole of WC786 offers stability in the tennis court and helps you move freely without any concern. Thus, they are ideal for the majority of women.

3. Nike Women’s Zoom

Nike Women's Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

Nike Women’s Zoom is a performance-oriented pair of tennis shoes available across the globe. These items are highly efficient and are comparable to some of the best products you might find. In addition to this, sturdy construction ensures remarkable performance and extends their life.

The special fabric used to manufacture the shoes promotes transpiration and is suitable for the summer season. It prevents your feet from getting sweaty and keeps them dry during the hottest months of the year. Furthermore, the TPU foot framework provides exceptional stability and makes it easier to move around in Nike tennis shoes.

The tool also features a support arch to offer a perfect fit for women’s feet and amplifies flexibility. Last but not least, the rubber soles improve the comfort and durability of this version and make it stand out among the rest of its competitors. Hence, they are highly recommended for daily use.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Dry and cool
  • Prevent sweating
  • TPU foot-framework
  • Rubber sole
  • Pricey


Nike Women’s Zoom is perfect for those that love playing tennis on hard-court surfaces. The TPU foot framework, along with the rubber sole, offers comfortability and stability. Moreover, the support arch generates a perfect fit, and the transpirable fabric keeps your feet dry and sweat-free even on the hottest days.

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4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Solution

Women's Tennis Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel-Solution features a hard rubber sole that is perfect for advanced tennis players. These units display outstanding efficiency and offer incredible grip on the hard clay courts. These synthetic shoes possess arch support, which enables you to display a diverse variety of moves without tripping over or hurting your foot.

Along with this, the toe box has plenty of space that you can move your fingers around without any inconvenience. Thereby preventing toe ache. The shoe is specifically designed to offer a custom fit which is attributed to the inclusion of memory-foam lining around the collar and heels. Hence, generating amazing results.

Similarly, the sneaker is a little bit high near the tongue and causes no inconvenience while adjusting to your feet. Finally, the Women’s Gel solution is durable and does not get damaged easily due to external factors. Therefore, it is worth the price and is prevalent among consumers.

  • Suitable for hard clay courts
  • Arch support and stability
  • Appropriate space in the toe box
  • Memory foam lining
  • Durable
  • Not the most flexible


ASICS Women’s Gel-Solution offers a customized fit and is incorporated with memory foam lining around the heels and collar. Furthermore, the item is durable and is extremely lightweight. Thus, making it easier to move around the hard clay courts. Arch support increases the stability of these shoes and improves their abilities.

5. Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade

adidas Performance Women's Barricade Cour

Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade is yet another efficient product included in the list of best tennis shoes for women in 2023. The best feature of the shoe is the ability to keep your feet dry even in moist weather. The fabric used in the construction of models promotes transpiration and keeps them moisture-free and sweat-free.

Apart from this, another significant attribute of the system is the extraordinary shock absorption abilities. This amplifies stability and prevents you from any harm or injury while performing different moves and jumps. The impact absorption is attributed to the Adiprene technology, which is associated with the minimization of impact around knees and joints.

Moreover, the extended torsion system technology allows you to move your toes comfortably, and the rubber sole ensures great traction. Lastly, the foam cushioning is comfortable and prevents foot aches. Hence, these are ideal for women that love playing tennis but lack a good pair of shoes.

  • Sweat prevention
  • Shock absorption abilities
  • Extended torsion system technology
  • Rubber sole offer traction
  • Foam-cushioning
  • Durability concerns


Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade possesses incredible impact absorption abilities and features Adiprene technology for this purpose. Along with this, the extended torsion system generates plenty of space around toes and prevents them from getting hurt. Furthermore, the foam cushioning and rubber sole improve the comfort level and traction abilities, respectively.

6. Prince T22 Lite Women’s Tennis Shoes

Women's Shoes

Prince T22 Lite Women’s Tennis Shoes is one of the lightest units included in the list and performs exceptionally well. Despite its lightweight, the shoe is durable, unlike its other counterparts that either offer durability or weight reduction. Thus, it is highly recommended for a diverse variety of women.

In addition to this, the outstanding ventilation keeps your feet sweat-free and dry in all conditions. The wide arch support coupled with the welded foot straps enhances the stability of the system and prevents you from tripping over while moving. The midsole is well-cushioned and offers support to the foot without causing any injury.

