3 Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes in 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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The right footwear can dramatically improve your athletic performance, especially when it comes to the game of clay court tennis. For the most part, clay courts tend to be slow.

Nevertheless, aggressive baseline players will force most opponents to respond with rapid back and forth motions. This type of movement requires an extremely sturdy outsole with supportive toe, side, and heel reinforcements. Yet, it also demands a flexible upper that lets the foot move naturally in all directions.

With all that said, it is also important that a clay court tennis shoe be lightweight and ready for action. After all, the last thing a player needs is lead feet weighing them down! Of course, these elements are just the tip of the tennis iceberg. It takes a lot of integrated elements to make a truly fantastic shoe!

At this point, you are probably wondering…

Best Tennis Shoes for Clay Courts in 2020

Well, we’ve brought you detailed reviews for the top three tennis shoes on the market. Check them and our comprehensive buying guide out for detailed information on what it takes to be the most comfortable and performance-boosting clay court footwear.

1. Asics Gel-Court Speed Clay Women’s – Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes (Editor’s Choice)

Asics Gel-Court Speed Clay Women’s Tennis Shoe

The Asics Gel Clay Court Tennis Shoes boast forgiving herringbone-tread rubber soles, rear and forefoot gel midsole cushions, and protective PGuard toe protectors. All of which help make lengthy clay surface playing sessions more tolerable.

The flexible, shock-absorbing base of these shoes enables the feet to embark in natural movements without experiencing the brute force of hard landings.

Meanwhile, the synthetic mesh uppers create a breathable environment that further fosters foot security while embracing lower body movement in all directions.

The Perfect Stance

The Asics Gel shoes boast a proprietary Trusstic System Technology that reduces the weight of the sole while maintaining its structural integrity. As such, they enable clay court players to move front to back and side to side as gracefully as a gazelle.

On the bottom, a grooved herringbone tread improves stability on the ever-shifting surface of a clay court. Closing things off nicely, the white shoes feature sporty light blue accents.


  • Gel midsoles
  • Breathable mesh midsoles
  • Rubber outsoles with herringbone tread
  • Blue and white colorway
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Properietery Trusstic technology


  • Limited colorways

2. Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 – Top Tennis Shoes for Clay Courts (People’s Choice)

Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 Clay Tennis Shoe

They are also reinforced with anatomical abrasion-resistant Adituff wraps, which serve to protect the toe and medial forefoot. Finally, a high-quality herringbone-print rubber trad keeps the shoes firmly planted on the court without collecting too much loose sediment.

Yet another attractive clay court sneaker, Adidas’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 sneakers boast breathable mesh uppers with built-in torsion systems that support the midfoot during fast moves.

A Supportive Foundation

While the Ubersonics’ flexible synthetic uppers enable a wide range of motion, the shoes also have cushy midsoles that reduce the impact of a hard court. These sneakers are also very lightweight, helping players to respond quickly to backcourt serves.

We love that the shoes also lacks a detached tongue, as it makes for a sock-like fit. The shoe fits snuggly and features a reinforced heel for added ankle support. What makes the Ubersonic stand out is its solid sole, which makes clay court slides and recoveries far easier.


  • Herringbone rubber sole
  • Antituff wraps on toe and medial forefoot
  • Midfoot Torrision system
  • Section of midfoot webbing
  • Breathable mesh uppers
  • Added heel support
  • Sock-like fit


  • Futuristic design

3. Head Men’s 273027WHBL – Most Supportive Clay Court Sneaker

Head Men's 273027WHBL Tennis Shoe

If you’re looking to land yourself ultra support sneakers, Head’s 273027WHBL Clay Court Tennis Shoes are a comfort-inducing footwear option you don’t want to miss. The shoes feature synthetic and natural textile uppers, herringbone-print rubber soles, and integrated KPI frameworks for added stability.

Hidden beneath the surface, TRI-NRG dual-density midsoles offer shock-absorbing protection and support. Meanwhile, padded tongues enable snug yet comfortable fits. All the elements together nicely to provide comprehensive coverage for clay court players.

Adaptive Technologies

We love that the Head clay court sneakers boast Ortholite sock liners for added breathability and comfort. The rapid action of clay courts quickly translates to beads of sweat.

Fortunately, Head tennis shoes have you covered. Head’s simplistic athletic design provides nonstop support during heated tennis sessions. In fact, these shoes are engineered to boost your on-court performance while providing ample orthopedic support in all the right places.


  • Uppers are made from a combo of synthetic and natural textiles
  • Integrated 4D shell
  • Padded tongue
  • Ortholite sock liner
  • Deep herringbone rubber soles
  • Reinforced heel


  • Sizes run a bit small

How to Choose Best Tennis Shoes for Clay Courts – Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose Best Clay Court Tennis ShoesAre you still wondering what to look for in a clay court tennis shoe? In the section below, you’ll find out what design elements have the potential to boost your on-court performance while ensuring that your feet feel safe and secure.


Most clay court players have a baseline playing style. This requires a lot of flexibility paired with ample lateral support.

Shoes with flexible fronts and middles and more solid heels are a great match for repetitive side-to-side movements. Of course, when it comes to any athletic shoe, breathable mesh or woven textiles are preferred.


When it comes to the midsoles of clay court tennis shoes, we prefer models that feature lightweight yet supportive materials. Many manufacturers utilize gels and foams to help reduce the shock of frequent slides. Since stability is key in most clay court plays, a toe-to-heel midsole support system is essential.


How to Choose Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes - OutsolesMost clay court tennis shoes feature a flexible herringbone tread. This zigzaggy design enables players to get a good grip of the ground without collecting too much loose sediment.

Since most clay court players move in rapid side-to-side sliding motions, the multidirectional zigzags provide an integrated stability system that doesn’t limit a player’s response.

Keep in mind that hard or overly textured outsoles can damage the soft surface of a clay court. Not to mention, heavy base layers can be detrimental to a player’s speed and agility.

While many newbies mistakenly wear hard court tennis shoes to their first clay match, the hard court outsoles are not a viable option.

Why It’s Important to Buy Clay Court-Specific Shoes

Many newbie tennis players place too much emphasis on things like tennis rackets and balls. While these tools are essential elements of any tennis game, a player’s footwear is one of the key factors that determine a player’s on-court performance. Shoes that are tailor-made for a specific court can help a player to embrace natural movements and recover quicker.

Clay court tennis shoes have soft yet supportive soles that won’t rip up a court. Meanwhile, they have extremely lightweight uppers that enable players to make the most out of their movements.

While balls move slowly on clay, they have a tendency to travel high. As such, players need to be prepared for hard landings and nonstop back and forths.



If you’re looking for an all-around amazing clay court sneaker, we recommend picking up a pair of Asics Gel-Court Speed Clay Women’s Tennis Shoes.

Not only are these sneakers incredibly comfortable, but they are reinforced to hand up to the gritty surface of clay courts.

Of course, you also can’t go wrong with our people’s choice, the Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 Clay Tennis Shoe.


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