Does Boxing Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Boxing does more than help you lose belly fat; do it consistently enough, and it’ll even help you get and stay in shape. Evidence suggests it’s even better for burning off that stubborn beer belly than jogging or running.

Losing belly fat is on many people’s agendas, though one shouldn’t take it to mean simply burning off calories. Boxing allows you to shed belly fat comprehensively. Let’s take a look at how it does this.

Losing Belly Fat Effectively


The belly is known for storing excess fat, as most of us can attest to on a personal note, but really because it’s where body fat percentage is highest. Not only could this keep you from looking your best, but it could also put you in the line of fire for a bunch of diseases. We’re talking about coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

So, why does one have a high body fat percentage? That’s simple: you take in more calories than your body is capable of burning. Or, you aren’t doing enough to burn those calories. If you eat more, you have to exercise even more to get rid of leftover calories.
That said, while exercise can take you a long way towards your goals, coupling it with a healthy diet ensures even better progress.

A healthy and balanced diet focused on consuming fewer daily calories is bound to work wonders for a bloated-looking belly. A calorie deficit is, after all, one of the keys to burning belly fat quickly.

Fad diets can be a headache that some won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Aim for a diet that’s closer to your lane, and don’t go all-in right away. Taking things one step at a time helps you develop the necessary control over your nutritional intake. Once you’ve mastered control over your diet, you can proceed to adapt to a full-on boxing diet.

What the Boxing Diet Does

Combining boxing with its ideal diet allows for even faster weight loss. More importantly, this diet ensures a healthy weight loss, which is what some tend to forget in their rush to shed those extra pounds. These routines working in tandem enhance both your workouts and results from your workouts.

How Boxing Helps You Lose Weight


What are the components of a typical boxing workout? First, there’s strength training through calisthenics or bodyweight exercises. From pull-ups, muscle-ups, and dips to air squats, lunges, and burpees, these are compound exercises that burn calories and build strength at the same time.

Boxing also involves a ton of cardio. Aside from the actual boxing, training can also include running, jogging, jump rope training, core exercises, and more. These activities focus mainly on calorie burning and endurance building.

Another significant boxing component is the actual boxing training, which entails sparring with fellow fighters, punching bag drills, and practicing footwork and punches. Again, these activities work the entire body and are exceptional at burning belly fat.

If there was ever any doubt about whether or not boxing is among the best belly-fat-busting workouts, we should have cleared that up by now. It’s a fantastic, versatile sport that works as well as a professional goal as it does a fitness goal.

Weight-Loss-Specific Boxing Workouts

While most boxing-centered workouts help shed overall excess calories, the programs below focus more on shedding fat around the waist.

The 20-Minute Workout

The combination of interval training and boxing drills puts the treadmill’s fat-burning abilities to shame. Though keep in mind this workout is more effective under a professional boxer’s guidance than it is self-taught. Consider this information before giving the program a go.

The 30-Minute Workout for Women

And men, too, to be honest. This half-hour program brings the intensity both women and men need to lose stomach fat. It involves aerobic and movement-centric exercises of the more controlled variety, so there’s a lot of breathing and target concentration involved. Emphasis on these aspects allows for a more manageable weight loss routine.


Shadowboxing works the muscles and develops your boxing technique. It also comes with weight loss and calorie-burning qualities due to its fast-paced and high-intensity approach.
Whether you’re looking to box as a professional or an amateur, shadowboxing is an excellent program for learning and incorporating new moves. Except for the warm-ups, training requires little to no preparation, so you can get straight to it with no hassles.

Furthermore, it is also the best technique to use when you do not have a punching bag.
What a convenient way to get the blood pumping and lose belly fat!

How to do shadow boxing for weight loss

If you want shadow boxing to be effective for your weight loss, you need to follow this. Perform 4 sets of shadow boxing that include cross, jabs and hook combinations. You have to do all these 3 in one set and each set will be for a minute. So, you are going to do this for 4 minutes but with breaks.

Take a 10-second break between sets and repeat them four 4 times.

In addition to this, you will need to get yourself into the fighting stance. Thus, as your box, you will bounce on your toes.

  • Skipping

Skipping is also one of the essential training that boxers need to do. It involves a full body and thus, it works on your core and brings out the best of you. The plan is the same for all exercises. You will need to perform 4 sets of 1 minute each and between sets, you can take a break for 10 seconds.

All you need to do is to use your wrists to flick the rope around your body. If you are not good at skipping, do not worry. It will take a while only and you will be able to master it. Start by taking longer jumps and ultimately you will get a grab of the situation and will be able to manage your body.

  • Press up

The next workout that you need to do for boxing involves press-ups or you can call them push-ups. So you have to keep your whole body straight. This means your head, glutes and your heels would be in a straight line. Now keep your hands beneath your shoulders and push up your body with all the weight on your toes and hands.

Bring your body near the ground until the distance between your chest and ground is only an inch. Now extend your arms and push up your body.

You have to do this for 1 minute continuously. Now rest for 10 seconds and repeat it again for a minute. You have to do this set four times. It would be too difficult for beginners. So you have to look up to your pace and work accordingly.

  • Plank

Planks are also best to strengthen your core and weight loss. It is one of the best exercises to lose belly fat. Beginners should start from 30 seconds and reach 1 minute. Once you reach 1 minute time, you can use the advanced technique of doing planks.

However, for boxing, a simple plank is good. You should do 4 sets of 1 minute each. And just like the others, take 10 seconds of a break in between sets. So it will take 4 minutes and 40 seconds to complete this exercise.

But you have to make sure you should do planks and press-ups with another exercise in between. So you can try doing press-ups then shadow boxing and then planks.

According to Boston Rock Gym, stomach wraps are also a great way to lose belly fat because they are very effective in helping you burn calories. American Council on Exercise stated that using stomach wraps can help you burn up to 600 more calories per day than if you were just sitting around doing nothing.

Does Bag Weight Matter for Losing Weight?

Like other routines, bag drills also do their part in calorie burning. That said, is their impact dependent on the weight of the bag? Apparently so, since heavier bag weights relative to the boxer’s size add more intensity to the training. Yes, this also impacts the drill’s ability to influence belly fat loss.