To avoid twisting, the item is also incorporated with a TPU mid-foot shank. It is renowned for increasing the rigidity of the shoe, which in turn prevents it from twisting. Similar to its previously mentioned counterpart, this version of Adidas also displays a wide toe box. Hence, providing plenty of space for your fingers to move.

  • Proper ventilation
  • TPU midsole shank
  • Prevents foot from twisting
  • Wider toe box
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Snugly heel


Prince T22 Lite Women’s Tennis Shoes are lightweight and durable at the same time. These tennis shoes feature a wider toe box than most of their competitors and are highly efficient. Additionally, the TPU midsole shank increases rigidity and prevents the shoe from twisting. Thus, safeguarding you against injury or harm.

7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7

 Running Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 is another performance-oriented tool available at a reasonable price range. The product features a Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system that makes it the best among its rivals. The well-cushioned system improves the shock absorption properties of the object.

This is carried out by minimizing the shock during the impact phase and carrying out a smooth transition to the midstance. Thus, safeguarding the consumers against injury from falling or tripping over. Along with this, the rubber sole integrated into the system offers an incredible comfort level and increases its traction abilities.

The improved traction abilities allow you to move at a faster speed without tripping over. Hence, preventing any unwanted harm or injury. Moreover, the mesh lining provides a perfect fit around the women’s feet. Therefore, offering a customized fit according to your requirements.

  • Impact absorption properties
  • Great traction abilities
  • Mesh lining
  • Customized fitting
  • Expensive


ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 offers the perfect fit around your feet due to the incorporation of mesh lining. Likewise, the Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system amplifies the impact absorption abilities of the model. Finally, the rubber sole offers traction, which increases the speed of the player.

8. Sperry Women’s Lounge LTT Sneaker

Sperry Women's Lounge LTT Sneaker

Sperry Women’s Lounge LTT Sneaker is made of pure cotton and is environmentally friendly. The cotton fabric allows for exceptional ventilation, which prevents the feet from trapping moisture and keeps them dry. Besides this, the rubber sole provides traction, which allows you to move rapidly around the tennis court.

The sneaker itself is lightweight and does not become a hassle for users. The enhanced flexibility is another strong aspect of the model and allows you to make a wide variety of movements while playing. The wide toe box and low-profile midsole amplifies the comfort level and provides enough space for fingers to move around the shoes.

Another prominent characteristic of the object is the memory foam cushioned footbed, which prevents foot pain after continuous use. Traction of the system is also attributed to the non-marking rubber outsole. Thereby making it the best among its competitors.

  • Environment Friendly
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Wider toe box
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Great traction
  • Lacks shock absorption


Sperry Women’s Lounge LTT Sneaker is an environmentally friendly unit that is lightweight and flexible. Along with this, the great traction abilities and wide toe box are the highlights of the system. Other prominent attributes include cushioned footbed, cotton construction, and cost-efficiency.

9. Under Armour Women’s Charged

Running Shoe

Under Armour Women’s Charged feature a synthetic sole which is durable and sturdy. Therefore, it does not get damaged easily and lasts for longer time periods than its competitors. In addition to this, the shoe provides a perfect balance between flexibility and cushioning.

Thus, allowing you to move around without any inconvenience and keep your feet comfortable at the same time. Thus, safeguarding it against any unwanted injury. The arch support prevents the foot from twisting and maintains the rigidity of the system.

Similarly, the equipment is lightweight and is integrated with three colors of digital print, which allows perfect ventilation. Hence, keeping the interior surface of the shoe dry and cool. The lather is also included in the item and contributes to stability without any additional weight.

  • Ventilated interior
  • Leather construction
  • Stability and flexibility
  • Well-cushioned collar and heel
  • Expensive


Under Armour Women’s Charged is made up of leather material that contributes to the stability of the system. Additionally, the interior of the shoe is ventilated and reduces moisture. Thus, keeping it dry. Furthermore, the well-cushioned heels and sole are the reason for the high comfort level.

10. Adidas Women’s Qt Racer

adidas Women's Qt Racer

Adidas Women’s Qt Racer might be the last item on the list, but it does not lag behind the previously mentioned models in terms of performance and efficiency. The support arch is the prominent characteristic of these sneakers and protects your foot against twisting while running at a fast speed.

Along with this, the wide opening around the toe area is loved by the majority of consumers as it allows them to move their fingers comfortably. Furthermore, the mesh lining enables the shoe to fit around women’s feet perfectly after wearing it several times.

The rubber sole is also durable and imparts remarkable tractional abilities to the overall system. The durability also ensures that the object can be used for longer periods of time without any damage. Therefore, they are highly recommended for women with diverse professional backgrounds.

  • Great traction abilities
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Perfect arch support
  • Mesh lining
  • Absence of shock absorption


Adidas Women’s Qt Racer is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency. The unit features mesh support which offers a perfect fit. Moreover, the great traction abilities allow you to move at a faster speed than other of its kind. Finally, the durability and lightweight of these tennis shoes are also admired by users.

Factors That Should Be Considered While Purchasing  Tennis Shoes for Women

tennis shoes for women buying guide

There are many factors that guide the user choice while purchasing a pair of tennis shoes. It is important to completely understand the specifications of the product and its suitability with the consumer’s needs. Hence, if a product is top-notch and expensive but does not satisfy your requirements, it is better to replace it. The following factors should be considered while setting out to buy your favorite tennis shoes.

The Shoe Itself

First and foremost, the design and components of the shoe affect its performance to a great extent. The insole and outsole of the shoe should be comfortable for utmost efficiency. Mostly it is recommended to look for rubber-based shoes as they are soft and prevent blisters on your feet.

In addition to this, a suitable sole will allow you to wear the shoes for longer time periods without any irritation or inconvenience. Besides the sole, the top surface and tongue of the shoe is another essential factor. This part covers your toes and should not feel tight. Hence, allowing you to move your fingers inside the shoe conveniently.


The durability of the tennis shoe is another significant factor in this regard. It is essential for professional players who wear them for long hours in a day. Durability provides support to the players and enhances their overall abilities. Rubber is a perfect choice to impart durability. However, it might contribute to an additional weight which might become a hassle while playing. It is recommended to look for a durable material, especially if you are an advanced player and have a hectic schedule every day.

Weight Matters A Lot

The weight of the tennis shoe matters to a great extent and is directly associated with its performance. Generally, a lighter shoe is advisable as it is easier to carry and does not burden your feet. Along with this, a thin sole allows you to move quickly and display rapid movements. But, lighter shoes are often prone to damage and wear out earlier than their heavier counterparts. Nevertheless, you can choose from the pair that suits you the best and fulfills your needs.


Flexibility is another crucial factor that must never be neglected while purchasing the best tennis shoes for yourself in 2023. The flexibility makes it easier to mold feet according to your movements: higher the flexibility, rapid the user’s movement, and better the outcome. Thus, a flexible shoe enables you to achieve the best results without any irritation or inconvenience and protects you against any unwanted injury.

Support and Stability

Similar to the above-mentioned factors, support and stability are also of great significance. The best support increases the stability of the item and allows you to move around effortlessly. Furthermore, the appropriate support material acts as a cushion for your feet and joints and helps prevent ankle injuries.

Along with this, it is recommended to look for a fluffy and cushioned sole that possesses shock absorption abilities. Hence, after a long jump, the sole can absorb the impact and prevent harmful injuries. However, the enhanced stability might limit the flexibility of the system. Therefore, you should carefully consider the pros and cons when buying the shoes for yourself.


Last but not least, price is of utmost importance. No matter how good a product is, you should always take your budget into account before making a decision. It is advised to look for an item that possesses remarkable features, outstanding efficiency, and budget-friendliness. Therefore, you should think twice before setting out to purchase the best tennis shoes for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq womens tennis shoes

What should you look for in a tennis shoe?

When purchasing tennis shoes for yourself, it is recommended to look for the flexibility and stability of the sneaker, along with the durability and material used in the construction of the sole. All these factors combine up to deliver excellent and performance and, therefore, should be up to the mark. Additionally, you can also consider the price as well.

Do durable tennis shoes weigh a lot?

Yes, in order to increase the durability of the shoe, manufacturers often use materials that increase the weight of the sneaker. Hence, making it heavier than its other counterparts. However, most brands such as Adidas and ASICS have developed items that are durable yet lightweight and can be used conveniently.

Should the beginners purchase flexible tennis shoes?

No, it is advised to look for shoes that offer support and stability. Flexible shoes are specifically designed for advanced players and are often difficult to control. Thus, if you are new to tennis, it is recommended to stick to stable and supportive objects rather than those that are flexible.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of factors, including flexibility, support, stability, construction material, and weight of the unit, that contribute to its performance and efficiency. Thus, based on these factors following products are the best among their rivals available around the market.

Thus, they are recommended for those that want performance and cost-efficient tools.

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